Canada’s first full-scale electric vehicle manufacturing plant

announces the opening of 's very first major EV factory, of Company's () CAMI assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario.


34 responses to “Canada’s first full-scale electric vehicle manufacturing plant”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Electric vehicles are proven to be impractical, especially in Canada. Do your own research!

    1. Stephan Macfarlane Avatar
      Stephan Macfarlane

      @walu dalu right now you would save a lot and that spread will only get larger the more the price of gas goes up

    2. Brian Avatar

      @Stephan Macfarlane I am educated, you have no evidence

    3. Stephan Macfarlane Avatar
      Stephan Macfarlane

      @Brian if you are educated then what makes you so misguided?

    4. Brian Avatar

      @Stephan Macfarlane what makes you so misguided?

    5. Brian Avatar

      @Stephan Macfarlane if you are educated then what makes you so misguided?

  2. ابورعد المقراني Avatar
    ابورعد المقراني

    احب كندا ❤️

  3. Edward Pardy Avatar
    Edward Pardy

    What I want to know is why your net worth has increased by a hundredfold since taking office and Canadians are getting poorer?

    1. R M Avatar
      R M

      Hes giggidy he must be getting paid, and his Chinese masters are happy too.

    2. PETER HAROON Avatar

      That’s the real question

  4. Edward Pardy Avatar
    Edward Pardy

    And how many liters of jet fuel did you waste instead of doing a zoom call? Double standards dont fly here.

    1. Adapter Crash Avatar
      Adapter Crash

      A game over Skype that’s not very professional

    2. gus black Avatar
      gus black

      Ever see his parade of Escalades that are kept idling while he dines at his fundraisers ?This clown is more of an elite that his buddy Jag

  5. Mark Skids Avatar
    Mark Skids

    We can buy electric cars at Chinada Tire at 1:43 scale. They are sort of reliable and much cheaper.

  6. Jim Vautour Avatar
    Jim Vautour

    Towing the party line of the WEF

  7. Gergely Kalmar Avatar
    Gergely Kalmar

    As an organic apricot grower in rural Hungary I encountered the evil of electric vehicle production this year, when I was warned that a battery factory would be built a mile away from my orchard. 8 acres of arable land will be turned into thick concrete. Unknown poisons will be released by those factory chimneys. In 2 miles area there will a constant danger if any factory accident happens. But a kindergarten is situated less than a mile away from it. My land has been by now devalued and local residents and land owners protests have been and will be ignored by our BLATANT GOVERNMENT. Electric vehicle is the evil of the 21 century!

  8. Snow White Avatar
    Snow White

    Who is going to pay for the nuclear power and store the nuclear waste? Where do we store the old batteries ?

    1. gus black Avatar
      gus black

      blackfaces back yard

  9. Bob Avatar

    You tax dollars at work…now built some power plants to charge the batteries.

    1. R M Avatar
      R M

      And use coal to fire the boilers.

    2. gus black Avatar
      gus black

      How bout a dump beside his house to store the spent batteries

  10. Dank420 Avatar

    I can’t even afford a rent 😂 what a joke

  11. Craig Babij Avatar
    Craig Babij

    Turdeau taking pride in these electric vehicles but doesn’t realize people having hard enough time affording food, bills, heat, homes etc!

    1. DaysFX Avatar

      at least he’s still on his promise to make the swap. But, honestly, as someone who struggles on the lower class, i agree!

  12. Salty Logic gives 0 F’s about your feelings Avatar
    Salty Logic gives 0 F’s about your feelings

    Not even 1K views, vast majority here to express their discontent for the most expensive PM in Canadian history

  13. Salty Logic gives 0 F’s about your feelings Avatar
    Salty Logic gives 0 F’s about your feelings

    How about them temperature fluctuations affecting battery life eh. Hopefully the cobalt will not be mined by children in Africa…

  14. J Coffey Avatar
    J Coffey

    Good lord man. You wanna roll around the cities in an electric shoebox, go ahead. Don’t mandate that I, or my family, who cross the province on a regular basis, so the same so you can feel better about yourself.

  15. George Desjardins Avatar
    George Desjardins

    Campaigning again, a Tesla plant would have been more successful. Curious though, how much did this cost Canada?

    1. gus black Avatar
      gus black

      I heard he slipped GM almost 300 million

  16. John Round Avatar
    John Round

    More “pie in the sky” from the drama teacher.

  17. Crash78 Avatar

    So let’s follow the bread crumbs:
    1) protesting the government = bad
    2) over burdening the middle class with unplayable taxes = good
    3) privately owned firearms = bad
    4) masculinity/being a man = bad
    5) releasing violent offenders = good
    6) no bail requirement for violent offenders = good
    7) government spending that drives inflation = good
    Create a situation allowing a society to plunge into chaos. Do not allow leaders to rise up and do not allow anyone to defend themselves. Sweep in with emergency powers “for their own safety.” Dictatorship/OWG complete.

  18. Kenney Obalola Avatar
    Kenney Obalola

    Prime minister Trudeau, you have poisoned someone with the chocolate hot mix.

  19. C Bear Avatar
    C Bear


  20. Roger Ebanks Avatar
    Roger Ebanks

    This should really help poor people like the carbon tax and you wonder why so many are homeless

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