USED REVIEW: Vauxhall Corsa-e – is Vauxhall’s bargain baby worthy of your cash? | Electrifying

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The Corsa is one of the very popular automobiles in Britain, and has actually been at the sharp end of brand- and truck sales for years. A fully electrical version was released in 2021 and has been among the UK's best-selling battery cars and trucks thanks to low monthly costs, plentiful supply and regular Vauxhall offers.

With increasing numbers filtering onto the utilized market, is now the right time to pick up a used Corsa? The current fall in the worth of utilized cars and trucks (activated by an increase in supply of and trucks) means that the Corsa looks excellent value. With costs starting at well under ₤ 15,000 purchasers can make a ₤ 15k+ saving over brand-new and still be covered by the initial service warranty.

Join Nicki as looks carefully at the Corsa as an utilized buy. Is the Corsa-e a great buy or are there alternatives that are better deserving of your budget plan? Have you got one? If so, let us understand how you're finding it in the comments below – we constantly love to hear from you.

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33 responses to “USED REVIEW: Vauxhall Corsa-e – is Vauxhall’s bargain baby worthy of your cash? | Electrifying”

  1. Decimal Avatar

    Looking forward to more videos about the used EV market. Would be good to see detailed information about battery health on these cars in addition to the usual cosmetic stuff. 👍

    1. Gordon MacKenzie Avatar
      Gordon MacKenzie

      I would imagine those selling would give the health state whilst advertised, or on demand. It’s no more difficult or complicated than a smart phone to find out.

  2. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    I’ve been driving an electric car for three years!! My car is a little Renault Zoe that I leased three years ago. My next car will be a small camper. It’s a Vauxhall Combo Life Electric with the Wheelhome Vikenze III camper conversion in it. The reason for that is that I’ve always wanted a camper and this is my chance!!

  3. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    Great value but at 3 years old would be out of the manufacturer’s warranty. If Stellantis want to boost end of lease residuals then they really need to offer at least a 5 year warranty on the whole car.

    1. Duncan Buchanan Avatar
      Duncan Buchanan

      Good point, do 5 years on the Corsa E only. It will be distinctive and that will support residual values (maybe allow owners of the E to buy another year warranty of £20? The E is cheaper than the petrol automatc Corsa normally too, so these are cheapest autos you can get.

  4. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    How about the camper I mentioned? I bet it’s a good little buy. I’m not 100% sure, but the Combo Life looks like a Corsa estate!!

  5. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Yes it’s dropped so far that it might tempt some people. However considering an e208 isn’t a lot more and beats it in every way then I wouldn’t get a Corsa-e. Even a good Zoe would beat it. Too bland a car for me.

    1. David Atkin Avatar
      David Atkin

      I disagree that the Zoe is a better car. Although the battery is a little bigger on the Zoe, the Zoe’s battery is air cooled while the Corsa’s is liquid cooled and that means the Corsa can be DC rapid charged twice as fast. The Peugeot e208 is a better looking car without a doubt but secondhand you will be paying quite a bit more for the same spec, mileage and age. I know I’m looking for one for the better half currently.😮

  6. Kaleidoscope_Retro Avatar

    Battery state of health is the single most important piece of information used buyers want to know if they’re going to be confident of switching to an EV.

    1. David Atkin Avatar
      David Atkin

      Virtually all EVs have a 8 year/100k mile battery warranty. If it drops below 70% in that time it will be repaired or replaced, so not really an issue until it is either old or has done high mileage. Of course the manufacturers wouldn’t offer such good warranties if they weren’t confident the cars wouldn’t do at least that.

    2. Riaz Avatar

      It’s a shame there’s no regulation to force manufacturers to put this info on the display (even if buried in a menu). Nissan Leaf does it.

    3. DK_couch_potato Avatar

      @David Atkinyeah – so what after that ?

    4. Bernard Hilton Avatar
      Bernard Hilton

      I bought my 20 plate Corsa elite nav just before covid broke out and could only take delivery in June 2020. The retail price was a smidge over £32k. But I didn’t pay that. Vauxhall were giving a £2k discount and the government were giving £4.5k as a grant. So that is £25.5k…
      The dealership I bought the car from gave me a very good trade in on my diesel Juke and I got a free wallbox so I was quids in. Disappointingly it would appear that my ballon payment would be more than the car is worth so I am just going to hand it back.
      Why didn’t I buy an e208? That is an easy one, I don’t like it. I think those black flared wheel arches look plug ugly. One aspect of the Corsa that still brings a smile to my face is that the zero to 30 time is about 2.8 seconds. Enough to leave many a posh car owner fuming..😺😺😺. Finally the 220 mile wltp range is achievable in warm weather. Why am I not keeping it? I want a bigger battery. Finally the matrix LED headlights are phenomenal. I will miss those. Finally finally the battery is liquid cooled so you can forget about any significant battery degradation. A bargain second hand car if ever there was one.

