£3m Aston Martin Valkyrie – First Road Drive blew my mind…and EARS ! | 4K

The Valkyrie is among the most severe road and trucks ever made. Created by the genius that is Adrian Newey the Valkyrie is powered by a 6.5 L naturally aspirated V12 with a hybrid drive train boasting an in amazing 1150 horsepower. It is a you might look at for hours and keep seeing brand-new details. Thanks to the generous owner I was able to bring you along for the trip as we took this legendary out for a drive.

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Video Contents
00:00 – A Trip of Valkyries
01:37 – Valkyrie VP8
03:58 – The details POV
06:59 – How to get in a Valkyrie!
11:04 – How to begin a Valkyrie
14:07 – Driving on the road
18:33 – Ride quality!
19:48 – Automobile identifying in a Valkyrie
21:30 – Shutting down a Valkyrie



24 responses to “£3m Aston Martin Valkyrie – First Road Drive blew my mind…and EARS ! | 4K”

  1. @paulcooper534 Avatar

    Sick looking machine! Need to get it on the track or Autobaun to let it strech!

  2. @CTP1111 Avatar

    probably the coolest car ever made

  3. @jimcabezola3051 Avatar

    Apart from the sheer, mad FUN of partaking of this car…I would be chuffed beyond belief to be able to simply fit myself inside it. After the lovely sample of F1 thrills a ride would give me…more thrills would await. Being able to exit the car would be the very icing on the cake. What a machine! What an experience! I would’ve wet myself,😆🤣! So happy you’d shared it with all of us! Mahalo!👍

  4. @aaa-yy4yy Avatar

    I’m the same height as you and was torn between this and the Fiesta ST as a fun but practical daily driver. This has helped me decide between them 👍

    1. @Peakwanderer Avatar


    2. @PetrolPed Avatar


    3. @Killswitch85 Avatar

      come join the ST crew. 5 years from new and still love it as a daily, then the GR86 for the weekends

    4. @TfRsmokinmasta Avatar


  5. @philmcnamaraable Avatar

    Brilliant video – good idea to just leave the raw sound in! Was behind a Valkyrie (not this one) on the M4 about 2 months ago. Genuinely surprised by how low it was. And it was cruising at 70 ….

  6. @srodigital Avatar

    Sensational…what a way to end the year Peter. What a great opportunity and a proper ride ;-), cudos to the owner…for opening the taps up. Guess who took ages to come back down to earth after than experience. Thanks for the video Peter and of course the owner…and Aston Martin.

  7. @Brassneck7888 Avatar

    Just amazing car . Looks performance what a head turner thanks for that.

  8. @stevenbennett3922 Avatar

    Pete. Brilliant reel. I think it is a testament to you and your approach to people and car companies that you are given this level of access. It is something that us mere mortals can only dream of and by the way I would need help out of it, even if I fitted in the first place. I can imagine all the owners in the pit area going yea, my GT3S is really fast….oh wait that’s a Valkyrie.

  9. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    One beautiful stunning fantastic car. I’d just love to have that as a display let alone to drive Well Done Ped another great video

  10. @carlhughes7003 Avatar

    Wow what a car! I would be terrified to drive that on the road but at a what it’s for not to be sat in a collection somewhere. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all.

  11. @alasdairwilson4806 Avatar

    Wow,that thing is a beast.An F1 car for the road.What an experience.Thank you for this one.Sensational.

  12. @SDK2006b Avatar

    Such an epic car !
    Thanks to the owner for allowing the video to happen 😊👍🏻

  13. @alansheard553 Avatar

    What an opportunity, credit to the owner, someone who actually drives his cars. I bet this has ticked off an item on your bucket list. Thanks for taking us with you.

  14. @reinmansmith Avatar

    So good of you to feature a sensible daily driver for a change! Your dedication to those of us looking for a practical runaround is appreciated 😆

  15. @CrankCyclingChannel Avatar

    Amazing experience whilst the few of these are being driven. Many will end up in collections as values sore over the decades never to see the road again. Bucket list experience 👌

  16. @Notiamfaith Avatar

    Huge respect to the owner of this car. He ACTUALLY drives this car as it should be!

  17. @user-jt8yd3pp4n Avatar

    Wonderful piece of automotive journalism Pete, those underbody shots really show how close this is to an F1 car! Totally bonkers!

  18. @philipparkes5682 Avatar

    Hi Ped
    AWESOME 🤗 I beg the question does this car have a point to make or is it pointless🤔 Personally I have the greatest respect for Adrian Newey and his team in creating this machine, to showcase the talent that still exists in the U.K., and thank heavens that some owners are able to buy and use these cars , and not lock them away in a museum. I sympathise with your entry & exit trauma, reminds me many years ago when I pulled into a petrol station in Banbury, and what was along side was a Jaguar XJ220. The TWR works test driver invited me to sit in the drivers seat. With great difficulty I finally got in, when he explained that prospective owners had to attend a fitting session at the factory, aka F1 style, as there was very limited space. My lasting memory it was like sitting in a gun emplacement looking through a very narrow slit, whilst sitting on a modified deck chair. Getting out of the car was equally challenging.🤭

  19. @dickiemcvitie1752 Avatar

    Well, it’s going to be hard to top that I’d imagine… What a car!! Nice to see a super car being used as intended, driven!!

  20. @automotivania Avatar

    Well that was a pretty run of the mill, bog standard video. Ped – that was absolutely crazy, the noise that thing made and the way it didn’t roll whatsoever when entering a corner was just mental. As always another great video!

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