Thanks to Joe for joining us for this race: @JoeAchilles1

It's time for 's entry-level M to go head-to-head with the range-topping M!

We have actually got Mat in the all-new BMW M2, and he's lining up against the leviathan that is the BMW ! However how do the 2 of them compare?

Well, let's begin with a look at the M2. It comes equipped with the same 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six as discovered in the current BMW M3. Nevertheless, the power has been reduced, in this instance putting down 460hp and 550Nm of torque. This is sent out to the rear wheels only through an 8-speed automatic transmission (but don't worry, a handbook is also readily available).

A New BMW M2 will set you back around ₤ 65,000, and when you roll it onto the scales, it'll weigh in at 1,725 kg.

However that weight is nothing compared to the almighty , which is almost a tonne much heavier, tipping the scales at 2,710 kg! In terms of power, it comes loading a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 paired with an electric motor, which combines to produce 653hp and 800Nm. These send out power to all four wheels, however there's an issue … The price starts from an eye-watering ₤ 148,000!!

So how will this play out – will the more effective cars and truck nab the win? Or will the lighter M2 sprint to triumph? There's just one way to learn … LET'S RACE!

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74 responses to “BMW XM v NEW M2: DRAG RACE”

  1. MCWillo Avatar

    That Xm is the size of a mountain

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Henry Sithole yep. The front also looked like Ford F150 1999. 😂

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @D. S. imagine if BMW XM is painted pink.

    3. Fabio D. Avatar
      Fabio D.

      But mountains are prettier

    4. MCWillo Avatar

      ​@Fabio D. Can’t argue

    5. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      Ironically it’s terrible offroad. What a disaster of a vehicle

  2. PhilS404 Avatar

    Stevie Wonder in charge of the design department at BMW. That XM…

    1. Hanshan5 Avatar

      Or some 7 year old boy

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Hanshan5 👍👍

    3. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      I think Stevie wonder is building them too. They fall apart instantly

  3. Mark Ziff Avatar
    Mark Ziff

    It’s not the aero it’s the atmosphere protesting against that grill!

    1. Mark Ziff Avatar
      Mark Ziff

      @Saleem Akhtar BMW know they’ve screwed the pooch with it, that’s why the M5 CS hasn’t got it.

    2. d00mfish Avatar

      I actually live the retro-esque look.

    3. Isaac Cornett Avatar
      Isaac Cornett

      ✊🏾 The BMW XM grille is horrendous🤮🤮🤮

  4. ARES Avatar

    Joe is back after 3 years 😍

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @TeacherToolkitDemo Top Gear without Clarkson is so far behind even in 2020s.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Professor Scientist 👍

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Adam02M happy idul fitri 2023, Adam02M! From Purwanti Allan.

    4. De` Vil Avatar
      De` Vil

      @SuperSaiyan1973 Don’t worry, this is a well-known YouTube master-cheater and talker about nothing))

  5. Joe Achilles Avatar
    Joe Achilles

    Great video guys, secretly glad the M2 beat me in the big bus… Cheers for having me on the channel again 🏁

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @macbitz XM even so not gonna match even S2000.

    2. The Avatar

      Don’t keep it a secret. Almost no one likes the XM.

    3. Aaron Olsen Avatar
      Aaron Olsen

      You guys need to do more collaborations! You guys go together so well, and it’s such a natural relationship!

    4. manen wan Avatar
      manen wan

      Can you show me your heel please

    5. Fc Avatar

      I bet BMW aren’t very happy…with you💀

  6. Craig Avatar

    Remember when BMW made nice car’s ?

    1. Kenyon Guillory Avatar
      Kenyon Guillory

      Get the MB and enjoy.

    2. S Avatar

      @NubletPie278 well yeah it would because it is an M5 powered PT cruiser lol

    3. Prince_Vegeta_BMW Avatar

      BMW Nazca C2

    4. Hassan Ger Avatar
      Hassan Ger

      They are still the number one luxury sport car manufacturer in the world.
      They are even better making the best cars for Motorsporting.


    5. Ronnie Martinez Avatar
      Ronnie Martinez

      They’re still making them, the M2 in the video is one of them…

  7. V. S. Avatar
    V. S.

    From the M1 to the XM
    From the ultimate driving machine to the ultimate splurge machine!
    What has happened to the M division?

    1. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      ​@jkliao648 the BMW dealers in the UK their carparks are full and they are parking M cars along the street next to the dealers its so bad. They just aint selling anymore here they are fudging sales figures as there are unsold M cars around mine that were in the showroom not registered for 3 month then they registered them and kept them on the street outside. This spiked late March just gone before the financial year reset earlier this month. They can declare fake sales figures then.

    2. Martin S. Avatar
      Martin S.

      @IwillBwaiting money from fanboys? M cars are literally benchmark since decades in their classes.
      M3/4> C AMG
      M5>E AMG

      What’s are talking about, neither Audi RS, nor Mercedes AMG can compete.

