Bugatti Veyron v Red Bull F1 car: DRAG RACE

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … Thanks to everybody for helping to set up this drag race:- F1 Cars And Truck: @redbullracing- Porsche : @wam_barn- Veyron: @GVELondon
Veyron: What a LINE-UP! The Red Bull F1 is back
, and it's taking on against two incredible road-going hypercars- the Porsche and a Bugatti Veyron! So let's see how these three incredible

automobiles compare. Beginning with the 918 Spyder, it's powered by a 4.6-litre naturally-aspirated V8 combined with 2 electrical motors. Integrated, they can produce 887hp and 1,280 Nm of torque. Power is sent out to all 4 wheels by means of a 7-speed automatic transmission, and the cars and truck pointers the scales at 1,674 kg. Then we have the Veyron. It's geared up with an extraordinary 8-litre quad-turbo

W16 engine, and this can put down 1,001 hp and 1,250 Nm! Power is sent out to all 4 wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and it weighs in at 1,888 kg. Then finally we have the F1 cars and truck, driven by Red Bull's reserve motorist, Liam Lawson. He's driving Sebastian Vettel's Championship-winning RB8, which is geared up with a 2.4-litre V8 that can produce 800hp. It's easily the lightest vehicle here, at around 700kg, and all power is sent out to the rear wheels only. So will the F1 cars and truck sweep these hypercars to the side? There's only one method to find out for sure … LET'S RACE! F1 Car v Rimac v McMurtry: Red Bull Ultimate drag race: Sell your car with :


71 responses to “Bugatti Veyron v Red Bull F1 car: DRAG RACE”

  1. Jeffrey Lim Avatar
    Jeffrey Lim

    It’s more than a few times now that we can do a frame-by-frame analysis and it clearly showed Mat jumped the start but the stewards said no.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Yeah.. Not Mat’s fault though. Get new stewards! lol

    2. MG 95 Avatar
      MG 95

      Dont matter that much. The f1 would still win

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      yeh Mat advertising for Porsche since they gave him a long term loan car

    4. nuskox Avatar

      This time jumped for sure

    5. Joel Stephen Avatar
      Joel Stephen

      @Cameron for sure. Or needs new glasses 👓

  2. spadgm Avatar

    Damn that Veyron was slower than a golf diesel lol.

    1. mark orlando Avatar
      mark orlando

      It was faulty

    2. Joel Stephen Avatar
      Joel Stephen

      Quite dissapointed really. I don’t know if it’s the car itself or the driver. Hope they bring it back

      Edit: It’s the car not the driver😅. I heard things about the Veyron’s launch control system and I think that’s the reason.

    3. trailer park Avatar
      trailer park

      Clearly something very wrong with that Veyron

    4. Pearl vision Avatar
      Pearl vision

      It was terrible shame

  3. Ahmet Çalış Avatar
    Ahmet Çalış

    Liam improves his launch skills in here. I really hope to see him in a F1 car future.

    1. RAGNOR Avatar

      It’s because the tyres where heated mate, last races they wasn’t

    2. KARTING POV Avatar

      Lol. He drove 4 races this year because of Riciardo injury

    3. Chirag Negi Avatar
      Chirag Negi

      ​@KARTING POVso he did a damn good job on those races

    4. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      dont worry about Liam

  4. ßaron Avatar

    The Veyron’s design is aging surprisingly well.
    But that car needs a service.😅 It just wasn’t in racing condition.

    1. The Companion Cube Avatar
      The Companion Cube

      I am being honest here, it looked ugly to me from the day it was launched.

    2. Abhishek Saini Avatar
      Abhishek Saini

      But why did a choose a Veyron against those beasts.😅

    3. juutuub0 Avatar

      I really dislike the sad Skoda style headlights. Otherwise it’s a fine egg.

    4. TheWeeknd♕ Avatar

      ​@juutuub0looks incredible in every way to me, a special timeless machine 👌🏼

    5. BiscuitPuncher Avatar

      @The Companion Cube Same, but as later years came, the design grew on me.

  5. KIWI RYKER Avatar

    Carwow , Red bull, owners , and everyone involved in bringing videos of epic racing like this to us all – Thankyou from all of us ❤

    1. Sancho Gaming Avatar
      Sancho Gaming


    2. Paulo Lima Avatar
      Paulo Lima

      It’s always good to be thankful mate, but, you know, they’re doing it for the money they’re all getting with our views. Cheers.

    3. Iain Avatar

      Epic? 2 cars here was enough.

    4. antonio luis santiago rios Avatar
      antonio luis santiago rios


    5. Summer Love Avatar
      Summer Love

      F1 cars are not even meant for drag races, what is the point of these videos? Straight line top speed is the biggest weakness of F1 cars.


    That Veyron is what happens when you don’t pay the 50k a year maintenance 💀

    1. dsfrgt Avatar

      Probably a cheap vag sensor or another part cost below 500 😁 but because it is a Buggati total dealership cost 10 grand 😂

    2. Nathan Fivezeroone Avatar
      Nathan Fivezeroone

      Not a great ad for it if it’s up for sale (says the guy with a 2002 Corolla😂)

    3. Gregory Gant Avatar
      Gregory Gant

      Yep, something wrong with that Veyron !

    4. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      Yeah, the value would have definitely dropped after this drag race was filmed. I would like to see it come back for another race after it’s maintenance is resolved.

  7. Ashley Pearce Avatar
    Ashley Pearce

    You’ve got to love the sound of the older f1 cars, true automotive audio bliss

    1. nastik Avatar

      V8 ❤

    2. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      EV F1 the future

    3. Nick Haralampopoulos Avatar
      Nick Haralampopoulos

      Nothing like the older V12s 🎉

    4. Ivan Alcibar Avatar
      Ivan Alcibar

      If you like the V8 F1 sounds, you’d love the older V10 and V12 era….

