A budget Bentley Bentayga?!

This is the brand-, and Mat's about to discover if this family-friendly SUV has what it requires to compete with market-leading little SUVs like the Mercedes GLA and Volvo XC40!

So let's have a look at the style. It's fair to say the 7 certainly looks the part, with this updated design including brand new taillights combined with the brand name's 3D name badge on the back. The model we have here includes black cladding around the wheel arches, roofing bars and some chrome surrounds on the windows. However the star of the program is up leading, with an all-new grille at the front of the vehicle that has some chrome inserts contributed to it. It's likewise flanked by some brand-new headlights and newly-designed daytime running lights.

However while the appearances are quite remarkable on the outdoors, it's a different story on the inside. Plainly, has actually attempted to make the interior decoration unique, there appears to have been more of a focus on being various instead of quality. There are great deals of diamond patterns throughout the cabin, but the quality of a few of these elements could be a bit better. The upgraded design likewise features a full digital dial screen, however the graphics aren't the very best. All-in-all the interior is ok, however it's losing out to its competitors in this department.

When it pertains to engines, there are a couple of to select from, with the entry-level being a 1.5-litre diesel that drives the front wheels and provides 130hp. There are two plug-in hybrids available, with the range-topper coming equipped with a 1.6-litre turbo gas engine combined with dual-electric motors to produce four-wheel-drive, in addition to the capability to put down 360hp.

If you're looking to pick up an entry-level DS7 the price begins with around ₤ 37,000. However, top-of-the-range models come in at over ₤ 60,000! So is it truly worth it ?! Or could that ₤ 60,000 be invested in a lot more established gamer in the market? You'll have to stick to Mat and find out on your own!

00:00 Intro
00:33 Style
02:58 Interior
06:09 Rear seats
08:36 Boot
10:03 5 Annoying Things
11:52 5 Cool Things
13:53 Trim Levels
15:38 Engines
16:35 Town Driving
19:05 Motorway Driving
20:36 Back Road Driving
21:42 0-60mph
22:54 Verdict

Mat's DS7 option:

Volvo XC40 evaluation:

Mercedes GLA :

Volkswagen T-Roc R :

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50 responses to “A budget Bentley Bentayga?!”

  1. outiSTAR Avatar

    i miss the DS3, was such a great small car

    1. UtopiaYA Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan yh search DS3 Crossback

    2. mark twain Avatar
      mark twain

      available on motability !

    3. MUCKSPREADER1 Avatar

      It was also a crap car and most of all french😂

    4. Riot Avatar

      i loved my ds3, drove really nice and was nippy, being the 1.6 turbo 150 bhp thp engine but Christ its the most unreliable car I’ve ever owned.

    5. chirac92 Avatar

      Moi too

  2. Anik Roy Avatar
    Anik Roy

    Your “new” glasses do compliment the car pretty well

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Wish we could see a review for Toyota Yaris RS Turbo.

    2. Mukhtar P Avatar
      Mukhtar P


  3. Roli Avatar

    Oohhh boy,
    I like this super fast Display response time.
    (Sometimes i think they run on Floppy-Disc)

  4. saibot Avatar

    Calling a Citroen a Bentley has to be the wildest thing I’ve ever heard or read.

    1. Peter Ngoma Avatar
      Peter Ngoma

      Trump calls that ,fake news 😂

    2. laostia ostia Avatar
      laostia ostia

      @Drone Tours what’s your point ? All o said is that DS is a Citroen with a fancy dress underneath it’s still a Citroen and I wouldn’t buy one. I will stick with the Germans.

    3. Drone Tours Avatar
      Drone Tours

      @laostia ostia my point is its basically saying that a AUDI A3 is just a more upmarket Skoda Octavia DS is a DS its not sold as a Citroën anymore

    4. th.b. gruen Avatar
      th.b. gruen

      DS, CX, XM…. they had some great vars in the past!

    5. laostia ostia Avatar
      laostia ostia

      @Drone Tours that’s because it is . That’s how big companies keep profits high. You can’t argue that an a3 a golf and seat Leon are the same car underneath with different trims that’s the truth.
      You can’t say just because DS is another brand it’s different from the rest . The reality is not there pretty similar they probably share same engines too.

  5. Michael De Kock Avatar
    Michael De Kock

    Bahahaha! Great review Mat! Your trim-level line-up bit was hilarious. Also, yes. Esprit D’Voyage is a silly name. It’s like Bugatti’s La Voiture Noire. Sounds cool, but also silly at the same time. Anyway, great review!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Esprit D’Voyage has some word for this DS7.

    2. Égrégore Flamboyant Avatar
      Égrégore Flamboyant

      It’s not silly at all. When you say “La voiture noire” every car enthusiasts know what specific car it is, like if it was the one and only black car in the world ever produced… But there is million others.

  6. Lari Kauranen Avatar
    Lari Kauranen

    Since forever, i still feel like citroen does their own thing no matter senceless

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Citroen DS3 and DS7 for me are equally impressive.

  7. Shenzaro Avatar

    Im getting serious serial killer wipes from Mat’s new look 😅

    1. Cool_Pirate Avatar

      Jeffrey Damer

  8. Julian Pasotti Avatar
    Julian Pasotti

    Main gripe I have with my family’s is that the stereo is extremely bassy, even when lowering bass via the equaliser.
    And the handbrake button is too confuse able with a window controller.

