After 8 years I’ve gone too far and need to put it right ! | 4K

8 years ago today I submitted my really first video to YouTube with my JCW. Lots of things have actually altered since then. A hobby has actually ended up being a full-time task and I have driven and featured lots of fantastic vehicles, however the one constant on the channel in my . I have actually done some fantastic mods but I have actually gone too far and now I require to take an action back and soften her up a little. is going to the next level …


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Video Contents
00:00 – 8 years ago today!
01:22 – The Issue
04:24 – She's done special things!
05:59 – Brake Screech!!!!!
08:16 – The black bits!
09:34 – Suspension problems
11:29 – Pops and Bangs!
14:17 – What occurs next …

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20 responses to “After 8 years I’ve gone too far and need to put it right ! | 4K”

  1. @traciethomas569 Avatar

    We laughed at the overrun in fact I nearly choked on my drink 😂. As a 2 MINI family (F56 JCW & R60 MCS ) and having heavily modded MINIs in the past we know what you’re going through with the decisions on Ruby.. the squeak is hilarious.. can’t wait to see what Ruby is like when finished 👍👍😎😎 Also I blame you after watching your Mods on Charlie MINIa few years ago for me spending loads on the CmanS. 😂😎😎👍👍👍

  2. @jeffabbott463 Avatar

    Watching with interest with the planned changes. My son has just bought a Cooper Challenge 210 which has the JCW Pro Exhaust (the Bluetooth button operated one!). He is 20 so pops and bangs are great for him. He wants to mod it over the coming years so I will guide him with classy and quality mods guided by you!!!

  3. @johns14a Avatar

    You ram-raided Halfords and now you’ve come out the other side. Many of us have over the years mate. At least there isn’t anything that’s irreversible. Looking forward to the video where it all gets sorted and Ruby becomes a good road car again and particularly where you get rid of those wretched pops and bangs.

  4. @alasdairwilson4806 Avatar

    Great idea to turn the dial back on Ruby.I’m sure you will enjoy the car a lot more when they are done.

  5. @atb_massive_night9679 Avatar

    Good to see Ruby back front and centre. Your reviews and mod videos are what finally convinced us to get a roadster a couple of years ago…

  6. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    A happy new year Ped
    It’s so good to have a new set of videos on Ruby. I’ve loved all the ones you’ve done to date and it’s great to have someone acknowledge sometimes you can go a little to far in making changes that actually change your driving relationship with the car

  7. @charliebutton5731 Avatar

    Great to see an update on Ruby Roadster. Think I remember saying at the time the brakes were a bit overkill.
    Good job going for bilstein, probably the best option out there

  8. @Steve-tp8yw Avatar

    Good to see Ruby back. Would be nice to see other mini content too. Been following the R52 build, but seems to be going on a while. I have a 210 JCW R52 and GP1 myself and loved the mini content you’ve done over the years. Happy new year to you and Tracey.

  9. @dangreasley7934 Avatar

    Thanks Pedro for this one and thanks for being so open and honest. I often wonder if mods can sometime do more harm than good. I guess one never knows until it’s done and out on the road. I can see why Tracey won’t drive it, so probably best to get it back to how it was. Take care, HNY to all.

  10. @mc4130 Avatar

    Although you are cringing, I think this is exactly the journey you needed to take with Ruby. Ie, modifying her completely, then dialling it back to exactly where it should be – a no compromise car that still brings a smile to your face. Well done for doing the video – most would try and justify their steps and say ‘this is what I wanted’, so this is refreshing. The best bit – 13:10 !! Not sure of the demographic of your subscriber family, but I bet 99.99% will be raising a nice glass of Amarone to this, for the 0.01% that are choking on their WKD blue!

  11. @RodMatheson Avatar

    Brilliant Ped, looking forward to seeing the change (return)! I loved my R58, awesome to drive, and plenty of power for the stiffer chassis! It’s definitely worth fitting an AEM induction kit, nice ‘hidden’ addition, and a wee but extra power. I’m not sure I would put the chrome surrounds back on, I think the black surrounds blend better especially being black, the black and red go really well! Waiting with much excitement…😅

  12. @philipcardin292 Avatar

    Happy New Year. Thanks for the Mini content. I started watching you because of it, and appreciate it. Like you, I have “over-modified” one of my Minis, and had to back off. There is a fine line between improving a daily driver, and ruining a daily driver trying to make something you don’t need. I’ve settled on EBC brakes, the standard suspension, and slight MAP improvements. It makes for an improved daily driver. Looking forward to the results of your work.

  13. @MichaelRenardson Avatar

    One of the reasons I put KW V1 coilovers on my 2nd Gen Mini was to improve the ride quality. Heard BC’s and Meister R coilovers were alot stiffer – not good for sussex roads! KW’s are so smooth! Hopefully your new setup is a bit smoother too!

  14. @Sidmi5utc Avatar

    I think this is what happens when we get older ! A time comes, at least it did for me, when original factory spec is more appealing.😀

  15. @fabokavrs Avatar

    Love the honest video. Don’t see many admit that “modified” isn’t always the best. Well modified is best when you’re 19 but as you get older things change haha.

    Changing the brakes, suspension and stupid fart map will make you fall back in love with it.

  16. @Earlofgrey69 Avatar

    Great to see Ruby back on the channel. It was your videos that inspired me to buy my JCW. Just about to get it mapped. Think I might give the pops and bangs a miss after watching this.
    Looking forwards to the next episode.

  17. @veroniquepaquet5092 Avatar

    Yep, age comes with wisdom. (and some other issues) Look forward to more Ruby on the channel!

  18. @victorhamilton9097 Avatar

    Haven’t been watching for a bit and glad to come back to a mini focused vid. This is a sobering piece as it reminds me to keep mods to aesthetics and tyres. Always tempted to push the envelope on performance but my cars serve too much general duty to make it a reasonable choice. HNY!

  19. @richardhargrave6082 Avatar

    The new mods are a good idea, there is such a thing as over doing it and you’re doing the right thing!
    Welcome back Ruby and Happy New Year!

  20. @robertpinkney4778 Avatar

    I’ve been considering some mods for my R55 Cooper S, but don’t want to go mad. Have fitted a sports cat, and I live with clearing engine lights when it comes up now and then. Sports mode allows a couple of pops and bangs, but it feels like you have to work for them, rather than it doing it all the time.

    Good to see the car back on the channel.

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