£120k Defender V8: Why is it so popular?!

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This is the !

It's an 8-seat behemoth that's one of the most imposing and trucks you can buy in 2024. What's more, it's very popular, with over 110,000 bought worldwide in 2023 alone!

The thing is, it does not exactly come low-cost. The edition we have here includes a supercharged V8, and it costs around ₤ 117,000!! So why is it so popular?

Well for starters, let's check out the design. As we said, it's superimposing, and it simply has a real presence on the roadway. The V8 edition comes with 22" alloys, and we think the big overhang at the rear for the 3rd row of seats looks quite clever. The blocky style makes it instantly recognisable as a Protector, and what's more, step around the back and you'll find a set of 100% genuine quad tailpipes!

The engine is a genuine dream too. It's powered by a 5-litre Supercharged V8, and this benefits 500hp. It's incredibly responsive and it sounds definitely raucous both inside and out. There's no sign of a soft limiter here!

However, it's not all excellent. The interior is pretty well set out, however there are lots of scratchy and cheap-feeling materials throughout the cabin. What's more, the infotainment system isn't precisely the very best, either.

You may believe these are minor things, however when you consider that it includes a six-figure price, is it actually worth it? You'll need to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Design
01:20 0-60mph
02:44 Chassis
03:40 Engine
04:53 Revs
05:18 Interior
07:12 Frustrating Functions
09:18 Back Seats
12:06 Infotainment & Dials
12:50 Country Road Driving
13:43 Decision


87 responses to “£120k Defender V8: Why is it so popular?!”

  1. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @Tiger10002 Avatar

      My parents said if I hit 20k they’d buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging !

    2. @Tiger10002 Avatar

      😮…My parents said if I hit 20k they’d buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging !

    3. @Tiger10002 Avatar


    4. @Lailax99 Avatar

      @@Tiger10002you don’t actually need a camera do u.. coz I’ve seen multiple comments from other people saying the same thing

    5. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      @@Tiger10002 ok bot

  2. @michelbruns Avatar

    Out of the 110000 people, 5000 use the size of the car in a proper way

    1. @MarkDe94 Avatar

      yeah the marjority of them would be better off with an estate of hatchback, but they nee to compensate for the small pp

    2. @richardwells1709 Avatar

      The only off road this car will,do is the Waitrose car park 😂

    3. @firewaffle1 Avatar

      ​@@richardwells1709over all the kerbs 😂

    4. @emailofjamesw Avatar

      Yeah but those soccer mums continue to provide JLR with the necessary money to build defenders and F-Types. We should be grateful

    5. @rdramos13 Avatar

      And about 10% sell the Rover after one year of ownership.

  3. @iainhughes8110 Avatar

    Being a Proper Off-road Vehicle, why on earth does it matter how fast it can go 0-60? As long as it can comfortably match modern regular traffic, why would it be so important? If you want a sports car driving experience, then buy a sports car ( but don’t try taking it off-road)!!

    1. @module79l28 Avatar

      Mark McCann would strongly disagree with your last statement (the one inside brackets). 😄

    2. @ezy.from.now.on. Avatar

      Your never gonna buy one so stfu

    3. @artureff3046 Avatar

      Useful in mountains going up hill

    4. @artureff3046 Avatar

      Useful in mountains going up hill

    5. @Coolcmsc Avatar

      Matt has got a little blinded by his interest in drag racing cars recently. 5.5 seconds is OK in this bus 🎉

  4. @van_trippin5260 Avatar

    and over 109,000 of those will never see any dirt. Mostly used on the school run dropping off Chantal and Beffanyyyy
    edit – for the record, not jealous at all, we are all free to waste our money on whatever we choose. Have one on finance and you’re a massive mug but have the cash go for it 🙂

    1. @heresomewhere7600 Avatar

      same could be said for most of suv/trucks though

    2. @Mpr47276 Avatar

      @@heresomewhere7600you’re right and the actual distinction is in the type of wanker that drives rig this or the G-Wagon.

    3. @marcelohendrix6139 Avatar

      its almost like when its your car you are free to do what you want with it

    4. @wiztaylor3570 Avatar


    5. @Nnn30055 Avatar

      Why does that effect you

  5. @brianiswrong Avatar

    In what world is a 2.5 tonne 8 seater slow from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds 😮😮
    Oh yeah
    In matt Watson world of gt3rs and rs7.

