Business-class Mercedes review!

Thanks to Clive Sutton for lending us this VIP Class!

State hi to the most glamorous Mercedes V-Class worldwide!

Satisfy the Mercedes VIP Class! It's been provided to us by Clive Sutton, and Mat's ready to reveal you around this incredibly glamorous van to discover just what makes it so special.

Step into the back and you'll discover 5 seats, two of which are very comfy business-style aircraft seats that come covered in diamond quilted leather – the same leather as you'll discover in a Bentley, no less! What's more, you can select from 7 various colours of leather, 8 different types of Alcantara, and a choose of 24 different wood veneers for the interior! You'll also find a discover a starlight headliner similar to in a Rolls-Royce!

The VIP Class includes a built-in iPad which is used to manage almost everything. You can use it to unlock and move the seats around. However that's not all, you can use it to expose a substantial flat-screen television (with a PlayStation 5 integrated in!) along with a real bar!

The VIP Class is built from a 300d V-Class. This means it includes the capability to produce 240hp and 500Nm of torque. However of course, having actually stemmed as a V-Class it suggests whoever remains in the drivers seat will be greeted the exact same usual Mercedes infotainment screen and dial design. However let's be sincere, if you're the owner of the VIP class, chances are it's only your driver who will be sat in the front!

The question is, do you think it's worth the six-figure price? You'll have to stick with Mat and see for yourself!


43 responses to “Business-class Mercedes review!”

  1. archechme Avatar

    It brings me much happiness knowing how much more the rich get ripped off than us common people.

    1. Monica Avatar

      Rich people can still smile after getting ripped off us poor cant

    2. fadsf978 Avatar

      It’s all relative mate, but I know what you mean – it brings me happiness knowing how much more I earn than you common people, see I’m so in touch with you …

    3. Muaz Unais Avatar
      Muaz Unais

      Bruh no one’s getting ripped off lol, this is supposed to be stealthy and doesn’t attract a lot of attention like a rolls royce, range rover or even a maybach, its supposed to look like a normal van

    4. Sum Noob Avatar
      Sum Noob

      That’s not it

  2. Baum Inventions Avatar
    Baum Inventions

    If you have to put your PS5 games in the fridge then there is clearly not enough storage space…

    1. Samkelo27 Avatar

      I wonder how much luggage space you have if you lay the seats flat

  3. daniel halachev Avatar
    daniel halachev

    The only use case I can see for this vehicle is for some grandfather to make offers that his guests can’t refuse.

  4. Dan Avatar

    It’s listed for £169,950 for those wondering

    1. Pavillion X35 Avatar
      Pavillion X35


    2. Predator X2 Avatar
      Predator X2

      It’s not bad… so I have to choose between this and the 911 Turbo S 🤔

    3. Jawadul Karim Avatar
      Jawadul Karim

      See it properly, it is 189k pounds

    4. pm. Avatar

      thanks mate

  5. Everything In Sinhala Avatar
    Everything In Sinhala

    I didn’t know that the dji pocket can film videos in such a good quality until now

  6. Halil Ayata Avatar
    Halil Ayata

    Am I in the market for a Mercedes? No. Can I afford a Mercedes? No. Will I watch the entire review? Yes.

  7. John Cross Avatar
    John Cross

    I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed Mat didn’t launch it 😂

    1. Jan Pippal Avatar
      Jan Pippal

      stick of truth

  8. Filip the 2 Avatar
    Filip the 2

    Honestly it’s amazing especially for long trips w mates

  9. Master P Avatar
    Master P

    These VIP vans are all over Middle East, Turkey and Russia. Many prefer these over business class sedans.

    1. Efe Ergezer Avatar
      Efe Ergezer

      As a Turkish its right.

    2. TsLeng Avatar

      Yes because these are better than a sedan.

    3. 16-bit Avatar

      Not suitable for long trips, inconvenient in the city, and definitely a pain for more than two people.

    4. TsLeng Avatar

      @16-bit an s class can’t seat more than 2 in the back too. And it doesn’t come with easy access sliding doors and huge headroom.

  10. venom5809 Avatar

    This is nice but the custom Sprinters are much nicer and bigger and you can get bathrooms with them too. I looked at some years ago and thinking of getting one next year.

    1. Samkelo27 Avatar

      Are you talking about the off-road camping ones?

    2. Sh Sh Avatar
      Sh Sh

      Yeah sure you are lol

    3. bsdcrbn Avatar

      McClaren in Lowton used to do a nice job of them.

  11. macbitz Avatar

    The height of luxury… but then there’s Mat’s socks 😝

  12. Karl Dübelheimer Avatar
    Karl Dübelheimer

    Nice to see that West Coast Customs is still pimpin’ rides 😂

    1. MrJesushadAegis Avatar

      ayyyooooooooo xD

    2. Deleted. Avatar

      Needs a fish tank.

  13. Pain. Avatar

    It looks like this van is gonna have a lot of electronic problems down the line

  14. idlejim Avatar

    Looks crass AF, the vehicular equivalent of one of those beds with a built-in TV

  15. Ci Avatar

    The star lights made it look a lot cheaper. Brabus does a really good job at it. The one in this mercedes looks like my neighbor installed it in his garage

    1. SE Asian Avatar
      SE Asian

      Exactly, i think a panoramic roof would be better.

    2. A R Avatar
      A R

      Thank u! Glad there are some people with taste out there
      Only crystal white starlights in a RR looks elite

    3. Konrad Mrugacz Avatar
      Konrad Mrugacz

      I cannot understand how people in 2023 doing regular reviews are still impressed by multicolor LEDs and smart TV functions…

    4. friggincanvee Avatar

      ​@Konrad Mrugacznotice how Mat had basically nothing negative to say… Prob a paid review?

  16. 1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV Avatar

    Honda makes a version of the Odyyssey for the American market (and probably also for the Chinese), which is easily as luxurious. Your friends at The Straight Pipes did a review of it.

  17. assamoh Avatar

    It’s just like a student dormitory. Small, Beer and Red Bull, PS5, 180° Flat-Lying Gaming Chair, Games in the fridge, Meaningless LED Lights, and Kill Switch.

  18. Lotiram Teron Avatar
    Lotiram Teron

    I would like to see Matt lauching it from 0-60

  19. Mk210 Avatar

    Wow carwow is nailing the videos shout out to everyone at carwow especially the cameramen and editors

  20. Jar to Table Avatar
    Jar to Table

    Love to pick my kids up in this. Would make the 40min journey go nicer.🎉❤

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