What’s going on at Tesla? Is the market leader about to hit reverse? / Electrifying

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It's safe to state that no automobile business divides opinion or generates headlines in quite the exact same method as Tesla. With the most fanatical (bordering on the cult-like sometimes) following and a maverick employer at the top, following Tesla's fortunes and failures provides more entertainment that most Hollywood hits.

Nevertheless, after taking pleasure in among the fastest expansions in automobile history, Tesla has endured a sticky 12 months with the share cost cratering and employer coming under fire for his $44b takeover of Twitter. The company also missed out on vital shipment targets and slashed costs – a relocation that disturb current buyers and caused a collapse in resale values.

Sign up with and (yes, it's complicated) as they discuss the thorny concern of what is taking place at Tesla. With apparently no brand-new products planned for the European market in the future, will purchasers become tired with the ageing Design 3 and Design Y offerings? Or has Tesla's price-cutting effort been a masterstroke of marketing?

As always, we 'd like to find out what you believe, so please leave your remarks below.

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29 responses to “What’s going on at Tesla? Is the market leader about to hit reverse? / Electrifying”

  1. Chris Bown Avatar
    Chris Bown

    And it’s not just a car company. They’re making pick-up trucks, lorries (as we say in the UK), and massive static batteries to support the greening grid – other markets, other profit centres

    1. FireStick Avatar

      +Solar +utility provider +insurance +Optimus bot, many fingers in many pies, although vehicles and battery storage I believe are and will be the biggest profit leaders.

    2. Mark Mercieca Avatar
      Mark Mercieca

      You have done your DD. Very true…..

  2. Mike Kyffin Avatar
    Mike Kyffin

    Informative episode from you both. I was hoping that you may have covered the cliff drop in prices of the secondhand Model-S and X. They have been impacted in a big way averaging £20-25k drop for a 4 year old. Crazy times. It hurts.

    1. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      Love a 4 year old model S for 20k are you serious?

    2. Mike Kyffin Avatar
      Mike Kyffin

      @Lewis Standing the referenced figure is price drop in value. And the period I’m referencing is since January price drops

    3. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      @Mike Kyffin ahh silly me reading incorrectly.

      The used market was quite inflated, way above what you’d usually get for a second hand car. My two year old Kona has dropped by 5k in the same period, but so has a equivalent model 3/Y I want to swap for.
      This was starting to happen I’m told well before the price drops of new car’s, because supply was increasing and new car availability picking up

      20k drop does sound a lot though.

  3. Marky Mark Reviews Avatar
    Marky Mark Reviews

    The prices Tesla are charging now have returned to roughly where they were 18 months to 2 years ago. The prices of all cars and EVs shot up massively due to production shortages/microchip/semiconductor shortages. That is now finally easing, so prices of new and second hand cars are returning to more normal values. Nothing surprising here. Also Tesla are improving their build efficiencies making it cheaper for them to build the cars (and more savings to come!) . But they had an oversupply of models in stock and wanted to sell them to hit their targets. Which they did! Prices have now risen slightly in the USA due to massive demand because of the price cuts! This puts pressure on ALL other manufacturers to lower their prices. And most of those have long wait times. Why wait? When you can get one of the best EVs on the market now?

  4. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Agree that they certainly are different… But there are lots of interesting other brands out there. Hopefully, Tesla will keep putting downward pressure on prices. Keep producing & selling thousands per month. As it makes other companies step up their game.

    1. Mark Mercieca Avatar
      Mark Mercieca

      Yes….this has been their mission since the white paper Elon wrote in 2006. These guys have no idea what they are talking about. Tesla is just doing what it said it would do in its mission statement.

    2. Ralf Ostertag Avatar
      Ralf Ostertag

      What other interesting brands … they are all 5 years behind Tesla’s technology.

  5. ItsBillN Avatar

    Fundamentally, unless you hardly ever do longer journeys, it’s very difficult to look past the ease with which they are possible in a Tesla.

    That’s not just the chargers, but everything else that goes along with it – the route planning, the super accurate energy usage predictions, the battery pre-conditioning, the efficiency, the simplicity of physically getting the SC plug in the socket etc etc etc

    Everything else is by the by.

    It’s a car. After having had 4 other non-Tesla EVs over the past 4 years, and having grown very bored of the “planning” and the RFID cards and apps and all the other BS, I couldn’t really care less about anything else other than how well does it function as a car that isn’t a PITA to own and allows me to actually get around the country without feeling like I’m embarking on a military exercise.

  6. Michael G Avatar
    Michael G

    For a while I thought I’d never buy a Tesla because of price volatility. I did and very happy. Current pricing is similar to 18 months ago so taken prices back to pre-chip shortage levels.
    Tesla should do something to compensate people who bought close to the price change…like supercharger miles etc..

    Shareholders have had the Elon effect for a long time…mostly good for them.

    We’ve been used to production and supply difficulties, and expecting ongoing price reductions to get to price parity and this is what it looks like!

    1. bilgyno1 Avatar

      Tesla in NL did compensate people that took delivery within 14 days of the price cuts. Full compensation that is, although losing the 10.000 km free supercharging.

