Can I beat a Ferrari in an M3?

Thanks to everyone for helping to establish this race:

G80 M3


It's a concern with an amazing response … can a souped-up M3 really challenge a ₤ 400k SF90?

We've got Mat lining up in a modified G80 M3 today. It's powered by a 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six which, from stock, puts out 510hp and 650Nm of torque. However, this one's had ₤ 8k of mods and is now running 750hp and 900Nm! Will it be able to put that extra power down, though?

On paper, it does not appear like a match for the . The Italian stallion is equipped not only with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, however 3 electrical motors too! Combined, they provide 1,000 hp and 800Nm. Weighing in at 1,580 kg (mind, that's a "dry" weight without fluids) it's lighter than the BMW too, which suggestions the scales at 1,780 kg.

Thankfully for us, drag races do not happen on paper. Which will take the win? There's just one way to discover … LET'S RACE!

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84 responses to “Can I beat a Ferrari in an M3?”

  1. carwash kiing Avatar
    carwash kiing

    Whoever tuned that BMW did a good job.tht launch is insane…

    1. Daniel hogg Avatar
      Daniel hogg

      Tom wrigley mate 😂

    2. Elwing Avatar

      that bmw is going to visit that tune shop quite often…

    3. carwash kiing Avatar
      carwash kiing

      @Daniel hogg that launch is crazy man

    4. carwash kiing Avatar
      carwash kiing

      @Elwing next time must come with a 1000hp lol

    5. Demongod's POV Avatar
      Demongod’s POV

      Very well tuned bmw, must admit.

  2. Ayush Dwarika Avatar
    Ayush Dwarika

    M3 runs strong strong especially X-Drive ones but we need to see 900-hp1000hp M3 run down the track! 😁

    1. Robesas Avatar

      for it to get 900-1000hp it’s a lot more money 😆

    2. Ante F Avatar
      Ante F

      ​@Robesasyes, but still way cheaper than the sf90 😏

    3. Justin K Villegas Avatar
      Justin K Villegas

      1000hp is too much power, wheels will still be slipping in 3rd

    4. marc de buck Avatar
      marc de buck

      ​@Justin K Villegasif its a xdrive i dont think so

    5. Felipepe D Avatar
      Felipepe D

      It needs only bigger intercooler and hybrid turbos, then it can hit 900hp

  3. Jeremy Kittelty Avatar
    Jeremy Kittelty

    That bmw did bloody well but that ferrari is just too quick! Very cool race! Very impressed with the power upgrades for the price on the bmw!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Porsche 550 Spyder to BMW M3: Hitori dake nante erabenai yo!

    2. Vítor Francischini Avatar
      Vítor Francischini

      ​@Purwanti Allanwhat ?

  4. Sakkie Avatar

    For a family sedan/saloon hanging around with an SF90 in a drag…. Thats nuts!!🤯.

    1. Emilios Powerballer Avatar
      Emilios Powerballer

      To be frank, any car tuned with enough power can beat non-tuned supercars.

    2. T A Avatar
      T A

      And it’s not stock, what kind of… r u trying to say??

    3. Nabil S. Avatar
      Nabil S.

      Lmao what’s so crazy about that? bunch of AMGs and RS can do the same. The Tesla plaid is even quicker lol

    4. T A Avatar
      T A

      @Emilios Powerballer 12 years old bmw kids can’t understand that

    5. Omar Avatar

      ​@Emilios Powerballernot any i think mclaren 765lt is better

  5. Pastronomer Avatar

    10.1 from that BMW is still an insane time!

    1. Porsche BMW Chevy Avatar
      Porsche BMW Chevy

      Upgrade the turbos you’ll get 8.9 – 9.1 car

    2. BABBER ਸਿੰਘ ਲੋਹਬਾਣਾ Avatar
      BABBER ਸਿੰਘ ਲੋਹਬਾਣਾ

      It would of definitely beat Porsche 911 turbo s tho

    3. Asapmert Avatar

      @Porsche BMW Chevy do you know what 9.0 9.1 means bro? only rimac nevera can do that type numbers

    4. Yamateh MLBB Shorts Avatar
      Yamateh MLBB Shorts

      ​@Asapmert we can modify our car that can actually beat nevera, i have seen 7.9 GTR at Malaysian f1 circuit,that gtr had more than 2000hp,

    5. GURken Avatar

      @Asapmert welcome to tuning world bro. Here your factory numbers are just a starting point.

