700hp+ RS6 v RS3 v S4: DRAG RACE

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It's time for a drag race!

We have actually got our hands on an , an S4 and an RS6, and all 3 have actually been tuned by Remarkable GTI! So let's see how the three compare.

Starting with the , it's still geared up with a 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo, but whereas it typically puts down 400hp and 500Nm, after the tune it now delivers 475hp and 600Nm. It's still the lightest vehicle here, mind, weighing in at 1,575 kg. The cost of the vehicle and tune integrated is around ₤ 70,000.

Then we have the S4. It initially included a 3-litre turbo V6, and it's still geared up with one. Nevertheless, whereas it normally puts down 354hp and 500Nm, it now delivers 556hp and 843Nm! It weighs 1,835 kg and is SO cheap, with the vehicle and tune just costing ₤ 24,000!

Then lastly we have the RS6. It's still geared up with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8, but it now produces 730hp and 1,000 Nm, compared to the stock 600hp and 800Nm. It's no surprise that it's the heaviest cars and truck here, weighing 2,075 kg, and the automobile and tune expense around ₤ 65,000.

So will it be a tidy sweep for the RS6? Or could the extra weight slow it down? There's just one way to learn for sure … LET'S RACE!


82 responses to “700hp+ RS6 v RS3 v S4: DRAG RACE”

  1. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @snm1786 Avatar

      they r good

    2. @jacobrev6567 Avatar

      Very good

    3. @vijayatk3776 Avatar

      Please do a drag race between same tuned Supra vs bmw m5 please

    4. @vijayatk3776 Avatar

      Please do a drag race between same horse power Supra mk4 vs. Bmw m5

    5. @snm1786 Avatar

      @@vijayatk3776 no

  2. @kiro8002 Avatar

    that first launch on the Audi S4 felt like a rocket launch 😭

    1. @Cebolenhle0309 Avatar

    2. @C3ByAx Avatar

      5:32 old clip from 2+ mths ago

    3. @plane4993 Avatar

      @@C3ByAx maybe they recorded this video early

    4. @MegaCaution07 Avatar

      Iv got a Audi s4 b8. 400hp atm. What’s those thoughts on the ie or 034 duel pulley crack upgrade????

    5. @pstizzy4485 Avatar

      @@MegaCaution07 ive got same car stage 1 034, no pully upgrade yet

  3. @08jaworskis Avatar

    You need to get an APR tuned RS3

    1. @ethenjordan2010 Avatar

      The ECU is still locked for the RS3, plus theres much better tuners now that APR. They were only cool because you could get it done at the dealer and have warranty still.

    2. @08jaworskis Avatar

      @@ethenjordan2010 their warranty tunes aren’t as aggressive as their normal tunes.

    3. @ethenjordan2010 Avatar

      @@08jaworskis not at all, id still prob go EQT if i had the choice between them and APR.

  4. @ahsanhamim7293 Avatar

    I like the cameraman jack his reactions are hilarious hope carwow will do more videos with him.😂

    1. @adamreturns1 Avatar

      Im the complete opposite, I thought Jack was such an idiot that I stopped watching the video halfway through.

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@adamreturns1the Tuned Audi RS7 has massive upperhand when it comes to engine upgrade.

  5. @adhir4942 Avatar

    Oh my 😮
    Matt voluntarily put himself in the slowest car. It’s been a while since he’s done that lol 😅

    1. @module79l28 Avatar

      Ikr? After I saw the stats on all 3 cars, I thought to myself “Hmmm, there’s something fishy here…”

    2. @ateryx Avatar

      He always picks the 5 cyl hah

    3. @gordonmichaellee Avatar

      I was going to write the same comment!

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@ateryxhe should’ve picked the 7 cylinder once.

    5. @darcos7535 Avatar

      Maybe he has been reading the comments…

  6. @tman1890 Avatar

    Meanwhile Nick on 3:47 😂😂😂 bruh thought he winning😂

    1. @TicLow Avatar

      В итоге он выиграл дважды😏

    2. @thomas-ng5rm Avatar

      It was sarcasm

    3. @ayan.r34 Avatar

      was looking for this comment

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@thomas-ng5rmi thought it isnt sarcasm…😅

  7. @MotivationMatters_22 Avatar

    5 grand for only 75hp + what a waste of money.

    1. @chrisrogers5974 Avatar

      A standard stg1 ECU tune running 93 with an intake will get you 75 HP. They should have done a stg2 tune running E85, with upgraded down pipe, intercooler, intake, and a transmission remap for the shift points, and they could have easily been at 600+ HP for less than $6k.

    2. @stefanomarcellino6701 Avatar

      Thats because the price is mainly hardware. The software is only a piggyback tune because they just cracked the 8y RS3 ECU. A full ecu remap will get you 130hp+

    3. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      i know right but youtubers be all hyping to rob people

    4. @V3LOCITY__ Avatar

      @@stefanomarcellino6701no. A full custom map in these so far make the same power as 8Vs. 480-500 crank. You’ll see 520-540 with stage 2

    5. @Lord.Crawford Avatar

      yeah madness isnt it , i thought Naturally aspirated was poor ! this has a turbo so i assumed would get more boost- remap on my mustang GT 5.0 was 24 BHP lol didnt even bother- need to do headers n intake n tune to get around 90-100 BHP and that is £5k – pretty poor value really – considering my b58 840i was £400 remap n got 95bhp – that was bang per buck good value, not even going into my Camaro build- literally 30k of mods and nearing red bank balances much to the wifes distain LOL

  8. @Need4Built Avatar

    034Motorsport tune and hardware putting in work in that S4! 👊🏼

    1. @Callmedzaddy Avatar

      u really want your SQ5 on the channel 😹

    2. @Need4Built Avatar

      @@Callmedzaddy I’m in the US. Can’t even if I wanted to. Just leaving an obvious comment.