  7. royobanan K Avatar
    royobanan K

    It’s taken the price down to what a petrol 3 year old Corsa would be at that trim level, so it’s a more realistic price. It’s a big hit if your selling privately though.

  8. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Amazing to think, it used to be a Zoe or a Leaf…. Now there is a good number of other brands that are now hitting 3 years old… and they have lost 50% to 60% of their showroom prices. I think they are bargains!

  9. Pad A Avatar
    Pad A

    brilliant review 🙂 I don’t want too many people to know about this bargain before I buy one lol

  10. Gordon MacKenzie Avatar
    Gordon MacKenzie

    I see You’ve hit 100k 😀 congratulations 🥳

  11. Daniel Richards Avatar
    Daniel Richards

    Rather than massively depreciated cars they’re at the price they should be as they’re way over priced brand new

  12. vitspinka1 Avatar

    Lost half the price in 3 years? That’s a reason why NOT to buy a new EV.
    Fingers crossed this is not a generic EV issue, that it’s just the Corsa-e. Overpriced when new, fleet purchases, etc.

    1. David Atkin Avatar
      David Atkin

      It used to be the case for virtually all cars, many still do especially like is mentioned in the video for ex fleet cars where there are a lot to get rid of after the 3 year lease is up.

  13. Sebastian Sandvik Avatar
    Sebastian Sandvik

    Incredible how quickly used car prices go down in the UK. Here in Finland a used Corsa-e with 50 000km from 2020 would be about 23 000 euro. That’s 50% more than in the UK, even though the price was the same as new.

    1. Richard Phillips Avatar
      Richard Phillips

      That’s really interesting and I feel pretty lucky that’s the case as I’m about to get a user EV.

    2. David Atkin Avatar
      David Atkin

      I think it is more to do with the fleet market here in the UK where once they come off the lease there is a glut of used vehicles and so prices drop. It’s not all cars but those like vauxhall often are great bargains secondhand. Jaguar ipace is another one, loads of ex fleet ones about means a 3 year old one can be picked up for about £25k when its over £70k new. Absolute steal.

    3. Richard Phillips Avatar
      Richard Phillips

      @David Atkin I’m sure you’re right.

    4. Dudley of Yesterzine Avatar
      Dudley of Yesterzine

      @David Atkin Yeah, years ago I bought an Ex-fleet petrol Corsa. 6 months old. 5000 miles. Half the new price. Because it was on a car supermarket that had 100 of them at the same price and I walked round the lot of them to find the best. The supermarket didn’t care, they’d have bought them all even cheaper in bulk.

  14. Patrick H Avatar
    Patrick H

    What’s happening with the Renault 5e that appeared on YouTube about 2 years ago..? Whilst we on the subject of French cars… 🤔

  15. computerbob06 Avatar

    I always hate lines like “it would charge from 10 to 80% in just 26 minutes”, when this is really just a best case scenario (that will never happen) and will it really stay at 100kw all the time?……….. No! Of course not!

    1. DavidT Avatar

      Given that the charge curve is programmed, from those set points at a suitable charger, that’s exactly what it should do.
      However, rock up at 30% and try to go to 100% and yes, it will be different.
      Charge curves are available to review online.

  16. Phathutshedzo Tshikosi Avatar
    Phathutshedzo Tshikosi

    Since Britain drives on the same side as its former colonies, why can’t we (South Africa) have the Opel Corsa-e?

  17. hellcat1988 Avatar

    I wish this had been, and still wish it was available over here, across the pond. Those prices and that millage make them exactly the car that I’ve been demanding for over the last 5 years.

  18. bryan Avatar

    As people have said,
    The current state of the battery life should be a mandatory display on every ev.
    Then as a used buyer we would have some idea of what we are buying and its current battery life condition.

  19. The Laser Hive Avatar
    The Laser Hive

    Bargain. Actually I think that the used EV market has now ‘normalised’. People recognise that the new prices of European EVs were artificially high and the second hand market now has enough for them to be at the right level. It means that the less wealthy now truly have access to sensibly priced cars – and that’s a great thing. I jumped in with a used E-Golf last month and I’m loving it. So much choice now!

  20. Mark Ruitenbeek Avatar
    Mark Ruitenbeek

    Finally an advantage of driving on the wrong side of the road: British cars aren’t so easy to export, so prices drop quickly!

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