  6. Aus Avatar

    The bmw did times that can rival the 911 turbo s, it really impressed me. I remember Carwow did a race with a 1000 horsepower m5 and it did terribly compared to this m3 with “only” 750

    1. Dog with Katana Avatar
      Dog with Katana

      becuz the m5 had too much power, which was too much for the “semi-slicks”

    2. FirstDragonSlayer Avatar

      @Dog with Katana semi slicks should be able to handle most of that power, the bigger issue is launch controls. You can see how much the car jumps from the Porsche’s perspective when it switches gears. It just can’t handle that much power.

    3. SpideyFan Avatar

      Plus the m3 in this video is all wheel drive

    4. ahmad omar1 Avatar
      ahmad omar1

      tell me you know nothing about grip without actually telling me you know nothing. HUGE difference in 750hp awd and 1000+ awd.

    5. BABBER ਸਿੰਘ ਲੋਹਬਾਣਾ Avatar
      BABBER ਸਿੰਘ ਲੋਹਬਾਣਾ

      It would of definitely beat Porsche 911 turbo s

  7. Baden Wheeler Avatar
    Baden Wheeler

    Youve got to love that Ferrari, the BMW looks and performs nicely but something about the eco friendly hybrid ferrari that can just batter any supercar in a drag race really puts a smile on my face

    1. Paul Thomson Avatar
      Paul Thomson

      I’m sure the sf90 is an amazing car but I just can’t stand the way it looks

    2. Hedonismbot Avatar

      I love the look. Ferraris in general. I just think ferraris aren’t reliable but who cares if you got that kind of money.

    3. Paul Thomson Avatar
      Paul Thomson

      @hedonismbot3274  yeh I used to love ferraris but I don’t know what it is about them now but there isn’t one car in their whole line up I actually like nevermind want

    4. Bogdan Avatar

      eco-friendly lol, woke people at it again

  8. sf2372 Avatar

    For the real world the Beemer is bloody awesome.

    1. Silli Milli Avatar
      Silli Milli

      For the real world if you’re filthy rich, the Ferrari is freaking awesomer

    2. Rias Gremory Avatar
      Rias Gremory

      @Silli Milli Not really, quality and interior is much better on the BMW (they own RR). And you get all the stuff of a high level sedan + confort + daily + more potential out of that engine. But both awesome of course.

    3. MediocreMan Avatar

      For the real world, no Ferrari owner only owns one car.

  9. MD Abrar Bappy Avatar
    MD Abrar Bappy

    The fact is that BMW can keep up with that sf90 at lunch for few seconds is shocking. Although the BMW is modified but still pretty impressive!

    1. To co lubie Avatar
      To co lubie

      grip .

    2. MANsculinity Avatar

      Hardly shocking nor impressive

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@MANsculinityfor me this is easily shocking indeed.

    4. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      i was shocked and only for 8k mods so cheap

    5. muven naidoo Avatar
      muven naidoo

      BMW hasn’t had breakfast, that’s probably why

  10. Asanda Siyabonga Avatar
    Asanda Siyabonga

    Sound test: 3:35
    Drag race 1: 4:28
    Drag race 2: 5:07
    Drag race 3: 5:57
    Rolling race 1: 7:16
    Rolling race 2: 7:58
    Brake test: 9:14

    1. Jerry V. Avatar
      Jerry V.

      Thank you

    2. Jamaiquino Avatar

      You the real mvp 🙌🏿

    3. Wil Cisco Avatar
      Wil Cisco

      Cheers man 🥂

    4. Florian Avatar

      Finally I can skip the carwow commercial, always just before the first drag and with that 10sec skip i couldn’t miss it. Thank you, legend!

