1200hp Corvette C8 v Model S Plaid: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everybody who helped set up this race:

Take a look at this incredible fuel vs electrical drag race!

We have actually got our hands on the remarkable Tesla Design S Plaid, and it's taking on against an insane that's been tuned to 1,200 hp!!

So let's see how the 2 compare. Beginning with the Tesla, it's housing 3 motors under the skin that integrate to produce 1,020 hp and 1,420 Nm of torque. Naturally, the batteries and motors weigh a reasonable bit, and the Design S pointers the scales at 2,167 kg. What's more, this Design S comes with a few upgrades, including some Koenigsegg carbon fiber aero at the front & around the back!

Then alongside it, we have the , which has had a great deal more work done to it than simply including some aero! As an outcome, the 6.2-litre twin-turbo V8 now produces 1,200 hp and a remarkable 1,491 Nm of torque! So it's packing a serious punch, but this power is sent to the rear wheels only!

So will the have the ability to put the power down? Or will it be a clear win for Tesla? There's only one way to discover for sure … LET'S RACE!


88 responses to “1200hp Corvette C8 v Model S Plaid: DRAG RACE”

  1. @dboy5973 Avatar

    Petition to have lights as a countdown to prevent jump starts for future races 🙋‍♂️

    1. @tomaszwidomski5367 Avatar

      You pay for them and bring them every time 👌💀

    2. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

      If you get popular can you please change your comment to “we need a Hyundai Getz”

    3. @RipsawEV_2 Avatar

      Ikr? The hands signs leave the newer guests confused resulting in jumping or late reaction times

    4. @BFDCFAP-bn5yh Avatar

      Agreed 👍

    5. @hsnnwz Avatar

      Totally agree, I have also noticed it makes it unfair for anyone who is new to this. The lights will also show a fair representation of cars performance as well.

  2. @twitch_not_olli5599 Avatar

    Corvette sound: 4:04
    Race start 1: 5:26
    Race start 2: 6:39
    Race start 3: 7:54
    Race start 4: 10:42
    Race start 5: 12:30
    Conclusion: 13:18
    Rolling race: 13:32
    Brake test: 14:59

    1. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

      If you get popular can you please change your comment to “we need a Hyundai Getz”

    2. @MeFisTo666 Avatar


    3. @OutsideDuhBox Avatar

      a LOT of Fluff in this one eh mate

    4. @doubleL_S Avatar

      Thanks king

    5. @FMYAS Avatar

      Typical chevrolet

  3. @nikko1984 Avatar

    I wonder what will be the last video of the crazy year. Mat is about to please us I reckon! 😊

    1. @BT-wh7te Avatar

      Mat pleases me everyday 😉

  4. @ebenezerkittoe9115 Avatar

    At this point, we’ve got to race the plaid with a top fuel dragster.
    That should cut it

    1. @peedeegt Avatar

      It’s literally got to that on some channels lol. Even on Carwow, it took a £4 million full carbon fibre Bugatti Chiron Supersport to beat it, and even then, it was close. For the money, you simply can’t buy a better all-rounder than the Plaid imo.

    2. @JesusRex. Avatar

      Bah non si déjà à cette puissance elle est incapable de mener la course

    3. @mattsmith7379 Avatar

      No an 800hp Audi TTRS can easily beat the plaid…..lmao 😂😂 top fuel dragster I hope that statement was meant to be a joke

    4. @CJXcars Avatar

      ​@@mattsmith7379 absolutely not. At least not without prep

    5. @lassebauer Avatar

      The Lucid Air Sapphire is faster

  5. @ATICrossX Avatar

    That Vette doesn’t even have close to 1200hp 😄

    1. @xsureface Avatar

      Has 1200HP but only rear drive. AWD would be needed to get the power on the street

    2. @CapnT87 Avatar

      Seemed like it was getting the power down on the launches decently enough…you could hear it missing from the exhaust and was probably cutting timing mid run and not making much more than 600hp peak. Oh wellllllll

    3. @mastodon5220 Avatar

      @@xsureface1300hp GTR lost aswell , 1700Hp V10 R8 won

    4. @sylvaind.6786 Avatar

      ​​@@xsureface desillusional

    5. @Coffee17990 Avatar

      @@xsurefaceno it doesn’t go look at other 1,200 hp rwd cars they accelerate so much faster than that car did

  6. @mohamedchaer4013 Avatar

    we need to see how this modified Tesla gonna do against the normal tesla plaid

    1. @user-zf1ol7op7y Avatar

      No difference. Carwow has already run a stock Plaid and it ran the same time, 9.6s. Anywhere else the Plaid runs 9.2s easily.