    1. @yankidiot Avatar

      The Porsche Cayenne GT is 2 seconds faster

    2. @SAMK1 Avatar

      Why are y’all always hating in his Porsche,you jealous you can’t have one?

    3. @TheTurtleOffDoom Avatar

      @@SAMK1 Its not jealous its being real. Not every car needs to do 0-60 in 2 seconds…

    4. @SAMK1 Avatar

      @@TheTurtleOffDoom did he say it’s supposed to do it in 2s…so is it wrong for him to compare the top of the range Range Rover and The top of the range Defender?

    5. @stevenham1937 Avatar

      @@SAMK1 yes because it’s nothing like the RR. This is an 8 seat LWB brick with wheels. It’s irrelevant

  6. @SubjectiveFunny Avatar

    5.4s ISNT quick???
    You have been driving far too many supercars recently Matt…

    1. @purple-porker Avatar

      why does a land rover need to be that fast, just stupid!

    2. @SubjectiveFunny Avatar

      @@purple-porker Why not?

    3. @Markcain268 Avatar

      Over twice as fast as my car and that feels nippy.

    4. @davout5775 Avatar

      Especially for such a car. Don’t think anybody is buying the Defender for how quick it can go 0-60. And yet it is mentally quick for what it is supposed to be

    5. @ElHubso Avatar

      On no, it’s only as fast as a Ferrari 348 GTB. Let’s do a drag race between a 130 V8 and a 127 Double Cab HCPU 2.3 4×4 Manual 5-speed with 65ps!

  7. @user-fj4xc8tj8e Avatar

    90 looks cool, 110 looks alright, 130 looks like a coffin with wheels

    1. @evamariarivera202 Avatar


    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      What about 140??

    3. @epbrown01 Avatar

      The 130 looks like the Ford Flex to me…

  8. @ismailfaris123456 Avatar

    I think most of viewers are on mobile devices. How the hell do you scan the QR code when you are watching it on your smartphone? 😂

    1. @A1pha012 Avatar


    2. @toao_brotherhood Avatar

      Google assistant has search on screen

    3. @cryptoronindude Avatar

      Get a proper mobile not an iPhone 🤷🏻😅

    4. @artureff3046 Avatar

      ez w. a smartphone, difficult w. a dumbphone

    5. @loverntheking Avatar

      I think it works on me coz I got two phones

  9. @Nicki_Minaj05 Avatar

    living in Cheshire… this is every car in the school drop-off line… every car in the driveway of medium – big houses… every car speeding in the outside lane… and every car illegally parked on double yellows

    1. @philipcrossley1279 Avatar

      Oh come on……tell the truth ………some are AUDI Q9 SUVs.😂

    2. @michaelherron4306 Avatar

      Are you saying new Land Rover defender owners are arrogant and obnoxious?

  10. @Drakesy Avatar

    “Makes you want to own one”
    I’ll happily lease one, but fcuk the breakdown costs.
    The exhaust tips look like an afterthought though, dated compared to the modern styling.

    1. @xirfan Avatar

      Also you can’t even insure it.

    2. @furnace4030 Avatar

      the defender is proved to be pretty reliable tho

    3. @RobertBondFilm Avatar

      @@xirfan and the easy to steal. I can see a lot of dealers getting frustrated with inventory. They can’t shift except if it was Dubai I think it would be different.

    4. @Mk1Male Avatar

      @@RobertBondFilm LR Defenders are not easy to steal, the RR models are.

    5. @Mk1Male Avatar

      @@xirfan That is the older models and the RR models, not the new Defender.

  11. @debmalyaghosh4839 Avatar

    Defender 110 is the most proportionate Defender

    1. @bsjddjk Avatar

      if only it would be little more length it would be perfect

    2. @roddan404 Avatar

      True. The 90 looks incomplete, like part of it has been chopped off.

    3. @NateBee Avatar

      By far! I think the other ones look goofy.

    4. @livinagoodlife Avatar

      arguably the 90 looks cool for its compact shape but boot space is next to non-existent

    5. @kj5138 Avatar

      100% true. Best size for EUrope too.

