Bugatti Chiron Super Sport v Model S Plaid Track Pack: DRAG RACE

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We have actually got our hands on the almighty Super Sport, and it's taking on versus the extraordinary Plaid Track Load!

So let's see how these 2 rockets compare. Starting with the Bugatti, it's powered by an amazing 8-litre quad-turbo W16 that pumps out 1,600 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque. It sends power to all four wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automated gearbox, and it tips the scales at 1,995 kg. There have actually only been 30 ever constructed, so as a result, it's quite costly, costing around ₤ 4,000,000!!

Then we have the Tesla. It's geared up with 3 electrical motors, and they integrate to produce 1,020 hp and 1,420 Nm of torque. It has four-wheel drive, and it weighs in at 2,190 kg. It's likewise a lot less expensive than the Bugatti, costing around ₤ 135,000.

So it's the one you've all been waiting on, but which will take the win? There's just one method to learn … LET'S RACE!

Red Bull F1 v Rimac Nevera v McMurtry:

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56 responses to “Bugatti Chiron Super Sport v Model S Plaid Track Pack: DRAG RACE”

  1. HamiD Younesi Avatar
    HamiD Younesi

    Carwow never disappoints. Facts

    1. THE NOISE Avatar


    2. Mohd Mahdi 23 Avatar
      Mohd Mahdi 23


    3. MENELISI .s. GUMEDE Avatar

      Can’t disagree on that it’s the best car show fir me

    4. Smee Avatar

      Host not so much

    5. KD 3342 Avatar
      KD 3342

      Mat never disappointed me, he only drives the fastest one 😂

  2. L4H Avatar

    They really do the best drag races on the planet at the moment

    1. Toby Avatar

      They have been for the last few years 😂

    2. Carsten Avatar

      would be much better to let someone else give the commands, though. Doesn’t make sense that one of the drivers gives the command to accelerate because humans obviously have a reaction time (and the walkie-talkie might have a delay) and the person who gives the command doesn’t have to listen to the command.

    3. James Watadza Avatar
      James Watadza

      It do be like that.

    4. jjamespacbell Avatar

      If it was a couple of cars leaving a traffic light the Tesla wins as way do you get to 200 miles an hour.
      The Chiron is not a car it is a showroom/museum piece

  3. Marshawn Lynch determination and motivation Avatar
    Marshawn Lynch determination and motivation

    That Bugatti pulling from 150 to 190 is so insane

    1. Ден С Avatar
      Ден С

      where is this neeeded?

    2. zalmaypash Avatar

      @Ден С at a drag race

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      Tesla insane for the price

    4. SinminsinTokko Avatar

      @hassy gcause it doesn’t have any gear

    5. SinminsinTokko Avatar

      @hassy gthe Bugatti have to change it’s gear for speed that’s why Tesla was able to keep up
      If the race have been long distance the Bugatti would have completed the race half the time

  4. Yiannimize Avatar

    I feel like the poor relation in the video but oh my it’s a good race

    1. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Get a Plaid mate, nothing stock under a million can beat it and you simply can’t say that its boring: 6:37
      Also its a bloody good family and daily car…
      Also also, what was the soc here for the Tesla, I get that the surface is bad but it almost always does 1/4 mile at 9.3s @ over 80%? What is more, no best 2/3… Was this the only take where Plaid lost the 1/4 mile? 😂

    2. YoungShul Avatar

      @Luka Bošnjak the lucid sapphire already has and i would say it is the better car

    3. mrdlewis22 Avatar

      Please tell me Mat gave you go in it!

    4. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      Mat would win if he was driving the Tesla weighing less than you

    5. D Avatar

      Poor Yianni’s struggling with his fleet of Lambos 🤣

  5. Luis Jair Avatar
    Luis Jair

    The tesla is a fast car that many people can afford. But the Bugatti is just a masterpiece

    1. Dalton Sikhosana Avatar
      Dalton Sikhosana

      That’s not true. Even financing it is like a small mortgage let alone buying cash but “more people”

      (Edit) in fact it’s more than a mortgage cause it’s a lot shorter time to repay

    2. TransPhobic Avatar

      Love it! So satisfying seeing it beat that Tesla. Gasoline propulsion is goated.

    3. Jabari Phillips Avatar
      Jabari Phillips

      @Dalton SikhosanaStill, the risk is incredibly smaller. And 97% of people aren’t getting approved for a $4M car. Nor will they have the liquid cash to buy it outright. The plaid is much more obtainable especially once used and given a few more years. Bugatti is still king though.

    4. Mkz Avatar

      The tesla is also a dangerous car with breaks that can barely stop a Mazda Miata.

