625hp BMW M5 v 620hp Audi R8 V10: DRAG RACE

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Which is quickest in a drag race – a , or an Audi Efficiency Spyder?

Well, it's time to find out, as Mat goes head-to-head with Daniel from the German YouTube channel!

So let's see how the 2 cars and trucks compare. Starting with the , it's powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that provides 625hp and 750Nm of torque. Power is sent out to all 4 wheels by means of an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and the automobile suggestions the scales at 1,865 kg. When it concerns cost, a brand-new will set you back around ₤ 111,000.

Then together with it we have the R8. It's equipped with a 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 which can put down 620hp and 580Nm. Power is sent to all 4 wheels through a 7-speed double clutch automatic gearbox, and the cars and truck weighs in at 1,695 kg. This cars and truck is a fair bit more expensive than the BMW, with this specific design costing around ₤ 180,000!

So the BMW has somewhat more power, but will it edge it when they reach the quarter-mile? There's just one method to find out … LET'S RACE!

Mat's efficiency vehicle offer:

BMW M2 Generations drag race:

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75 responses to “625hp BMW M5 v 620hp Audi R8 V10: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar


    1. Ali Avatar

      no i am

    2. Munkhzorig Amgalanbaatar Avatar
      Munkhzorig Amgalanbaatar


    3. Dominik Avatar

      nice, cg

    4. Keketso Marange Avatar
      Keketso Marange

      I’m am

  2. Saketh Kakarla Avatar
    Saketh Kakarla

    He never fails to post a video every day. Appreciate it!

    1. Allan Almeida Avatar
      Allan Almeida

      two videos today!

    2. Saketh Kakarla Avatar
      Saketh Kakarla

      @Allan Almeida right?

    3. Gaara Avatar

      Mat doesn’t own the channel, he’s an employee of Carwow.

    4. Saketh Kakarla Avatar
      Saketh Kakarla

      @Gaara yep

  3. Ledio. Avatar

    Is anyone else waiting for Gt63se vs m5cs???

    1. calvin ampofo Avatar
      calvin ampofo

      But I get the feeling m5cs will smoke the gt63se

    2. Krish Avatar

      Vs 911 turbo s

    3. Patrick-Donald Ndiangang Avatar
      Patrick-Donald Ndiangang


    4. Gourab Das Avatar
      Gourab Das

      ​@Krishit’s useless to add 911 turbo S because normal turbo smoked the M5cs already

    5. FastAttackTough 688i Avatar
      FastAttackTough 688i

      Hell yeah

  4. Charlotte : Single again ♥ Avatar
    Charlotte : Single again ♥

    The dedication to the series is amazing. I’m always impressed how quickly each shirt is out and wanting to know what happens next. It just keeps getting better and better

    1. петар милков Avatar
      петар милков

      Why are you single?

    2. Cyborg_Auto Avatar


  5. TRRC Avatar

    Wonder how fast mat would be without his drag race sun glasses😮😂

  6. Hamood 1995 Avatar
    Hamood 1995

    This drag race is very weird and this race amazed me about how the M5 is bloody quick car even it wins a break TEST considering it’s heavy weight it’s just “WOOW!”

    1. Elessar Avatar

      Whatever they did, they fucked up bad. The M5 and even the CS doesn’t stand a chance against the R8.

    2. Tom Bonar Avatar
      Tom Bonar

      ⁠​⁠@Elessar they hardly fucked up. 😂 You’re comparing a 4 door saloon to a 2 door super car, considering it’s .2 seconds off it over 1/4 mile isn’t too bad and left 😂

    3. kole081 Avatar

      @Elessar You will teach them

    4. Mahmoud Ghazali Avatar
      Mahmoud Ghazali

      @Elessarare you on drugs bud a 4 door luxury car fully loaded with luxury options smocked that feminine r8😂😂 man the hate people have for the BMW’s cars is real

      No wonder it’s been named THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE

  7. Ray Munashe Avatar
    Ray Munashe

    We’ve been feasting real nicely with these drag races lately 🔥

    1. Ross Carlson Avatar
      Ross Carlson

      At first I thought that was an odd pairing – then I remembered the R8 is MATT’S CAR 😀

  8. Akhanya Gcwabe Avatar
    Akhanya Gcwabe

    I think we need to see M5 cs against more super cars

    1. Damian Avatar

      M5cs vs Yamaha R6

    2. KukieRealeboh Ajax  Avatar
      KukieRealeboh Ajax


    3. KukieRealeboh Ajax  Avatar
      KukieRealeboh Ajax

      Yea we can But not with this M5 this one’s power ain’t that good hope they get a C’s that’s better then this M5

    4. minimorro7 Avatar

      @KukieRealeboh Ajax literally what he said can you not read he said “M5 cs against more super cars”

    5. KukieRealeboh Ajax  Avatar
      KukieRealeboh Ajax

      @minimorro7 alright baby girl relax

  9. Solomon Ackah Avatar
    Solomon Ackah

    Another day to be impressed by the M5

    1. kole081 Avatar

      Yeah these new beamers are in a league of their own

    2. Adam S Avatar
      Adam S

      @kole081 Except when my 992 Turbo S shows up. Actually I was pretty impressed with the Audi R8 – the M5 is exceptionally fast and I thought it would pull more of a gap.