    2. @borinvlogs Avatar

      This modified Plaid is not for straight line speed as you can see huge front splitter and spoiler which only add more drag, so i believe it is designed to do well at the track and high speed cornering ability.

    3. @user-zf1ol7op7y Avatar

      @@borinvlogs Then explain the parachute. Who needs a parachute, front air dam to reduce lift and a beefer spoiler for enhanced downforce for a non straight line speed car🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. @skylined5534 Avatar

      How about a Corvette thats actually running on all 8 cylinders as well?

    5. @skylined5534 Avatar


      One foot roll out at work.

  7. @devinfladung8965 Avatar

    An 11 second 1200 HP Corvette? I’m confused 🤷

    1. @leesmith6750 Avatar

      Exactly, a standard 650bhp porsche 911 turbo s will do 10.1 1/4 mile. Does not look 1200 hp

    2. @commandergeokam2868 Avatar

      It doesn’t work properly that is why also the surface doesnt help it either
      That is the problem when you tune a car so much reliability and consistency is out if the window

    3. @ivanjimenez7526 Avatar

      Z06 make 1/4 Mile in 10.5 s haha with only 670 hp​@@leesmith6750

    4. @matttim5095 Avatar

      Rear wheel drive on an unprepped surface what do you expect. If that thing was all wheel drive it would do 10 seconds flat

    5. @yahyasayed8678 Avatar

      ​@@leesmith6750you mean AWD vs RWD with slicks? Yeah, 11seconds seem accurate

  8. @bidanmashauri7833 Avatar

    Mat and Sam’s chemistry is sibling rivalry-ish. I love it

    1. @4gegtyreeyuyeddffvyt Avatar

      So happy he fired Yanni !!!

    2. @aug_mali6640 Avatar


    3. @KAWTELENUH Avatar

      ​@@4gegtyreeyuyeddffvyt I think he is injured not fired but I could be wrong

    4. @paulharper4196 Avatar

      Yianni was literally on the previous video before this one. Besides that, they can’t “fire” him because he doesn’t work for carwow, he has his own thing and just comes on as a guest.

    5. @ceboz Avatar

      @@4gegtyreeyuyeddffvyt You don’t know wtf you brag about

  9. @ultramb6206 Avatar

    Looks like a stock c8 would do a better time than that on this surface man 🤣

    1. @GWJ891 Avatar

      The c8 was miss firing the whole race wym

    2. @antonsychev7148 Avatar


    3. @AnteFuerst Avatar

      @@GWJ891 yeah, that thing was garbage…..

    4. @marksapollo Avatar

      I agree plus it won’t be miss firing and broken.

    5. @joelstephen907 Avatar

      That Corvette is like the 1000hp 992 Turbo s (if you saw the video): on unprepped surface, it can’t put all of the power down 😂

  10. @shadowred1980 Avatar

    The corvette was misfiring it’s brains out on every run. Hats off to the owner for keeping it in the races.
    Some great drag races in 2023, looking forward to what you have planned in 2024.

    1. @richardshaw1968 Avatar

      Yep should have far quicker, fair play for them still trying

    2. @JesusRex. Avatar

      De la grosse merde à cette puissance

    3. @JesusRex. Avatar

      De la grosse merde à cette puissance

    4. @abderrahmanelbakkali190 Avatar

      Actually, that engine was probably almost done and that’s why they let him thrash it and also why he said they were going to change it soon.

    5. @Gino_567 Avatar

      wouldn’t have mattered either way lol

  11. @zigadiboom982 Avatar

    The Plaid makes other cars appear as if they are standing still.