    5. Jabari Phillips Avatar
      Jabari Phillips

      @Mkz Did you miss the part where it stopped better than the Bugatti? Finish the video at least 😂

  6. geenogabb Avatar

    One of the most exciting races you’ve ever had here in CarWow! The Bugatti Chiron is a pure masterpiece but the Tesla Plaid Track Pack is just as exciting. I’m blown away.

  7. dean tirmizi Avatar
    dean tirmizi

    The speed they go past the 1/2 mile is madness

    1. hofahome Avatar

      Ive personally seen UGR Huricans and R8’s cross the standing mile at 240+mph. It’s unreal. I wish all car fans could experience it.

  8. Artan Sadiki Avatar
    Artan Sadiki

    Love how the Bugatti just flies away like a fighter jet at higher speeds.

    1. I am best for real Avatar
      I am best for real


    2. Louie Carrigan Avatar
      Louie Carrigan

      Unbeatable combustion power.

    3. J G Avatar
      J G

      ​@louiecarrigan821 until you realize Rimac now works with Bugatti and the next gen hypercars will be electric. . .🙃

    4. Visakh S Nair Avatar
      Visakh S Nair

      ​@J G
      Nope Matte Rimac said in an interview that he will still make Bugatti combustion engine but to limited production.

    5. Mateo Kovac Avatar
      Mateo Kovac

      ​@J GMate is a proper petrolhead, the next Bugatti will be Hybrid.

      He also said his dreamgarage would be 10 petrol cars. Dude is a proper carguy unlike Elon.

  9. Matt FB Avatar
    Matt FB

    Watching the races between Matt & Yanni I know my day is gonna be good.

  10. Kerim Guseynov Avatar
    Kerim Guseynov

    how quickly the Bugatti gains speed is just unbelievable. Seeing the speedometer needle, front and center, go up and up is mesmerizing

  11. Yulia: EXPLORE my Profile Avatar
    Yulia: EXPLORE my Profile

    This one had me laughing and smiles the whole time from Yianni saying “he’s drooling” to “who am I kidding” when the Bug came storming back 😂😂

  12. Divi Kumar Avatar
    Divi Kumar

    The fact that Plaid keepin up with the Chiron amazes me, Tesla really did a good job

    1. Adrenaline Junkie Avatar
      Adrenaline Junkie

      It’s 73 mph slower top speed and destroyed in a 1/2 mile drag. That’s a definite loss.

      Bugatti also have a limited run production car that’s 104.7 mph faster than the Tesla Plaid.

    2. Alex Avatar

      @Adrenaline JunkieYes but it was close to beating the Bugatti in a 1/4 mile and considering the tesla is a 4 seater saloon car, that’s pretty amazing

  13. teamtrouble2003 Avatar

    Yanni, we love you, mate. Thank you for all your time in these videos. Matt Watson never disappoints. Thank you Car Wow.

  14. The Saaxxx Baba Avatar
    The Saaxxx Baba

    Carwow has been killing it with these videos lately, absolute GOAT stuff

    1. Scuba Steve Avatar
      Scuba Steve

      Awesome when they don’t race in the rain.

  15. DPCcars Avatar

    This drag race was like watching a clash of titans! 😲 The Bugatti Chiron with its unparalleled top-end speed against the Model S Plaid, the electric underdog that packs a punch at a fraction of the cost. It’s like witnessing an MMA champ fighting a scrappy street brawler and both holding their own! 🔥 And let’s not forget, the Tesla winning the brake test is insane.

    1. DeeJay Avatar

      .Chiron’s carbon cerimic brakes weren’t at peak temp to get its prime stopping performance, if there would have been a third brake test then you probably would have had the Chiron stopping shorter..notice how close it got on its 2nd brake test

    2. vyws Avatar

      @DeeJay The tesla is also on carbon ceramics… What’s your point?

    3. taycan. Avatar

      Considering the fact that Tesla without track tyres
      Unlike the expensive tyres on the Bugatti
      Would be still impressive “if your claim is true”
      However both of them have ceramic brakes

  16. Racoon^YT Avatar

    Can we just talk about how fast they were flying across the finish line, mind blowing

  17. Tauraz Pillay Avatar
    Tauraz Pillay

    Yanny and Mats chemistry is what makes this extra good

  18. dougie miller Avatar
    dougie miller

    I would just like to comment on how impressive both Mat & Yianni are at driving. Sitting at 170mph+ and looking so calm and in control. Very well done to you both 👍👍

  19. JustTheVoice Backup! Avatar
    JustTheVoice Backup!

    The Plaid is insane value for the money especially now that it has breaks worthy of it’s power.

  20. Joel Oommen Avatar
    Joel Oommen

    Great stuff with the drone shots, it really helps viewers get a better sense of how the race goes. Love it!

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