  9. Saurav Avatar

    It’ll always be awkward every time you use this gear selector😂

  10. Paul wardzynski Avatar
    Paul wardzynski

    Mat, I like your back-to-basic reviews as I think they can help make your mind up on narrowing down your alternatives when buying a new car. Quite often it is the little things in a car design which can put you off buying the car, things like no normal buttons for operating how warm or cold the car is; a bonkers trend!

    1. Timothy Tasmin Avatar
      Timothy Tasmin

      @Andreas Andersen I change mine all the time. Where I live, the weather fluctuates like crazy. If it’s 30°+ outside then I need to adjust the AC to be lower and speed higher since there’s a lot of heat coming in from the windows. When I get in the car, I set it to Low to get cooled asap then slightly raise it. On cooler days and at night, it’s the opposite and I just generally like to be warmer. Some people’s bodies just built diff I guess

    2. Shakeel Ali Avatar
      Shakeel Ali

      ​@Andreas Andersen Because people live all over the world and weather/temperature can change drastically even on a daily commute in some places. Yes it’s not the end of the world, but removing switches just stinks of cost cutting and cheapening. Anything the manufacturer says is pure marketing BS.

    3. DN Avatar

      Mat your dream garage cars are still here in Dubai. Didn’t you actually buy them?

    4. jamesecroucher Avatar

      @Andreas Andersen clearly you don’t live in a nation with any regular climatic fluctuations. Others – many, many others – happen to have a very different life experience to you Mr Andersen

    5. AngusNZ Avatar

      I like a good ole dial for temp myself, but honestly don’t have an issue with missing buttons for it. I set the temp I like , push auto, and if your cars decent it will look after itself. Setting 30 won’t warm you up any quicker 🤪
      But….if your car is prone to electronic gremlins (VW Touareg anyone 😡) then when your screen plays up you loose so much more than just your temp control.
      Buttons/knobs more reliable…that’s my reason for preference

  11. blase3121 Avatar

    shift pedals are better on the column, even the small ones. they are always in the same space compered to the ones on the wheel

  12. TechBaffle Avatar

    0:19 Mat’s had too much coffee, but this is the reason I watch carwow 😂

    1. Avraham_ben Avatar

      Super excited mood today

  13. Arash K Avatar
    Arash K

    Had the old DS7 before and honestly really comfortable, spacious and good efficiency too. One of the best cars to buy as a used after its done the majority of depreciation

    1. Tudong Avatar

      is reliability fine? i remember seeying comments that reliability is the major flaw

    2. stancedchannel Avatar

      not sure about that considering citroen’s reliability

    3. Rawrrr Avatar

      @Tudong Highly unreliable. Software with too many bugs and customer service is non-existent. When it breaks under warranty, they will do their best to not help you. Just look at all the forums. Stelantis, the company behind DS got broadcast on TV many times in The Netherlands (my country) for their disgusting treatment of customers. Like, they let a rubber timing belt run in oil which obviously broke fast. Then Stellantis refused to fix it despite it being a new car with max. 60k km on it while warranty claimed like 150k km. Later they even reduced the warranty with zero compensation to customers. Avoid this brand at all costs. Seriously.

    4. Francisco Plenge Avatar
      Francisco Plenge


  14. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body Avatar
    Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I got to test drive this car before, and as a 194cm (6’3?) and around 150 kilos, even with the seat at its lowest, my head does not fit in the car. This was a 2022 car, don’t know if they changed it, but yeah. That was my experience.

    1. Maxime S Avatar
      Maxime S

      Bots drive cars now ?

    2. The Echelon Avatar
      The Echelon

      @Maxime S Nah, just steal comments

  15. mark twain Avatar
    mark twain

    very nice car! I had the option for this, or the 2023 Toyota gr sport in black and white. Looks absolutely brilliant I reckon!.. went for the Toyota chr GR sport and its reliability

    1. Sky Scanner Avatar
      Sky Scanner

      No way I just saw the GR sport in white with the black sloping roof and the diamond cut alloys. My word it looks fantastic

  16. Steven Ross Avatar
    Steven Ross

    A mate got one of these recently (top spec hybrid) but he isnt a “car person” and views them as just an A to be B machine. Surprisingly quick, and actually a very nice place to sit. Reasonable looking, and a good family car, but about as exciting as getting a pair of socks in your Christmas stocking. Warm, practical, utilitarian, but boring. Depends what you’re looking for, but for me, at that price, it needs to seeve up a bit more “je ne sais quoi”.

  17. orcaman3100 Avatar

    Will it break down faster than a bentayga or depreciate faster?

  18. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat thank you so much for this insane video!

  19. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    The exterior design is so cool and sporty and the interior is so lovely!

  20. James Mccormack Avatar
    James Mccormack

    I always liked the look of the Ds7 over some of its rival and was driving one of these as a curtesy car lately, and it’s a great SUV, super comfy, and really well equipped. Was very impressed.

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      +𝟙 (𝟞𝟞𝟚) 𝟞𝟛𝟡-𝟜𝟟𝟚𝟙 What’s app

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