    5. Chetu421 Avatar


  11. Baden Wheeler Avatar
    Baden Wheeler

    Tuned cars are just increadible, youd think that an only 250hp increase in power would leave the BMW getting battered but tuned cars always seem to perform against all odd and pull out such unbelievable performances, they also sound amazing.

    1. John Jackson Avatar
      John Jackson

      It’s because of the aggressive nature of the torque, helps disguise the massive weight of that m3

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@John Jacksonyep. The M3 weighed 1200kgs imo.

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      they also blow up sooner

    4. Chamal de Alwis Avatar
      Chamal de Alwis

      @hassy g you gotta pay to play🤷

    5. Carboy Dorifuto party Avatar
      Carboy Dorifuto party

      ​@hassy ghave yet to see these blow with all the power people have been throwing at them(unless they’re just acting stupid with it then that’s on them).

  12. 3DPing Avatar

    I think it’s a good idea to always include the exhaust sound from inside the cabin too. They’re always too loud for the mics to pickup, but whenever it switches to cabin noise you always get a clearer picture

  13. Vikram B S Avatar
    Vikram B S

    Please race this M3 with a 911 Turbo S.. That would be really interesting.

    1. GODLY NAME Avatar

      I am all for it, but race Turbo S with just a tune. I really want to see how will end.

    2. Tudor Popa Avatar
      Tudor Popa

      ​@GODLY NAME992 Turbo S ES800 package against the SF90. . Would be really interesting

    3. Rias Gremory Avatar
      Rias Gremory

      Already done and the M3 destroyed the Turbo S

    4. Rias Gremory Avatar
      Rias Gremory

      @GODLY NAME Me too but the thing is that mods for mods, the S58 engine (BMW) have far greater potential than the 992 Turbo S. So the M3 would always end up winning.

    5. Tudor Popa Avatar
      Tudor Popa

      @Rias Gremory 992 s engines are capable of a lot of hp. 991s from ESMotors were pushing 1600+hp . Even Jamie’s from OG gassed old 991.2 was pushing 1400hp. What superior capabilities u talking about? 🤣
      But no denying it s a great bang for buck the s58

  14. Duffy Don Avatar
    Duffy Don

    Now, for the very first time i witness a BMW that has been PROPERLY TUNED, the people that worked on that car are above and beyond on another level of tuning a BMW, this is INSANE WORK OF ART!!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Coco Hayashi also loves this BMW M3.

    2. Rias Gremory Avatar
      Rias Gremory

      And hte most isane thing is that it’s a light tune ! All stocl parts !

  15. Jonathan Riga Avatar
    Jonathan Riga

    The way this channel has grown is ridiculous. Congrats guys! Ride that wave 🌊

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. Kanan Matsuura approved it.

  16. Ashley Mabunda Avatar
    Ashley Mabunda

    Matt was humbled here. But that M3 is absolutely brutal with the launch

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Porsche 550 Spyder and Ferrari F40: Hello there.

  17. Lewis F Avatar
    Lewis F

    Congrats to the tuner who success tuned that M3. 700hp bmw able to done 1/4 mile in 10s was crazy

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Porsche 550 Spyder can do sub 8.5 seconds.

    2. Yash Does Stuff Avatar
      Yash Does Stuff

      ​@Purwanti Allanit costs wayyy more like 5 times more and is lighter so ye.

    3. T S Avatar
      T S

      ​@Purwanti Allanporsche fanboy again come to compare sedan with 2 seat sport car

    4. Evan Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan ofc, always that one guy that hates…

    5. Lewis F Avatar
      Lewis F

      @Purwanti Allan well the alpha gtr can done it in 7 s ? So get lost kid

  18. Kyle Sharkey Avatar
    Kyle Sharkey

    id love carwow to do a leaderboard for all the cars they drag, think it would add so much if we could see what the cars match up to.

    1. - Avatar –

      @carwow !!!!

  19. Lauren: Your new girlfriend 💘 Avatar
    Lauren: Your new girlfriend 💘

    Your video was a masterpiece! The way you engage your audience is remarkable. Keep up the great work and keep us entertained

  20. Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝 Avatar
    Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝

    Hats off to you for creating such an incredible video! Your attention to detail and storytelling abilities are impressive. Keep captivating us with your content

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