    1. @varietyegg Avatar

      😂sometimes not always

    2. @MacXpert74 Avatar

      Except for the Rimac Nevera, then it’s the exact opposite. It makes the Tesla Plaid look like a Yugo! 🤣😉

    3. @shortvidz9576 Avatar

      😂😂😂 that’s a disrespect to Rimac

    4. @vasil7410 Avatar

      ​​@@MacXpert74Too bad it costs 20-30 times more and practically nobody is even allowed to buy one anyway.

    5. @sanderverh6882 Avatar

      @@vasil7410 when the Tesla Roadster gonna beat the Rimac, I’m sure they’ll say: ‘Yeah, but the space shuttle makes the Roadster look like a Yugo’
      The irony will be, all spaceships& rockets are SpaceX nowadays 🤣

  12. @chriswest2290 Avatar

    The traction control on Tesla is amazing

    1. @Everything_Evan Avatar

      Yeah it’s called 4 wheel drive

    2. @chriswest2290 Avatar

      @@Everything_Evan no. 4 wheel drive is not traction control.

    3. @Everything_Evan Avatar

      @@chriswest2290 put it in 2 wheel drive see what happens

    4. @chriswest2290 Avatar

      @@Everything_Evan what are you even talking about. The Tesla won the rolling race too.

    5. @joshualewis393 Avatar

      ​@Everything_Evan It’s an EV. They all can handle the power they put out from a standstill. AWD, RWD or FWD. They all just go.

  13. @simsalb Avatar

    When I heard Sam describe the size of his brakes, my first thought was, why was Matt’s Tesla the only one equipped with a drag parachute 😲

  14. @MvzZAinc Avatar

    Matt looks completely unfazed by speed now, he’s driven to many fast cars ahahah

  15. @rayanjose8120 Avatar

    Am I going crazy or did that Tesla actually make some interesting noise 😂😂

    1. @Futuristiccarchannel Avatar

      It does!!!

    2. @albertdidde4395 Avatar

      EV’s have high revving motors. Like 11,000 RPM. If they weren’t muffled so much they’d sound famtastic

    3. @user-my4xu4gf1z Avatar

      The new bmws can easily beat it with a 10k turbo upgrade. I’ve never seen a tesla plaid win ever in the street racing scenes.

      Channel- ValleyRacing plaid vs bmw g80 m3

      Channel- 1stockf30 plaid vs bmw m340i

      Street racing for $ ^^^ plaid loses back too back to the new gen m3 and loses to the new m340i .

    4. @Futuristiccarchannel Avatar

      @@user-my4xu4gf1z how many places do you post this comment!

    5. @paulstevens9409 Avatar

      ​@@user-my4xu4gf1z 🤣

  16. @Astronomy_Enjoyer Avatar

    Imagine a top gear style show with Matt, Sam and Yanni, would be incredible to watch

    1. @jackdoyle2611 Avatar

      that would be just as annoying and unwatchable as 2016 top gear

    2. @leem5082 Avatar

      Ditch Matt and I’m in, dude is annoying as f.

  17. @chrispyy606060606 Avatar

    I’m amazed the Corvette stayed together misfiring like that. Should report back with how many ringlands were busted lol. Also sounded like the spark plugs were blowing out under boost or a coil / plug wire problem as well.

  18. @Rek_Rc Avatar

    Wow Matt, you guys got a lot of quality work done while you were here in the states, and it’s AWESOME stuff! I hope our cars and people were good to you and the crew.

  19. @Dgnkrty Avatar

    Mat is more of a racing driver than racing driver Sam. And of course, mat always seems to know which car is going to win and takes that😂

  20. @Mia-Waiting-For-You Avatar

    *_Who said electric cars don’t make noise, this one sounds awesome as it goes over the finish line._*

    1. @Futuristiccarchannel Avatar


    2. @facelessandnameless Avatar

      No 😂

    3. @paulstevens9409 Avatar

      It does sound good

    4. @jame5zhgaming950 Avatar

      ​@facelessandnameless look man we get it tesla is ruining a 100 years of ICE

    5. @RWBHere Avatar

      Sounds way better than the screaming dinosaurs under that fossil car.

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