    3. @jimmymcgoo8641 Avatar

      Their 93 (98/99) stage 3 maps are a joke.

    4. @Need4Built Avatar

      @@jimmymcgoo8641 based on what exactly? You do realize pump gas is the actual limitation with knock resistance? Meaning limited on making more power? Have you tried their stage 3 E60/E85 files?

    5. @jimmymcgoo8641 Avatar

      @@Need4Built based on the 1/4 mile times and terminal speeds they achieve. They have left so much on the table that’s it’s not even worth swapping from stage 2 93 to their stage 3 93 in my opinion.

  9. @matthewpokora336 Avatar

    FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS, for 75bhp and 100nm… and it’s still got a rev limiter. Owner has been had. That’s embarrassing. But that S4 is a weapon on launch!

    1. @stevenmcallister7224 Avatar

      Was literally thinking just this, would you not get 75bhp from a remap alone without another £4k on top of it 🤭

    2. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      yeh tuners be robbing people , idiots pay loads for these cars lol

    3. @jermainehewitt3803 Avatar

      I came here to say the same damn thing.. thats crazy lolol. Bro if you see these comments you have been ripped off lol😂

    4. @AlcatrazCrylake Avatar

      You don’t know. They never said it was just for power upgrades. If the owner wants to track his car you don’t want to go for too much power and more for cooling. Even on stock power cooling upgrades would be good for longer hard driving. As well it maybe got suspension upgrades and so on. As well peak power numbers look good but how does the power and torque curve look on most tunes? An MTM 1000hp tune RS6 is not as fast as an Klasen Motors 1000hp RS6 tune.

    5. @siraff4461 Avatar

      I make that a £300 intercooler, a £150 intake, a £300 map and £4250 of “after years of development by some of the finest engineers, blah blah blah” sales cobblers.

      Pure greed from the seller and naive stupidity from the buyer.

  10. @zeus30wp53 Avatar

    So, normal RS6 and tuned RS6 did the same time ,11.4 . Nice

    1. @larryc1616 Avatar

      Stock RS6 would do high 11’s on this road surface and weather.

    2. @tonybrg999 Avatar

      ye but stock was definitely not recorded in conditions like these

    3. @dash-kt7uf Avatar

      Rs6 fanboys acting like bmw fan girls – man up

    4. @tonybrg999 Avatar

      @@dash-kt7uf ??

    5. @user-pn7ff3nf1f Avatar

      stock rs 6 is about 12,1

  11. @DPCcars Avatar

    S4 launch was epic.

    1. @dash-kt7uf Avatar

      Ohh yeah, what part?

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      The launch also looks very nice.

  12. @mattm969 Avatar

    How much of a headache would it be to have drone(s) doing overhead shots of these races? Might add an interesting extra dimension, especially at the start and finish lines.

  13. @jdmnomore1420 Avatar

    As an Audi fan, this is awesome! Thx Carwow.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      And also 10/10 drag race as well.

  14. @Luisroberto2308 Avatar

    You have to love Nick. Such a nice fella

  15. @CarolPPerez-ry2zs Avatar

    Do a reaction time drag race – get the same car for all drivers and have the most common drivers driving them!

    1. @marcusellby Avatar

      This is not a scientific video, it’s just entertainment, and part of the entertainment is the banter 😊

    2. @MbeezySheesh Avatar

      she’s a bot

    3. @abdulmajidomeiza6969 Avatar

      I agree

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@marcusellbyscientific videos?

  16. @Diceslice Avatar

    Please do an S4 generations race, at least B5, B8 and B9!

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      S4 Generation drag race?

  17. @15DEAN1995 Avatar

    that s4 was dam impressive, i prefer the earlier supercharged version but that turbo version has incredible performance

  18. @ElethuBadli Avatar

    I really think Jack should be in your videos more often. He is a natural. His reactions are authentic, presenting is good and is not a bad driver… Come on Matt, hook Jack up!!!!!!!

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Looked forward to that.

  19. @CarolPPerez-ry2zs Avatar

    Please do a VW Golf GTI, GTD, GTE and R dragrace!

    1. @MbeezySheesh Avatar

      how likes a bots comments 😭

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Could be a better idea.

    3. @kpcassell419 Avatar

      The video no one wants (well, except you 😂)

    4. @westcoastking4467 Avatar

      He has already

  20. @CarolPPerez-ry2zs Avatar

    Tuned RS6 does 11.4 but a stock RS7 Performance did 11.1? This is why you can’t take these results so seriously. Weather and so many factors can change everything

    1. @steveb8897 Avatar

      Yeah something weird, best of 11.4 for 700+ awd hp is kinda sad.

    2. @YusufJoeKarolia Avatar

      I noticed this with a lot of the races. Tuned cars doing way worse than stock cars

    3. @derbylegend101 Avatar

      ​@@YusufJoeKaroliayeah the tuned 911 turbo s that was running 1000hp only ran like 0.2 seconds faster than the stock one

    4. @samuelgermond2866 Avatar

      tf is your profile bro.

    5. @onetwothreefour1234. Avatar

      @@samuelgermond2866guy out here catfishing 😂

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