£30k Audi R8 v £30k Audi A1: Which is best?

Thanks to everyone for sourcing automobiles for this video:
– Audi S4, A6 & Q7:
– Audi A8:

If you're in the marketplace for a new but fairly cost effective automobile, an Audi A1 certainly isn't a bad option! You can pick up an A1 30 TFSI with a couple of options included for around ₤ 32,000.

Nevertheless, what if you elegant something with a bit more efficiency than the A1? Or maybe you require something with a bit more area and practicality? Well if you're willing to get a second-hand vehicle instead, we believe you'll be amazed what's available to you!

In fact, having searched used cars and trucks offered on , we have actually discovered that practically any type of Audi is offered for a similar rate if you're willing to go second-hand!

So if you're searching for space and usefulness, you could get a used A6 Avant or even a Q7 for comparable cash. If you desire some performance, an S3 or S4 is available to you. And for those who want a bit of high-end in their life, you might even get an A8 – all for the very same rate as a brand-new A1!

However that's not all – we even found a first-generation offered for around ₤ 30,000!

The concern is, which will Mat discover the very best option? Will he stick to the all-new vehicle, or will he pick up something second-hand instead? You'll need to stick to him and see which he thinks is the very best worth for cash!

00:00 Intro
00:50 Audi A1
07:53 Audi S4
12:09 Audi A6 Avant
19:04 Audi A8
25:09 Verdict

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72 responses to “£30k Audi R8 v £30k Audi A1: Which is best?”

  1. PSUC3 Avatar

    Of course the older you go, you need to consider maintenance and service costs. The R8 would cost the most on top of the used price.

    1. VenomShot Avatar

      Doesn’t matter. The newer cars literally sell all the information they collect on you. Some cars literally track when you bang

    2. montanax Avatar

      Kind of stating the obvious…?

    3. dust Avatar

      ​@VenomShotplease explain further I’ve never heard of either of these things

    4. Dr. Satyam Upadhyay Avatar
      Dr. Satyam Upadhyay

      Buying any car adds up maintenance cost. These cars already use premium equipments so one needs slightly more than 2⅖ brain cells to figure that out.

    5. Gourab Das Avatar
      Gourab Das

      ​@VenomShotdon’t bang in cars

  2. carwow Avatar

    Drop a LIKE on this comment to thank Mat & the team for filming in such a HUGE downpour! ☔☔☔

    1. Fortnite boii Avatar
      Fortnite boii

      First to reply

    2. YASHARAN A/L ASOGAN Moe Avatar

      ❤❤love carwow❤❤

    3. Dr. Satyam Upadhyay Avatar
      Dr. Satyam Upadhyay

      Nah 🧢🧢🧢

    4. Mr Mawson Avatar
      Mr Mawson


  3. M Z Avatar
    M Z

    This is a great concept. You should do this for other brands too.

    1. Nathan D Avatar
      Nathan D


    2. Gevindu xProPlus Avatar
      Gevindu xProPlus


    3. Darsheel Sethia Avatar
      Darsheel Sethia

      Copied my comment

    4. Gevindu xProPlus Avatar
      Gevindu xProPlus

      @Darsheel Sethia lol, so what?

    5. Darsheel Sethia Avatar
      Darsheel Sethia

      @Gevindu xProPlus wow that was so funny isn’t it?

  4. Kelveron Avatar

    Out of all those cars, I’d go for the Audi!

    1. Pradeep Avatar

      @Kelveron All of them were audi …

    2. Omar Ali Avatar
      Omar Ali

      I would go for the VW

    3. Kelly Oubre Jr Avatar
      Kelly Oubre Jr

      ​@PradeepJoke went right over your head. 💀

    4. Venomancer Avatar

      Nah the Audi is better

  5. Max Myer Avatar
    Max Myer

    Huge props for raising awareness for second-hand cars. They play a huge role in most peoples lives and you’re showing everyone they can be fun!

    1. JoeK Avatar

      That’s what you took away from this? LOL
      This is an ad for “we can help you source used cars through Carwow.”
      Most people with common sense know that the cars he showed will put you further into debt because, “german reliability”

    2. Abdur Avatar

      @JoeK Tbh, i hope they continue making videos like these though. This video was pretty informative. And I liked how for the a1 especially, he compared base price, to the price with spec options that most people usually go for. Also, very interesting to make people aware that older cars can be much for fun to drive even though they may lack the tech in newer cars.

    3. Snake Eyes Avatar
      Snake Eyes

      I just took delivery of a 45 TFSI A4 for $35,613 USD (about £29400). I absolutely love it.

    4. Rage Knight Avatar
      Rage Knight

      @JoeK හරි. උඹ දන්නවා කියලා පෙන්නන්න එපා.. අදින්න පුබ්බකයා…

    5. Michael Bertolino Avatar
      Michael Bertolino

      Raising awareness ups the price. Same issue with Douggy D 🤦‍♂️

  6. Tom van Mulken Avatar
    Tom van Mulken

    This concept is so fun to watch. Would love to see simulair videos on different brands and at different pricepoints 🙂

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Very fun. But wish we also add Tommykaira ZZ-II on this list.

