BMW M3 Touring v BMW M8: DRAG RACE

Thanks to for helping to establish this race!

Here we go fans, this one's for you!

We've got our hands on the new , and it's going head-to-head against the extraordinary ! The concern is, can the put its power down in some really horrible drag race conditions?

Before we discover, let's have a look at the statistics. We have actually got Mat in the , which is real estate a 3-litre twin-turbo straight six under the bonnet that can put down 510hp and 650Nm of torque. Power is sent out to all 4 wheels through an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and it's relatively heavy, weighing in at 1,865 kg. If you're wanting to choose one up, the cost starts from ₤ 87,000.

Then together with it, we have the M8. Lift up the bonnet and you'll find a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet, which is good for 625hp and 750Nm. So it's up on power compared to the M3, but it's likewise well up on weight, tipping the scales at 2,100 kg! It'll also leave a larger dent in your bank balance, with the rate starting from ₤ 142,000!

So what do you believe – will it be a walkover for the more powerful M8? Or could the M3 take it? There's only one method to learn … LET'S RACE!

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59 responses to “BMW M3 Touring v BMW M8: DRAG RACE”

  1. @hellaflush. Avatar

    I get the same issue of the car short shifting into 4th in the wet, the best launch I have seen in the wet is putting tc back on, also Pzero delete

    1. @vanitynarcissist Avatar

      yooo love your content bro

  2. @qlijana2345 Avatar

    M3 competition xdrive touring might be one of the most complete cars I’ve ever seen!

    1. @user-el2zj3pw5r Avatar

      Only coz u fanboy of estate shape

    2. @4_.ry4 Avatar

      Its all fun till Quattro shows up💀

    3. @spookyreaper1702 Avatar

      Rs6 has that title of most complete

    4. @user-el2zj3pw5r Avatar

      @@4_.ry4 what u talking about , xdrive off the line is no worse than Quattro

    5. @tomw485 Avatar

      @@spookyreaper1702The RS6 is 30-40k more expensive too.

  3. @joelstephen907 Avatar

    We still need that foot race between Mat and Yianni. It will be worth waiting

    1. @demonplayzthis2171 Avatar

      He’s having a surgery done

    2. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      Yianni is disabled

    3. @Gebuhr Avatar

      can I vote for the “MAMIL-race”? Send Mat and Yianni down the track on roadbikes… with a bonus-point for the most eye-bleeding lycra-outfit 🤣

    4. @pn-l1403 Avatar

      Their battle will be legendary!

    5. @yeeyeeasshaircut456 Avatar

      @@demonplayzthis2171how about wheelchair race

  4. @profi-drohne6144 Avatar

    You have to do this again with the M3 Touring Competition, the M8 Coupé, the M8 Convertible and the M8 Grand Coupé in dry conditions! It is way to interesting to see the real results of this Race!!

    1. @JL-wf2wp Avatar

      Is the fucking UK, is never dry there

    2. @amazingamazigh6847 Avatar

      Or just with the m8 coupe and m4 and m4csl and m3cs

    3. @johnnywoo8799 Avatar

      Someone else needs to do it NOT in the uk because it’s rarely dry.

    4. @mcmc1863 Avatar

      ​@@johnnywoo8799 nonsense

    5. @albert_zweistein7196 Avatar


  5. @MrPlanes702 Avatar

    ‘Let’s switch sides’. I love that part 🤣

  6. @DonLee1980 Avatar

    pretty amazing that the editors were able to get a 12s drag race into a 35s race.

    1. @user-qy2wf2lt6v Avatar

      I am hearing more and more people asking for the races to be 800 meters now.

    2. @marinbareta9497 Avatar

      seems to be the same people who worked on Fast and Furious movies…

    3. @klassix793 Avatar

      Sort this Matt & Yian, and I’ll become a Patreon:
      1. Best out of three 60m sprints
      2. Rolling 100m
      3. Who can stop the quickest, cheese-rolling down Cooper’s Hill. [Non-negotiable]

    4. @neelzhome8431 Avatar

      LOL! Made me stop watching at 4:59..