  7. Nick Taylor Avatar
    Nick Taylor

    The Tesla stock split was rumored for many months in advance. On August 4, 2022, Tesla’s shareholders approved the 3-for-1 stock split during the company’s annual meeting.

  8. Joe Avatar

    Tom, everyone knows “if he’s got a plan”, its been posted on the internet for years now. Next step, cheaper car.
    The only difference with Tesla price cuts is that OEMs make their price cuts in stealth via dealers and special offers and hidden subsidies from the OEM to the dealer (if you are good at negotiating but screw you if you aren’t). Tesla, no dealers, no negotiation, makes price changes plain. You don’t see “riots” when there’s a dealer offer and prices fall but ist teh same thing and s/h prices fall just the same.
    Tesla car prices have been rising the last few days. Any ‘riots’ about that? Or complaints from current owners? As Tom (on the left) said, prices rose last year also (and are pretty much back to where theyw ere 18 months ago) but no riots then.
    Finally, house prices falling on new sales is nothing new either. People whinge when nearby homes on the same newbuild estate are reduced and are strangely quiet when they go up.

  9. Graham Castle Avatar
    Graham Castle

    Something you didn’t explore was the possibility of the price cutting being aimed at bankrupting the competition. Tesla made 25% profit on each car and after discounting are still making 16% profit. There is scope there for Tesla to make another price cut and still turn a profit for shareholders especially with production ramping up. No need to wait 18 mo ths for VW or a KIA. Legacy car makers should be worried.

    1. Matteo Carrozza Avatar
      Matteo Carrozza

      Do you really think that VW or Kia is gonna go bankrupt? Or BYD or other Chinese companies in which the Chinese government has a strategic interest? I welcome the price cut, but it won’t bankrupt anybody (maybe Rivian or some other wacky start-up).

  10. Neal M Avatar
    Neal M

    When you buy an EV now you have to accept you are an early adopter. All new tech drops in price once the tech matures and manufacturing volumes increase. In that respect EVs are no different to flat screen TVs. Tesla are just ahead of the game. Tesla make 7 times more profit per car than Toyota and they are awash with cash. Last year they made more net profit than GM or Ford. That’s why they can drop prices.

  11. David Lemieux Avatar
    David Lemieux

    I think you may be forgetting the HUGE increases in price which have been occurring over the last 18 months.
    In many cases, the price has yet to reach the introduction price.
    Remember, there were price increases to cover inflation AND to temper demand. Elon had been mentioning, at many quarterly calls, how Tesla hates the idea that a consumer could wait over a year. Here in Canada it has become common to wait far more than a year!
    As for rioting in China… did you notice how quickly that went away when someone recognized the guy organizing these “riots” was actually working for a Chinese competitor… who was seeing many cancellations.
    Re the US and less in Canada, dealers were adding obscene (yes, obscene when prices nearly DOUBLES!) amounts to cars and trucks.
    Context is important.

  12. David Lemieux Avatar
    David Lemieux

    As for charging, Tesla can make high speed chargers quicker and much cheaper than any competitor.
    Expect to see massive increases in chargers in 2023.

  13. Ian S Avatar
    Ian S

    According to Munro there is still huge margin in every Tesla, as they are made so cheaply. So price will only go down.

  14. Alberto Porras Avatar
    Alberto Porras

    The basic flaw in this video is the underlying assumption that other car makers prices are more “stable”, that’s just not true. The “official” price can bear little relation to the price people pay. Three different people can buy identical cars at different dealers, or even the same dealer, on the same day and pay vastly different prices. Other car makers hide their price fluctuations at the dealership.

  15. bilgyno1 Avatar

    First everyone is complaining Tesla’s are rich people’s toys, now they’re complaining they’re becoming cheaper… Let’s applaud Tesla for this. It all comes down to mission. Tesla want to drive the transition to renewable energy and EVs, and that entails moving EVs into the mainstream market segments while growing volume. Driving down prices is exactly their plan. So

  16. steve young Avatar
    steve young

    model 3 could be cheaper with giga casting machine and LFP battery

  17. Matty M Avatar
    Matty M

    as a Tesla owner i would never recommend buying one new, the company treats customers like crap, if anyone wants to buy one of their motor get it second hand from a knowledgeable EV dealer and avoid the toxic tesla customer service.

  18. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    Tesla price cuts appear to be affecting used prices of other manufacturers cars too. I’m not seeing Ford dealers asking £46k for used Mach E for example any more

  19. wesley reid Avatar
    wesley reid

    Image that the ball breaking the glass on the cybertruck WAS deliberate ok, would that not be absolute genius for free worldwide publicity free of charge as it was news everywhere.
    Also there are rumours of Tesla making a Smaller version of the cyber track that is more suited to European roads so that would be a viable option for us brits.

  20. Simon Foster Avatar
    Simon Foster

    The vehicles were not pre-registered, they classed them as demos and applied big discounts, but they were in fact new. At 29 December they had three full compounds of cars in stock!!

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