    3. Mohamadou Avatar

      @V. S.except the x6m

  8. F80 Jesse Avatar
    F80 Jesse

    It’s very bizarre to see two car YouTubers I follow, from the other side of the planet, out on MY local roads in Scottsdale lol. I’ve been flying down that road near Bartlett Lake a million times!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


  9. Pingu Penguin Avatar
    Pingu Penguin

    Thanks joe so much for joining carwow today. it was so entertaining to watch you in the drag race! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    1. Joe Achilles Avatar
      Joe Achilles

      Thank you, great to be back!

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Imagine if we got a drag race between the 2023 BMW M2 vs Mine’s Lancer Evolution V.

    3. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      ​@Purwanti Allan the tripe you talk on here warrants a visit from the doctor. You need help man

    4. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      @Big duphus AJ fr

  10. hello Avatar

    The XM is the definition of not being an M car 😂

    1. orbitaljunkie Avatar

      @laweta potrzebna od zaraz The Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT did a 7:38 at the Nürburgring. Do you know how insane that is for a big and heavy something?

    2. SparkWater Avatar

      All that money for it. I’ll pass

    3. ISLAM I Avatar
      ISLAM I

      @laweta potrzebna od zarazwhat about the trackhawk

    4. javak810i Avatar

      It just exists to be a competitor to AMG G class.

    5. Foxicated 101 Avatar
      Foxicated 101

      @Kanupriya Singh
      Still a m isn’t it?
      M5 engine in it

  11. Nismo The Gamer Avatar
    Nismo The Gamer

    It’s just insane when the entry level M car is over 65K and weighs over 1700 Kg. If BMW made it AWD, it would weigh even more, it’s nuts😯

    1. Peter Hammer Avatar
      Peter Hammer

      @jkliao648 Inline-6 sounds always better than 5-cylinder

    2. Critical Avatar

      @FæZë Smokyy are you Austrian?

    3. Ash Kay Avatar
      Ash Kay

      1.7 tons but has carbon bits in interior 🤔

    4. Kayron Mercieca Avatar
      Kayron Mercieca

      The Audi RS3 looks *horrendous* compared. People complaining about the new BMW M2’s front grill and they seriously think the Audi RS3’s looks OK? OMFG, look at it. It’s literally as if someone literally SLICED OFF the front of the car… 😬

  12. ashwin kumar Avatar
    ashwin kumar

    Joe’s evil laugh on the second run 😂 good to have you back mate! Goodman Joe ❤

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Well thats cool. 😂

  13. Nodar Shurgaia Avatar
    Nodar Shurgaia

    You know something is wrong when the entry level beats the top of the line 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Steevynovirus Avatar

      Yeah something is very wrong. I was impressed by the XM but no MORE

  14. Czesław 59 Avatar
    Czesław 59

    Maybe the new M2 looks controversial, but it has a great R6 3.0 engine, rear-drive, optional manual transmission, and gives a lot of fun to drive, which beats the Audi RS3 or Merdese A 45AMG.

    1. Sine Nomine Avatar
      Sine Nomine

      It’s not controversial. It’s hideous.

    2. CZ Avatar

      @Stefano Marcellino The new m2 has the s58 engine and a twin turbo way more potential than a rs3.

    3. Spencer Capozello Avatar
      Spencer Capozello

      ​@Big duphus AJ The B58 has been proven to be a very strong motor. I’m gonna go ahead and assume this is bait.

    4. Stefano Marcellino Avatar
      Stefano Marcellino

      @CZ on stock turbos the s58 is a monster but the RS3 is proving to be the fastest platform for modded cars

  15. V. T. Avatar
    V. T.

    Glad to see Joe after a long time it would be great if he comes more often.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Welcome back, Joe!

  16. Anxo Avatar

    This change of location was quite refreshing, especially with those hills providing some reverberation for the engines to sing 🙌🏻

    1. Daniel Avatar

      I really don’t think the stock half speaker pumped sound does any echoing in that area.
      And if I recall correctly, the coarser the surface the more sound gets “absorbed” (spread out) and not deflected back cleanly.

    2. jumpshotlucc Avatar

      @Tendai Dzenga nobody wants no honda😂😂

    3. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      ​@jumpshotlucc a fireblade would mug any car you will ever own in your lifetime on part throttle. Even an old 90s Blackbird will. Cheers

    4. Sai Vootukur Avatar
      Sai Vootukur

      @jumpshotlucc considering many people want a modified Honda that’s actually built well, pretty sure you’re just a hater

    5. Dinula Nimantha Avatar
      Dinula Nimantha

      ​@jumpshotlucc I do .. k20 is epic

  17. jacob vinson Avatar
    jacob vinson

    The top end of the m2 is insane. Imagine what it’ll be once tuners get their hands on these

  18. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat never fails to wow us with all these insane reviews, drag races and videos!

  19. castro murithi Avatar
    castro murithi

    The breaking of XM was epic!!! A lot of people didn`t see that coming, even Matttt 😆

  20. RS-T Avatar

    Joe is naturally so good on camera and presenting, he’s now a star guest they ask back. Good work sir

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