    5. @LetsPlayDoni Avatar

      Have you ever watched a movie about WW2 and noticed the movie wasnt 6years long? Crazy times

  7. @Fasteddie1085 Avatar

    🚦Yeah we needed this race because consumers are really cross shopping between a estate wagon and a convertible 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @emorytate1483 Avatar

      Lol somewhere their is that guy 😂😂😂😂

    2. @user-el2zj3pw5r Avatar

      Or logic is not necessarily has to be applied and just enjoy entertainment

    3. @jasonfuller8536 Avatar

      @@user-el2zj3pw5rhe clearly is joking how about u sthu🤬

    4. @GMTron Avatar

      Not as much as the customers who decide between a racing motorbike and an Urus….😂😂😂

    5. @oskarskalski2982 Avatar

      @@GMTron Or between Bugatti Chiron and F1 car:).

  8. @stefanudrea44 Avatar

    Surprisingly, a really entertaining race, good job guys!

    1. @manilove2pwn Avatar

      100k for a M3 WTAF complete rip off

    2. @martincuter5799 Avatar

      they just don’t floor it to make win what kids love like rs6

  9. @danisantabarbara5931 Avatar

    Sam is so competitive, it’s hilarious! Cheers mates great videos ALWAYS! In my opinion you two and Yanni are the best on YouTube. And maybe Alex (but he’s not a good drag racer lol) and Dani Pedrosa also. Thank you very much.

  10. @daynnetaruvinga5816 Avatar

    Gearbox settings were actually different on the two cars chekc those 3 little bars
    The m3 was on the most aggressive and performance oriented setup

    1. @SamueleDiRuscio Avatar

      And also it seems that the m8 had “efficient” setting for the engine during the drage races. 4:50 6:20

    2. @zltm089 Avatar

      Gearbox settings was all wrong in the M8!!!!!!!

    3. @oldgreggscreamybaileys6618 Avatar

      @@SamueleDiRusciowhy does it keep it in comfort and efficient mode when launch control is active? Thought it would default to the most aggressive settings whilst active.

  11. @zk9058 Avatar

    That M8 is absurdly fast….i’d love to see this same test in the dry.

    1. @Tony-oz7os Avatar

      it got beaten by an m3, how is that absurdly fast?

    2. @vitorbarata9497 Avatar

      ​@@Tony-oz7os the m8 is going straight to 4th gear, if that didn’t happen the m3 would lose without a problem.

    3. @abderrahmanelbakkali190 Avatar

      It’s not absurdly fast, it has a V8 and 525hp, it should be faster but it isn’t THAT FAST.

    4. @rks-bh6tb Avatar

      @@Tony-oz7osit’s convertible it’s 500 pounds heavier then the coupe what you expect

    5. @rks-bh6tb Avatar

      @@abderrahmanelbakkali190it’s a convertible

  12. @jasonsong86 Avatar

    I think that little bit of extra weight on the back of the M3 really helped with wet traction.

  13. @jody024 Avatar

    Matt responds faster to the starter, it is a big difference in reaction time too.

  14. @rlau68 Avatar

    Thanks Matt and Sam! Appreciate the fun times and laughs!👍

  15. @Charlotte__Single__again Avatar

    The M8.and the M5 it was related too are known to have temperamental launch control, even in the dry. The M3 on the other hand is epic off the line.

    1. @trillsam7726 Avatar

      the m8 is usually better off the line than the m5

  16. @DPCcars Avatar

    Just watched this epic race and I’m buzzing with ideas! How about a mega showdown featuring the M3 Touring Competition, M8 Coupé, M8 Convertible, and M8 Grand Coupé in perfect dry conditions? Also, let’s spice it up with a twist – add a viewer’s choice wildcard car into the mix. Maybe something classic or totally unexpected? And don’t forget, we need that foot race between Mat and Yianni – let’s see who’s faster off the track too! Keep up the great work, your races are always a highlight of my day! 🏎💨🔥

  17. @prontoklasik Avatar

    First of all, Sam Mat becoming the best duo in car wow
    Switching sides was spot on. Imagine how many race results would be different if they tried that in every race
    Dry race would be different I’m sure
    Mat you did jump the start

  18. @Need-You-Tonight Avatar

    *_Am I the only one that noticed the moisture inside the headlights of the M8 Convertible? I’ve noticed on the newest 7 series as well, which is quite odd._*

    1. @jjbinx007 Avatar

      that’ll be the indicator fluid

    2. @anbax Avatar

      This is standard equipment at BMW.

  19. @mdigs2364 Avatar

    Hilarious banter, excellent chemistry between the two of you. Super entertaining.

  20. @christopherjacobo1959 Avatar

    Keep it coming with more races 👏🏻
    Beautiful cars

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