    5. Ashley Pearce Avatar
      Ashley Pearce

      @Ivan Alcibar you certainly can’t beat the sounds of the Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen days

  8. Hamza Mall Avatar
    Hamza Mall

    Am I dreaming or did Mat just forget to do the customary Carwow sound check on some of the greatest cars he’s ever had on this channel?

    1. AceJob Drexler Avatar
      AceJob Drexler

      Come to think of it 😕🤔

    2. Darren Grierson Avatar
      Darren Grierson

      I was about to comment the same thing

    3. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      Probably a good thing the Bugatti wasn’t tested.

    4. Thabi Hot Boy Avatar
      Thabi Hot Boy

      You not the only one

    5. Mikey Adede Avatar
      Mikey Adede

      i feel there was just so much you on in this video for him to remember

  9. nastik Avatar

    Those v8 f1 cars sounded like heaven, I was lucky enough to go to a couple of races during that period

    1. Ivan Alcibar Avatar
      Ivan Alcibar

      They do sound good, but nowhere as good as the older V10 and V12 eras 😭

  10. Forza Horizon 5 #shorts Avatar
    Forza Horizon 5 #shorts

    deos anyone ever wonder how matt casually gets an f1 car, a Bugatti and a 918 all for our entertainment.
    great video !

    1. asmoth360 Avatar

      money I guess

    2. Ay Jay Avatar
      Ay Jay

      Did you watch the video ? Have you seen other videos ?

      He has contacts and this people support the test and channel.

      Red Bull F1 Car, Red Bull KTM MotoGP Bike, Dani Pedrosa as a Rider.

      So definitely the right connections to Red Bull Motorsports.

      The guy at the end, gave him the Veyron for the test, he seems to be a car dealer for exotic cars and he also says who gave him the 918 for this Video.

    3. bertjesklotepino Avatar

      the mouth does a lot.

      Clean clothes. Quick talk.

      And what also helps a lot is being born at the right location, in the right family.
      It is not always a requirement, but most of the time money flows where money already is.
      Water always returns to the sea.

      I do not think someone who has a salary of 30k Euro/Pound/Dollar will ever get to do this.
      I do not think someone selling such expensive cars will even meet someone who earns 30k a year in person.
      You can try, but it is highly unlikely that such people want to ever be bothered with the lower class people.

      And so: if you were not born in the right place at the right time, then so be it.
      Accept it and get on with it.

      If you have some talent, you may reach a similar level. May take some time, but it is not impossible.

      But obviously it helps a lot if there is a huge stack of cash behind you backing up your nonsense.

      Heck, you do not actually believe Billy Gates started off broke, do you?
      Musk was not down the drain either.
      And so on.

    4. Devon C. Avatar
      Devon C.

      Why doesn’t anyone in this thread realize that he is an employee of the company that posts these videos: carwow 💀 he’s just a spokesperson, the company does the work and it helps sell their product. Matt just shows up and drives and talks for them.

  11. WAM Barn Avatar
    WAM Barn

    Thanks for having us again, carwow! I think we can all agree the Red Bull was incredible. 😍

    1. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      Thank you for lending Carwow use your awesome to do such a spectacular drag race. You should get your Koenigsegg to verse a Chiron one day.

    2. Robotric Avatar

      ​@Preston P.Yes Chiron SS vs Jesko Absolut over 1 mile.

    3. Sancho Gaming Avatar
      Sancho Gaming

      yeah true

    4. Joshi Ksr Avatar
      Joshi Ksr

      What’s wrong with the Bugatti? Looks like it’s not worth it’s money eh? If I’d be in the market for one I’d never buy this one? „It’s not happy“

    5. Taipan Avatar

      bugatti had no chance 😂

  12. Geetarth Neo Avatar
    Geetarth Neo

    Thank you Carwow for keeping the F1 sound alive!

  13. Avery: not just a pretty face Avatar
    Avery: not just a pretty face

    The effort and passion you pour into your channel is evident in every video

  14. 💘TAP BELOW👇 Avatar

    Bugatti Chiron SS vs Koenigsegg Agera RST. This is what we’all waiting for 🥵

    1. Kalle Avatar

      No, Chiron vs Regera the 2 0-400-0 fighters

    2. MABfan11 Avatar

      add SSC Tuatara and Hennessey Venom F5 to the list

    3. Brian chilapula Avatar
      Brian chilapula

      I would swap the agera for a jesko though ,i think that one would be more epic

  15. Garden February Avatar
    Garden February

    I think this channel will be televised in all countries as soon as possible ❤
    Matt make sure you continue providing us satisfaction 🎉🎉🎉

  16. Francis Tan Avatar
    Francis Tan

    Love to see Liam on carwow! Definitely my favourite upcoming driving talent

  17. rbarbetta1978 Avatar

    That older F1 car sounds AMAZING. Nice to see Liam Lawson doing Red Bull stuff too!

  18. Random Corner Avatar
    Random Corner

    So Liam is out here driving RB8 after Ricciardo returns to his seat 😄…It was good seeing you drive that RB 👍🔥

  19. DPCcars Avatar

    @carwow, if you ever decide to do an ‘All-stars rematch’, let’s get the best of the best from each episode and see who truly reigns supreme on the track! 🏁 Also, props to Liam for showing what he’s made of. Future F1 champ in the making? 🏆🔥 #TeamLiam #EpicRaces

  20. Philippe STRICKLER Avatar
    Philippe STRICKLER

    Thank you for these races. I am always happy to see a RED BULL Formula 1 . The 918 spyder is always very efficient.

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