Audi’s cutting costs again 🙄


26 responses to “Audi’s cutting costs again 🙄”

  1. @mrpoohbearlvr Avatar

    It’s a shock that Audi cheaps out on quality? Wake-up!!!

  2. @Francinagatti Avatar

    Mat fell in love with the Porsche lol

    1. @tractorcannon8487 Avatar

      Who hasn’t

  3. @paulp8107 Avatar

    I loved the feel of the magnesium ones on my 17 CTS. They didn’t work for s$#t, but they were nice to click lol

  4. @victorlor5944 Avatar

    What a surprise… I guess it’s not logic that when comparing two car companies (belonging to the same holding), the more expensive vehicle gets better build quality and materials than the not so expensive one.
    Who would have thought…

    1. @M_H_H Avatar

      The r8 are still expensive. Also base macan still got better material than r8

  5. @pabs8345 Avatar

    Shouldn’t have brought it then

  6. @viktorianas Avatar

    I have Logitech Pro sim wheel and it has much more premium materials with magnetic paddles. It doesn’t cost 100k either…

    1. @erebostd Avatar

      I bet it’s a bit slower than an Audi RS8, though…

    2. @viktorianas Avatar

      @@erebostd it depends, I usually drive 90s F1 cars in VR, so most of the time it is faster than RS8…

    3. @erebostd Avatar

      @@viktorianas imagination doesn’t count. Or else every shooter player would be serving time as a murderer…

  7. @sierrag8412 Avatar

    For people who say that the GT3 has more premium shifters because its more expensive, a Base Macan also gets metal paddle shifters and its 1/3 the price of a R8

  8. @Amiriscool9512 Avatar

    Bro Logitech G923 Pedals Shifters are better.

  9. @ellypsis603 Avatar

    Vag interiors are always cheap

  10. @funny7 Avatar

    my rs5 came with aluminium pedals as standard

    1. @brianglendenning1632 Avatar

      My Skoda Superb Sportline did too. Interesting how they play with the parts bin

  11. @davidwan247 Avatar

    It’s been like this since the first R8 came out in 2008. It’s completely bewildering to me.

  12. @allbebrown3942 Avatar

    Noooo. They’re disconnection us from some of the last remaining dying breed of automobiles. Since the Volkswagen vr6 and Toyota’s 2JZ. I think, they’re the best sounding 6 cylinder engines of all times. Especially if tuned at any stages. That perfect symphony to the ears is practically defunct. We’re getting more alienated to a virtual world. 😏. .

  13. @stre622 Avatar

    R8 are great with twin turbo’s

  14. @charlzbryan Avatar

    My Toyota Avensis has better paddle shifters than that 😂😂😂

  15. @allbebrown3942 Avatar

    From an ergonomic perspective I totally agree with you Mr Watson. We need to go back to days when. You start an engine, put your hands on that steering wheel and the synchronization of matrix happens. As if you’re plugged in. Your machine response how it’s supposed inevitably.

  16. @gtxmaster2714 Avatar

    Paddles even on my G29 SimRacing wheel are metal… what are you doing Audi?

  17. @b286guy Avatar

    Audi is now VW. VW is now Yugo.

  18. @h3runs Avatar

    Yeah, because they want you to buy the Lamborghini equivalent 😂

  19. @nikelliot8105 Avatar

    Paddle shifters, how 2020🙄🤷🤣🤣

  20. @jonathanberube5056 Avatar

    My 2021 RS5 has very similar plastic paddles. Drive me nuts and during hard driving like tail of the dragon I feel like I’m gonna rip them off grabbing gears.

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