    3. Avishkar Singh Avatar
      Avishkar Singh

      The M5 is no joke. A big cruiser like that embarrassing supercars

    4. Tsar Bagel Avatar
      Tsar Bagel

      @Adam SExcept for when my Ferrari SF90 shows up. The 992 Turbo S is cool but I expect Porsche to be faster honestly.

  10. Unaided Avatar

    1st race: 3:46
    2nd race: 4:38
    3rd race: 6:02
    4th race: 7:25
    Rolling race 50 mph comfort: 8:52
    Rolling race 2nd gear sport 40 mph : 9:45
    Rolling race 3rd gear 40 mph sport: 11:06
    Rolling race 3rd gear 60 mph sport : 11:46

    1. Dr. Ian Plect Avatar
      Dr. Ian Plect

      Such comments get lost.

    2. Ahmad Abood Avatar
      Ahmad Abood

      bro ong saved me from clicking away from this vid

    3. Giorgos Metaxas Avatar
      Giorgos Metaxas

      Doing God’s work fr

    4. Dr. Ian Plect Avatar
      Dr. Ian Plect

      @Giorgos Metaxas mythology

    5. Business Karam Avatar
      Business Karam

      W manzzz

  11. Brandon Pitre Avatar
    Brandon Pitre

    Perfect daily and weekend combo right here. Both incredible cars. Having a v10 convertible on the weekends sounds incredible

  12. Elias Campanella-Garcia Avatar
    Elias Campanella-Garcia

    the engineering that goes into a bmw m5 is just incredible

    edit: why are people so upset lmao obv r8 is better but 4 door sedan keeping up is just impressive

    1. David L Avatar
      David L

      Why is it incredible?

    2. just a random person on the internet Avatar
      just a random person on the internet

      Especially it weighs 200kg more than the R8 and it has better breaks and a better launch

    3. Gabriel Balinski Avatar
      Gabriel Balinski

      ⁠well weight would actually give it a better launch itself

    4. Deen al-Afriqi Avatar
      Deen al-Afriqi

      @just a random person on the internet I mean we already know BMW massively understates their HP numbers. It’s a nice upside for the owners but not an apples to apples comparison against their competitors when comparing quoted HP numbers

    5. prefescent Avatar

      Pushing through brakes and drivers jumping. Utterly incredible

  13. Me Vo Avatar
    Me Vo

    Carwow’s videos could reach new heights by including acceleration metrics like 100-200 km/h and 60-130 mph. These figures would add an exciting dimension to their content, enhancing the overall experience for enthusiasts and viewers alike.

    1. TALIYY Avatar

      Yea i don’t know why they dont

    2. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      a circuit race with lap times would add excitement

    3. chaz Avatar

      Wow…so just like every other drag racing channel ever.

    4. jagger2001 Avatar

      I just want to know what speed they are crossing the line

  14. Chainxz Avatar

    let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that carwow’s been killing it recently

    1. jimmy mcgoo Avatar
      jimmy mcgoo

      Recently? Try years. ****

    2. Sotion12 Avatar


    3. Yahya Oussama Avatar
      Yahya Oussama

      Foooorrr suuuuuureeeee

    4. Mizaq Enyad Avatar
      Mizaq Enyad

      & they’re still making 4min videow 14mins🤦‍♂️ love watchin em though, just skip 80-90% of the video usually lmao

    5. Ivan XT Avatar
      Ivan XT


  15. Max Dreamongreen Avatar
    Max Dreamongreen

    Even after 10 years I would still put my money on that m5❤

    1. Angel Valdovinos Avatar
      Angel Valdovinos

      No character 💀🤡〽️

  16. Akhil Pillay Avatar
    Akhil Pillay

    Jeremy Clarkson summed up the m5 best: The M5’s job is to be a 4 door that beats the sports car

  17. Alexander Peter Maliyakkal Avatar
    Alexander Peter Maliyakkal

    Matt just keeps on bringing next level drag races.Keep up the good work❤️

  18. MAN T Thando Avatar
    MAN T Thando

    I’m really proud of the M5 comp to be honest 👌🔥🔥

  19. knowledgeIspower Avatar

    Anyone else think Carwow and Throttle House are by far the best car channels on YouTube? It’s not even close, feels like I’m watching Top Gear in it’s prime with both of these channels. You guys are amazing

    1. 1Helioz Avatar

      Yes, I did watch «throttle h.» and «hagerty», but carwow for me much better, watching it for years, Matt and Yanni the best! Lol
      Hi from🇺🇦

    2. EYTH Avatar

      Agreed! Throw hagerty in there as well

    3. Afilon Avatar

      Another vote for Hagerty with Jason Camissa. If anything it’s even better!

    4. ℍyperĦץDᤢℛѦFⱥ𝔫3 Avatar

      Hagerty with these editing skills tho

    5. Juan Pablo Riojas Avatar
      Juan Pablo Riojas

      Agree! Doug DeMuro has been disappointing lately

  20. Bajsi7 Avatar

    Does anyone else see Daniel’s physical effort at the brake test??? Great job, both of you!

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