Bringing 1st class to the road, it’s the VIP V-Class






22 responses to “Bringing 1st class to the road, it’s the VIP V-Class”

  1. @Eva_Schreiber Avatar

    Ihre Videos sind majestätisch, Deine Videos machen mich glücklich💙

  2. @Hanna_Wetzel Avatar

    Mach weiter so💙💙

  3. @okeyezeilo6187 Avatar

    That thing is a van…

    1. @leon___ Avatar

      It is still a mercedes? What are you yapping about

    2. @youtubecanlickmyasshol702 Avatar

      ​@@leon___It’s a van.

  4. @ydid687 Avatar

    Report the spam comments

  5. @KirstieMeinsen Avatar

    I found my inspiration in your person 😛

  6. @alikarabacak Avatar

    wtf is that comment seciton bro

  7. @artemnezvinskiy7046 Avatar

    Некому больше продавать?

  8. @rohansingh6094 Avatar

    Literally S-classes bigger brother

  9. @GameGeode1 Avatar

    Mercedes fan boys ❤

  10. @weaponxi4456 Avatar


  11. @ermenionline Avatar

    I still prefer s class

  12. @gr0wnup5 Avatar

    Comments are wild for this one 😅

  13. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    S 2nd class 😂

  14. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 358

  15. @harvwilsut3607 Avatar

    Nah you turned from making drag races to doing edits 😂 love it ❤

    1. @laistab1916 Avatar

      It is a legit car tho xD some company did it in the uk but still no s class

  16. @weeeeee374 Avatar

    Luxurious PIP van.

  17. @martinwegner9802 Avatar

    Maybach?? No okay go away

  18. @yiannishayabusaofficial Avatar

    awesome incredible superb

  19. @ankuraks536 Avatar

    Combine both – Rolls Royce

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