Aston Martin DB12 ASMR ❤️


30 responses to “Aston Martin DB12 ASMR ❤️”

  1. @user-il8mc4yi4w Avatar

    top tier car 👌🏼

  2. @Northto60 Avatar

    Old or New DBS? me personally the new one, but I did like the old one in the the grand tour

  3. @holeefok3158 Avatar

    The R N D in gearbox, looks like my ford. 🙂

    1. @SolaricAngel116 Avatar

      That’s because Ford and Aston had 2 models that looked very alike. If I remember correctly, I believe it was the Aston Martin Vantage and the Ford Fusion. People could correct me on this to debunk my comment.

    2. @akman_699 Avatar

      @@SolaricAngel116cygnet too

    3. @peanuts2105 Avatar

      No it doesn’t

    4. @joanhemingway1768 Avatar

      ​@@akman_699 cygnet was a Toyota

  4. @SidAmadeusRyan Avatar

    Beige interior goes well with green exterior 😮‍💨

    1. @BrownHotPot0096 Avatar

      no this light brown/camel colour is fine

    2. @thedriftma_9 Avatar

      @@BrownHotPot0096no that is his opion not yours

    3. @thedriftma_9 Avatar

      Yeah 😮

    4. @brandonUwanawich954 Avatar

      Just like the Originals it’s a British thing with Bentleys rolls and AM

    5. @GhostOfParisMiami Avatar

      @@thedriftma_9opion 🤔

  5. @rakshithoriron Avatar

    The James Bond car 😎

  6. @mattb9664 Avatar

    Those are some pretty dainty buttons and levers- guess they’ve all gone to micro push buttons behind a nice facia cover.

  7. @banemetallhead Avatar

    More aluminium and less plastic touching parts, please AM

  8. @greathey1234 Avatar

    I own an older Aston V8 Vantage and I’d love to own this one day. By far the most beautiful since the original Vanquish imho

    1. @doughszynk6143 Avatar

      Are you f…en sure?

  9. @ruymanbr Avatar

    Omg the Aston that plasticki aswell??? Blew my mind…

  10. @Ifyouknow1984 Avatar

    Vanquish is the most beautiful AM ever

  11. @reptilebogdan6598 Avatar

    I like how the buttons sound when you press them

  12. @peanuts2105 Avatar

    Glorious machine. Heart and soul backed by proper world class British engineering

  13. @user-be2bc7rm9r Avatar

    That V8 was the only thing I needed 😌

  14. @randomtourist6656 Avatar

    Driving a sweet / great car is in itself a joy.

  15. @Metalshark100 Avatar

    you forgot to whisper “aston martin” into the mic

  16. @bboc420 Avatar

    Thanks for the 3 seconds of exhaust note and 27 seconds of rubbing and clicking sounds

  17. @pianoplaya Avatar

    Bently girl: “Aeston Mairten.”

  18. @madhavsaju2008 Avatar

    Aston did realise that their steering has to change 😂

  19. @clubbizarre Avatar

    Ooh that beautiful spec, the green color the cognac interior make me jizzzzzzz
    So beautiful

  20. @hphpqsc3329 Avatar

    squirrel stealing the carts is just pure comedy 😂

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