  12. @JackInDaBoxx Avatar

    Im impressed with that 3rd row space. Id focus more that 2 adults could easily sit there no problem. Id say if you’re wanting a family 7 seater this is a top tier contender

  13. @darktech4015 Avatar

    We had a defender, it was a pretty good vehicle and the wife loved it. We ended up trading it in because the defender is just not a practical city driver, the wife had a hard time parking it downtown and in the city in general. The defender is pretty wide and at a weird height overall. If she didn’t lower her suspension all the way for her underground parking or even at the local mall she would hit the bars. Anyway we traded it for a bmw x3 m40i and havnt looked back.

    1. @MD-xb1qw Avatar

      The Defender is an ideal urban vehicle. Maneuverability , mid-size, road presence and space for hauling things

  14. @faugrad Avatar

    Of the 110k sold last year I think 80k are here in Texas alone. I see these things everywhere!

  15. @seshagiribhamidi6765 Avatar

    As much I respect Matt. Gotta admit, the 110 version of the Defender is the best looking🔥🔥

    1. @kevc.2958 Avatar

      90 is the best but not so practical

    2. @kevc.2958 Avatar

      90 is the best but not so practical

    3. @user-tt6il2up4o Avatar

      90 is the best looking

  16. @philjackman3734 Avatar

    I am on my second 110 HSE …lost £1800 over two years on the last one …the D300 is ALL you need …STUPID paying £90k plus …I use mine all the time …do go off road …have had 7 discovery’s and two range rovers …THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST EVER !

    1. @kvgbui565 Avatar

      Can you share your experience on reliability? It sounds controversial on the internet

    2. @livinagoodlife Avatar

      D300 all the way. Such a beautiful engine

    3. @philjackman3734 Avatar

      @@kvgbui565 Honestly NOT one problem …I will order my 3rd next year when this one is two ….I would say that I would not buy one out of warranty….today’s cars are computers on wheels !!

    4. @davidbekavac7657 Avatar

      The 3l ingenium is reliable as loong you dont tow heavy trailers. They have a thermal problem between 5+6 cylinder.

    5. @michalrajnic758 Avatar

      I just ordered my second one a week ago. D200 again, really love it! Best car I have ever owned!

  17. @zee9276 Avatar

    “5.4s is reAsOnaBLy quick…”
    Were you hit in the head recently, Matt? That’s more than quick enough for a bldy SUV!

    1. @paultasker7788 Avatar

      Have to agree. It’s quicker than my Mini Cooper S for crying out loud! 6.2 i think that does though at 12 years old probably not quite that now. And that feels like a pocket rocket. 5.4 for a brick like this ia easily enough.

  18. @N2eJyriOo Avatar

    5.4 seconds 0-100 km/h is impressive considering a house got that figure.

  19. @albertobenelli Avatar

    I guess there are 4 main reasons why it sells so well (same here in italy) :

    – the badge
    – it looks cool
    – it’s a tall SUV
    – “cool” people have it

    1. @itsallrobbish Avatar

      I’d love to be in the market for a ‘British’ car like this, but my head says get the Land Cruiser, save money and get bulletproof proof long term reliability. What I will say is, Land Rover really know their customers.

    2. @albertobenelli Avatar

      @@itsallrobbish tahts the best thing you could say . LR absolutely knows what their typical customers are looking for, and probably veen what 80% of men are looking for, for their “ego” . But was I in the position to buy something of this price in the near future, i would most probably do as you said, and even opt for something like a Lexus . But for those who only lease, i guess that is when LR products make sense . They never get to drive them out of warranty .So why bother changing brand ?

    3. @thornburn1989 Avatar

      Its definitly on the instagrammers’ radar. Its just about the looks, not how good of a car it is

  20. @AlmaRhea- Avatar

    It is still astonishing that this huge tub with an “uneconomical 500 hp V8” is more economic than the 1980s V8 LandRover with a detuned 135 hp Buick derived engine.

    1. @Livigno2011 Avatar

      Ich habe den gleichen Motor im F-Pace. 10 Liter auf 100 km bei 130 km/h ist hervorragend

    2. @cheikhniang2693 Avatar

      Technology back then compared to the modern technology

    3. @Freeman2423 Avatar

      بله چون در آن موقع رقبای ارزانتری وجود نداشت تا بازار آنها را کساد کند

    4. @ggj666 Avatar

      but the 1980’s V8 is still on the road and running 40 plus years later, I’d be amazed if one of these new ones makes it to 15 years without being scrapped

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