1 minute review: BMW iX


25 responses to “1 minute review: BMW iX”

  1. @tomrede Avatar

    🦫 the grill lol 😆

  2. @Piszpusz Avatar

    60sec 🫡 perfect

    1. @chandanasri7404 Avatar

      It’s not 60, it’s 53. But what’s a few seconds here and there am I right?😅

  3. @Jahmed5635 Avatar

    That car is horrendous

  4. @Feedmezz Avatar

    Review in 10 seconds: Ugliest BMW ever created. Not enough range. Expensive.

    1. @amitchell4206 Avatar

      Is a decent range cause Tesla’s top range is 405 miles!!! Not a big difference!

    2. @faster6329 Avatar

      What are you talking about? It’s a BMW. It’s always the best 🙂

  5. @ikotsus2448 Avatar

    Are the comments here due to the presenter’s browser history?

  6. @FrauHelm Avatar

    Not even Mat can compete with Forest

    1. @peanutbutterjelly1368 Avatar

      He sure can compete with a plant.

  7. @itisallaboutspeed Avatar

    as a car content creator i approve this video

  8. @hqew6662 Avatar

    Such a beautiful machine. Even prettier in the wild where it builds dams

  9. @birilol Avatar

    « The interior looks lovely » he says as he points out to a plastic long screen. The bar is literally on the floor

  10. @CarlosBoffa Avatar

    Soo its a BMW ❤

  11. @khyeg8640 Avatar

    “A bit of a strange looking car.”
    Lemme fix it
    “An extra strange looking car.”

  12. @ndautomotive Avatar

    All cars look like Lego toys these days

  13. @AKTechIT Avatar

    Matt, let Forest have his thing 🥱

  14. @TheLooking4sunset Avatar

    I like it

  15. @jjjjjjj3376 Avatar

    Got mine last week, Great car!

  16. @samuelm857 Avatar

    Imagine getting lots of comments❤😂

  17. @davidpetrina4438 Avatar

    Maybe you should have mentioned insurance cost and combustibility

    1. @faster6329 Avatar

      It’s almost zero on both 🙂

  18. @stevie5141 Avatar

    Get rid of all EV..

  19. @fatlindhalili1937 Avatar

    Mat with a note says this car is almost perferct,just that strange looking i guess.

  20. @elpepe9451 Avatar

    The “grill” is way to big😭😭😭

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