  7. TruckerMatt Avatar

    problem is, people can afford to buy a 30K used car, but they’re all to often not properly maintained due to the maintenance costs being much higher

    1. Diogo Vieira Avatar
      Diogo Vieira

      nah, the real problem here is the A1 used in my country is…. more than 30k lmao

    2. Indian Vegan Runner Avatar
      Indian Vegan Runner

      Yeah if you get any problems. It can cost a lot. Plus road tax, petrol, etc.

    3. Stephan van den Brink Avatar
      Stephan van den Brink

      Dont forget insurance. Super cars are very hard to get insurance for reasonable prices.

    4. Ian Webster Avatar
      Ian Webster

      This is a good point, 30k does put an R8 into a lot of people’s budget but how many of them will have the resources to look after one properly?

    5. xorkatoss Avatar

      yeah right, come to Cyprus with monthly salary of 1000 euro and tell me you can buy a 30k car LOL

  8. buck3366 Avatar

    This is a real life situation. Budget creep is usually the first issue with buying a car followed by the ‘but I could buy this for the same price’ dilemma. Great video Matt.

    1. Dranzell Avatar

      The issue is that a used car will cost more in maintenance. That R8 will get a lot more expensive than the A1 fast.

      But if you go with something that is from above a category, like the S3, then it should be fine.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@DranzellR8 in 2023 costed around $145.000 in some countries now.

    3. jelly d Avatar
      jelly d

      Matt is not going to read your message.

  9. Wali S Avatar
    Wali S

    I think you should do more videos like these, maybe choose a category and go all used/ new in that price range

  10. El-Share Ahmad Avatar
    El-Share Ahmad

    Matt needs to do more episodes like this with second hand cars comparisons

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Lancia Rally 037 maybe have some words for these Audis.

    2. Ciprian B Avatar
      Ciprian B

      Because these cars are way more valuable than newer we-use-cheaper -materials-for-cost-reduction-reasons bs manufacturers are doing nowadays

    3. pb5x5 Avatar

      Shows how overpriced new cars are.

    4. Y Y Avatar
      Y Y

      Agree, maybe do the same with a different brand or maybe 4 used cars within 5 yrs and under 60k miles

    5. Longbar Avatar

      like 5th gear🤔

  11. Benedict Barker Avatar
    Benedict Barker

    Love this. Do it with more brands!

  12. bao baok Avatar
    bao baok

    Loved this one, hope you will compare more in the future. Looking forward for c43, 440i especially

  13. kevin li Avatar
    kevin li

    Actually much prefer these kind of videos over the drag races that Carwow do these days. A breath of fresh air.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. Manuel Avatar

      Agree too

    3. ODIO POWER Avatar

      Agree three

    4. zPrius Avatar

      Agree four

  14. Reeator Avatar

    Dear Carwow, this is one of your best videos ever made. Just seeing what ridiculous prices are common nowadays, it’s refreshing to see someone point out some great examples in the used car market

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Carwow is always the best like TH.

    2. Ebonix Avatar

      Well said !

    3. username:@Carwow0 Avatar

      Luckywinner 🎉

  15. Will Brown Avatar
    Will Brown

    I loved this style of video! The R8 looks so much fun still considering the age!

    1. Chris Hart Avatar
      Chris Hart

      I’ve always found older cars more fun .

  16. SteliosE92 Avatar

    That first gen R8 will always be one of the most beautiful designs in history. 15 years old and still looks amazing.

    1. Filip Bojko Avatar
      Filip Bojko

      Was not bad for that time. But today even the most average looking car looks better.

    2. swcommander16 Avatar

      ​@Filip BojkoYou wish.

    3. Олександр Синюк Avatar
      Олександр Синюк

      @Filip Bojkono. R8 has timeless design

    4. username:@Carwow0 Avatar

      Luckywinner 🎉

  17. Zygarde 21 Avatar
    Zygarde 21

    Quite possibly the most informative and educational videos from Matt is a loooong time. Please consider interspersing this type with the usual ones as I can’t go too long without my Yanni fix😊.

    1. username Carwow0 Avatar
      username Carwow0

      Lucky winner

  18. Anania Harutyunyan Avatar
    Anania Harutyunyan

    This is a great idea, you can do this for all brands this would be great content

  19. sam Avatar

    Ive got an S3 and absolutely love it!. Before i bought it, i realised that for the same price, i could have a Bentley Continental GT that was 6 year’s older but then realised theres no way i could afford to run or repair it. Glad i went with the S3 anyway, had it 3 years now and its an amazing car! :”)

  20. Hosselaar2100 Avatar

    Would love to see more episodes like this! Mercedes & BMW & Volkswagen would all fit in the lot of this kind of videos! 🤩

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