Cadillac Escalade: 1 Minute Review!

Thanks to @clivesuttoncars for lending us the vehicle for this video!






26 responses to “Cadillac Escalade: 1 Minute Review!”

  1. Eva Hinton Avatar
    Eva Hinton

    Wunderbarer und einzigartiger Inhalt!
    🍉🍉🍉 1 🖥

  2. Karola Meyer Avatar
    Karola Meyer

    Dieses Video hat mir gezeigt, wie schön das Leben sein kann. Dankeschön😁😁

  3. William Kelly Avatar
    William Kelly

    Sehr lehrreich und fesselnd!👅

  4. Razvan Andrei TOMA Avatar
    Razvan Andrei TOMA

    You should review a Ford Explorer!

  5. Avatar

    Forrest turned into Matt!

  6. C1tiz Avatar

    Personally think the Escalade is an awesome SUV. Worth every penny.

    1. Confused Cat Avatar
      Confused Cat

      Even though I am not a fan of the suv form factor, but man the escalade just looks so baller

    2. MrBanana Avatar

      And good luck paying gas bill

    3. The Reckon Avatar
      The Reckon

      What’s the reliability like? Not being sarcastic.

  7. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Cadalac people be like… Let’s make it sooo big that it won’t fit on a dual carriage way 🤓

  8. Viraaj Gamer🇮🇳 Avatar
    Viraaj Gamer🇮🇳

    Review a Tesla Model X Long Range/Plaid because you reviewed that Red Multicoat Tesla Model Y Performance

  9. Costi Buculei Avatar
    Costi Buculei

    Come on Matt…let Forrest have his thing.

  10. ALMX5DP Avatar

    Works well in the US, but I’d never want to own that and have to try and navigate UK cities or A and B roads.

  11. rbarbetta1978 Avatar

    Perfect vehicle for Texas roads.

  12. Resad Recebli Avatar
    Resad Recebli

    R.I.P carwow 2017-2022

  13. TheAutomotiveChannel Avatar

    The 6.2 L V8 screams “Murrica”🦅🦅🇺🇲🇺🇲

    1. The Reckon Avatar
      The Reckon

      I heard the 3L diesel option and felt that must be the top range model then comes the 6.2L V8 delivering freedom and democracy in the accelerator pedal.

    2. TheAutomotiveChannel Avatar

      @thereckon3592  Definetly, a V8 in this thing is insane you could’ve seen the race between the Cadillac,Range rover, Aston Martin and Rivian

  14. Oh no, anyways Avatar
    Oh no, anyways

    You can’t compare him to forest reviews bro…. Mats just doing his thing not explaining in depth and all that. Forest whatever his name is he knows what he’s doing in that 60 seconds lmao

  15. torreto_daddy Avatar

    Absolutely love it 🚙🚙♥️♥️

  16. J T Avatar
    J T

    Can’t forget the V version!

  17. СУЛТАН Avatar

    We need a reviews like this with BMW cars ❤ they are just lovely ❤❤

  18. Tudor Buliga Avatar
    Tudor Buliga

    Me: can we have forrest
    Mum: we have forrest at home
    Forrest at home:

  19. Yes Avatar

    You gonna need a bus license for this in Europe if you’re not careful 😂



  20. Zac Smith Avatar
    Zac Smith

    It’s worrying that you need a camera to see what’s Infront of you in this thing

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