1,100hp Lucid Air v Tuned BMW M3: DRAG RACE

Thanks to for providing us their M3!

It's time for the drag race you didn't understand you required … Until today!

We have actually got our hands on a brand new, 1,111 hp Air Dream Efficiency, and it's about to go head-to-head against a !

So usually you would say this will be a slam dunk for the , after all, a stock comes equipped with a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six which is good for 510hp and 650Nm. Nevertheless, while this M3 comes with the exact same engine, it's been tuned and can now deliver an excellent 750hp and 900Nm! All this power is sent through the same 8-speed automated gearbox, and it weighs in at 1,780 kg.

So then we have the Lucid. It's geared up with 2 electric motors, and they combine to produce an eye-watering 1,111 hp and 1,390 Nm of torque. But obviously, being an , it's quite damn heavy, tipping the scales at 2,383 kg. It's likewise SO much more pricey than the BMW, rolling up with a price tag of over ₤ 193,000!!

So will the more powerful Lucid snatch the W? Or will the weight difference show definitive? There's only one method to find out … LET'S RACE!

Mat's electric option:

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85 responses to “1,100hp Lucid Air v Tuned BMW M3: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar


    1. Trlalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Avatar

      YEP 😂

    2. Kevin Mbugua Avatar
      Kevin Mbugua


    3. Kyle ironman Avatar
      Kyle ironman


    4. Kenneth Nchabs Avatar
      Kenneth Nchabs

      me 🎉

    5. Arham Avatar


  2. Arshpreet Singh Avatar
    Arshpreet Singh

    Matt never fails to entertain us

    1. T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      You’ve won

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Despite always jump started.😂

  3. Oscar Noyce Avatar
    Oscar Noyce

    That M3 is ridiculously quick for the price

    1. Jival Roopnarian Avatar
      Jival Roopnarian

      It’s very expensive

    2. Robertkajman Avatar

      It has around 850 hp.

    3. sebekkha Avatar

      @Robertkajman 850? Where did you get that figure from when matt says it has around 750?

    4. LeJunny Avatar

      ⁠@sebekkha the car makes 750whp tuned, that roughly 860hp crank when you add in the 15% drivetrain loss figures.

    5. Ouss Ama Avatar
      Ouss Ama

      Damn 10.2 1/4mile ?!!!!!!!!

  4. Kojo Sam Avatar
    Kojo Sam

    Carwow never disappoints ❤️

    1. T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      LET’S TALK.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      I approve it.

  5. Peter Hong Avatar
    Peter Hong

    Lucid behaved more like ICE in acceleration and top end than an EV 😂

    1. Potter Li Avatar
      Potter Li

      I’m also surprise with that.

    2. Tam Le Avatar
      Tam Le

      Its programmed that way by Lucid.

    3. Neojhun Avatar

      @Tam Le Quite sure the Gearing is the reason for that. It has a realy interesting Planetary Gearset reduction and the Motors nearly hits 20,000 RPM.

    4. tim fagan Avatar
      tim fagan

      Back in the days of max power and fast car magazines, ICE used to mean ‘in car entertainment’ banging sound systems. Now it means internal combustion engine. Sad times we live in 😢

    5. Hafidz Mufrodi Avatar
      Hafidz Mufrodi

      I think so

  6. Laurentiu Moca&Coca Avatar
    Laurentiu Moca&Coca

    That Bmw launch was something else.. Didnt expect that

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Pennzoil Nismo R34GT-R also launched like that.

    2. Gord66 Avatar

      @Purwanti Allanyou keep writing this on people’s comments. no one cares. gtrs are dead now, just fan boys like em

    3. Fizzy Pop Avatar
      Fizzy Pop

      s58 is ridiculous

    4. Mello Nate Avatar
      Mello Nate


    5. Frankie Soler Avatar
      Frankie Soler

      @Purwanti Allanwho asked ? 💀

  7. Gautam Atri - Valley Realtor - Riser Realty Group Avatar
    Gautam Atri – Valley Realtor – Riser Realty Group

    That M3 just crossed in 10.2 seconds. Mental Tune. Wow. I’m beyond impressed

    1. Shreyash Anand Avatar
      Shreyash Anand

      And basically stock! Insane. These S58 engines make 1000hp on stock internals

    2. Zelo Avatar

      whats crazy is this is one of the slower bolt on tuned m3s… A good amount of the bolt on e50 guys are running high to mid 9s. I believe the stock turbos record so far is 9.4?

    3. T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      LET’S LET…

    4. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      Its all about the Nostrels, thats what’s making the M3 that quick 😅

    5. Andrei Avatar

      ​@Bavarian Car Enthusiastgotta suck in all that air

  8. LeJunny Avatar

    what I expected from the S58, I knew that engine was going to be nuts because I own a B58. these motors are monsters, and really good bang for buck

    1. Ani Newaz Avatar
      Ani Newaz

      Thought the BMW would get embarrassed. But im Surprised. I think I underestimated the S58.

    2. Roland Avatar

      I also have a b58, how much it share with the s58?

    3. OmniHein Avatar

      ​@Roland it doesn’t share much, but the B58 is still insanely good.

    4. T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      LET’S TALK.

    5. Gentoo87 Avatar

      I have a mk5 Supra (that has the B58 engine in it), and just a simple ECU tune easily boosted it to over 400 whp. Crazy engine.

  9. Innocent Avatar

    That launch from that BMW is crazy.. damn…

    1. T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      LET’S TALK.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. As insane as R34GT-R fully tuned.

