Can’t believe we saved the engine ! Wheels, Tyres and Exhaust look good too – Project PP Ep 4 | 4K

Project PP is occurring well. I can't belive we handled to save the engine as it has a lot damage. We got whatever back together now, including a refurbished and totally serviced gearbox and supercharger, some brand-new rubber and a really cool Miltek exhaust.

A big thanks to Michelin UK and Milltek for supporting this task. Things are about to get truly amazing!


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23 responses to “Can’t believe we saved the engine ! Wheels, Tyres and Exhaust look good too – Project PP Ep 4 | 4K”

  1. Russell G Avatar
    Russell G

    Love these techie videos!

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Glad to hear it!

  2. Bizzie1956 Avatar

    Great video again Pete always love watching the mini rebuild

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Thanks πŸ‘

  3. stevie 007 Avatar
    stevie 007

    Daz is definitely the sort of bloke you could go down to your local and have a hell of a laugh and a bloody good night, defo a top mechanic also πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Couldn’t agree more πŸ‘

  4. Charlie Button Avatar
    Charlie Button

    Great update, looking forward to see it all back together πŸ™‚

  5. R1 Avatar

    love it – it will be a beast ! want to see the final spec parts list! nice tires and wheels !
    good job !

  6. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Another fantastic informative video Looking forward to the next one

  7. Anthony Smith Avatar
    Anthony Smith

    Can’t wait for the next one

  8. Neil Barden Avatar
    Neil Barden

    Those wheels πŸ”₯

  9. RetroJB Avatar

    Looking forward to seeing the outcome. I’m also in the market for an R53/R52 and those alloys are lovely! Have used Mulgari before to install a Milltek to my M2C and thoroughly recommend them

  10. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Very informative.It’s certainly coming along.That man knows his stuff.

  11. Mark Rhodes Avatar
    Mark Rhodes

    What a video ! . I’m really impressed and the Mini is really coming along. It’s certainly going to be a very special vehicle.
    Is there a alarm and immobiliser fitted to this lovely classic. I’m very security conscious. The garage is very professional and I can tell your friend really knows his stuff and also cares about
    the quality of the work and the finished cars plus there customers. Wish all garages were all the same with quality. I cannot wait to see the car finished. First class congratulations to both of you. I’m really enjoying these updates video.

  12. graham west Avatar
    graham west

    Yay more mini ❀

  13. Keith Evans Avatar
    Keith Evans

    WE saved the car? No Daz Did πŸ˜‰ wicked episode!

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      The proverbial β€˜we’ πŸ˜‚

  14. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    Every episode makes me sicker and sicker that I didn’t keep my JCW but then I think it part funded my i-Pace and it had 80k miles on the clock and it only lost Β£3k in four years of ownership so all good really and apart from an easily fixed water ingress into the boot it never let me down. They really are cool cars.

  15. Trev Avatar

    Exciting times! Looking forward to seeing more, Pete. (Daz is a top fella, really like him!).

  16. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    Love this series Pedro, fascinating and informative. I’m not expert so I’m learning loads with these videos. Cheers

  17. Steven Campbell Avatar
    Steven Campbell

    Looking good, looking forward to seeing it finished. I’ve one question to ask though which one of you is Janet and which one is John?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ All joking aside whilst I knew about profiles of tyres and widths etc, I didn’t know the profile or depth was a percentage of the overall width so I learned something new. Keep up the good work chaps!

  18. Rollieena Vlogs Avatar
    Rollieena Vlogs

    What a great little video with some excellent explanations of the build – well done πŸ‘

  19. British MiniClub Avatar
    British MiniClub

    Don’t we just love the wheels and a fascinating insight to the profile etc. Good news the original engine has been saved as well

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