    3. Omar Avatar

      ​@Purwanti Allanok stop saying that under every comment

    4. Ahyaan Avatar

      @Purwanti Allanyh and the m3 has only had £10,000 in mods

  10. R S2002 Avatar
    R S2002

    The AWD M3 with just a tune is a remarkable car!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Along with RUF CTR2 and Lister Storm V12 that is.

    2. PurpleTT99 Avatar

      Agreed, my non-tuned M4 2wd in the damp & drizzle can’t hook up so tuning it would be pointless. Looks nice though, even the front!

    3. Ivan Avatar

      ​@Purwanti Allanlol so random u brought up those cars especially the lister storm V12 which is super rare I remember it gran Turismo 2

    4. Octavio_F82 Avatar

      @PurpleTT99my m4 didn’t hook stock, and now that it’s modified it only hooks on a 40 or 60 roll when the tires are warm, you and i just need better tires.

    5. JamesJoyce12 Avatar

      until it breaks – which is usually the following day

  11. HTML Avatar

    whenever I see yanny racing alongside matt it just puts a smile on my face automatically.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


  12. Kaaure Avatar

    This channel made me find the love for cars again! I absolutely loved cars during my childhood, but lost it somehow during my teenage years. Now i am 30 and the interest is slowly coming back, thanks Mat and Carwow.

    1. james miller Avatar
      james miller

      Get yourself something quick, it will come straight back.

    2. Kaaure Avatar

      @james miller Just got myself a few years old CLA, and it definitely sparked the already growing interest! Would love for it to be a CLA 45 AMG, but the money didnt reach for that yet. Hopefully someday in the near future. 🙂

    3. james miller Avatar
      james miller

      @Kaaure  Mrs has a stage 2 mk 7.5 fiesta st with 235 bhp at the wheels she just Inherited from me and I’ve just bought a ttrs roadster and had it mapped to 405 bhp. It’s an animal.

  13. Yiannimize Avatar

    Very strange car 😂

    1. T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      You’ve won

    2. Ahmad Raza Avatar
      Ahmad Raza

      Hi yianni

    3. Vikram B S Avatar
      Vikram B S

      You mean ugly 🤣

    4. Γιωργος Σαββιδης Avatar
      Γιωργος Σαββιδης

      Εισαι καθηγητής δικέ μου!!!! 🙂

    5. 2turbo4u Avatar

      I love Yanni comment!

  14. Jon L Avatar
    Jon L

    That M3 is perfect. Sounds great, insanely fast, reasonable price. The way the exhaust blasted dust off the track when launch control was engaged at the start of the first drag race was probably my favourite thing about it.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Akari Kito also loves this 850bhp BMW M3.

    2. 03056932R Avatar

      it’s just such a played out body shape and ‘design language’ now, even with the new grill. m cars are just uninspiring. give me something unique

  15. JRW3 Avatar

    That M3 is phenomenal and it’s tuners are brilliant😱

  16. Blair Finch Avatar
    Blair Finch

    Matt never fails to entertain us. That Bmw launch was something else.. Didnt expect that.

  17. Nef Avatar

    Props to the hare for getting that far down the track that fast. Lost it at the end though. 🐰

    1. Nathan Fournier Avatar
      Nathan Fournier

      he missed a shift otherwise he would have won

  18. GT7786 Avatar

    The Lucid did really well since it does not market itself as a performance car, more of a luxury cruiser. Can’t wait to see how the Saphire(the proper sporty one) does.

    1. Skip Avatar

      Agree… the saphire will be out soon enough. Would love the redo with high performance lucid vs high performance bmw. I wonder why they didn’t match with electric bmw??

    2. Philippe Ferreira de sousa Avatar
      Philippe Ferreira de sousa

      Not exactly, the Lucid Air Dream has a Performance trim (1111hp) and a Range trim (933hp). This one is the Performance. 2 variants weren’t planned at first, part of why it exists was to one-up Tesla the next day after they announced the 1020hp Model S Plaid in Sept 2020.

    3. joe bloggs Avatar
      joe bloggs

      If it’s a luxury cruiser what the heck does it need 1100Bhp for then?

    4. jack Avatar

      @joe bloggsfor funzies

    5. PatriotPigeon Avatar

      @joe bloggs
      Have you not noticed that electric cars are just plain faster than gas powered cars? Luxury GT cars that are ICE all have comparatively huge HP numbers to their economy car counterparts, this is the same. 1111hp is for being able to maneuver your car however you want to since you paid 6 figures for it (in the UK at least… it starts around 80k in the US).

  19. Maria Sharapova Avatar
    Maria Sharapova

    8k pounds for an extra 240 bhp is not bad at all. I hope it does so reliably.

    1. Josh C Avatar
      Josh C

      German cars gain power with ease. Same with the others like Merc & Audi. But reliability is out of the question with all of them besides like the B58 fr 😂😂😂😂

    2. Jonnie Beck Avatar
      Jonnie Beck

      Probably more reliable than the Lucid. 😏

    3. VENTILATOR Avatar

      @Josh CS58 is an even more powerful engine

    4. koastal Avatar

      @Josh C last couple gen of M car have been pretty solid

    5. Skyler Hickman Avatar
      Skyler Hickman

      ​@Josh CIts not even german cars, boosted cars in general

  20. AmeliaS Major Avatar
    AmeliaS Major

    The braking performance of that Lucid Air is surprisingly good.

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