USED REVIEW: Peugeot e-2008. The right family electric car for you?

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has actually transformed itself over the previous few years. It wasn't that long ago that if you wrote a cheque for a brand name brand-new , in exchange you 'd receive a cars and truck that had flimsy develop quality, so-so styling and poor reliability. But it would have been inexpensive.

Among the cars and trucks that has changed the most in a brief space of time has been the 2008. Introduced in 2020, the crossover-cum-small-SUV sis to the 208 supermini has been a decent seller for Peugeot with its roomy interior and low running costs showing to be a winning mix for households.

Just like the e-208, the e-2008 was introduced with a 50kWh battery with 100kW charging capability, which indicates a variety of in between 191 and 206 miles (depending upon spec) and a zero-to-80% charge taking thirty minutes.

With a brand-new, updated version arriving this year, is the initial version a good utilized buy? Join Nicki as she takes a close take a look at a and highlights its good and bad points. With early variations costing a fraction of what they did new, is now the time to add the e2008 to your desire list?

Do you own a Peugeot e2008 or considering one? Do you like it and what are its finest points? As constantly, we like to read your comments, so let us know what your decision is below.

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35 responses to “USED REVIEW: Peugeot e-2008. The right family electric car for you?”

  1. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Thank you.

  2. Music Chap Avatar
    Music Chap

    A solid choice, still!

  3. Tom Webb Avatar
    Tom Webb

    Just handed one of these back after a 3 year lease (because we needed more space in the back and the boot for two growing youngsters).
    Enjoyed having it and got down to the south of France and back twice in it on holiday- not a massive range but charges quickly so longer trips definitely doable!

    1. TrueDesire존 Avatar

      “Quickly” it’s not even close to 200 kW 🤣

    2. денис баженов Avatar
      денис баженов

      @TrueDesire존You have no idea about REAL charging speed of most EVs. Most cars – including many Tesla’s – will have REAL charge at less than 150 kW, dropping down to 100 kW or even less after 30-40% SoC.
      And… most “fast chargers” CAN’T deliver 200 kW.

    3. TrueDesire존 Avatar

      @user-nu1vn3yy9s  I’ve been driving EVs till 2019 till april this year… Stellantis group IS too slow! Not to mention we now have several 150-350 kW chargers in Sweden in some select places, mostly Circle K and Ionity. We are also setting up/preparing for trucks requiring megawatts. Tesla even opened up some of theirs.
      Hyundai and Kia are on the right track but still too slow imo. Xpeng can reach 480 kW peak, Nio can swap batteries.
      We need solid state tech allowing a flaw 300 kW minimum to speed things up.

    4. Decimal Avatar

      it’s not just the size that matters – it’s how you use that charge rate @TrueDesire존

  4. The Dreamfactory Avatar
    The Dreamfactory

    I love the Gulf jacket!! Great.

  5. Tochukwu Ezinwa Avatar
    Tochukwu Ezinwa

    E 2008 is really a fantastic car

  6. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    My friend owns a 2022 Vauxhall Mokka… nearly £40k in 2022 and last week he was offered just £17,000 in part exchange for a BMW i4.

    1. kipper von Avatar
      kipper von

      Ouch!! 😮

    2. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones


    3. Ian Ackery Avatar
      Ian Ackery

      Mad to buy a small EV privately new – same as buying any expensive car new, they all depreciate heavily. Either lease it or buy second hand.

  7. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Look at Stellantis cars new 2024 models…. they are asking £35k to £45k yet they will discount the hell out of them when they are 6 months old…. Then in two to three years they will be 50% down!! Personally I would either lease new OR buy second hand as BEVs are not holding their value. Plenty of quality second hands coming to market.

    1. денис баженов Avatar
      денис баженов

      How do you explain it? I think it’s mostly because of fast progress coming with new models, and not technical issues or battery capacity degraded.

    2. Pete McGregor Avatar
      Pete McGregor

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    3. Jumanne Ramadhani Avatar
      Jumanne Ramadhani

      Please how can I reach out to your advisor, if you don’t mind me asking?

    4. Pete McGregor Avatar
      Pete McGregor

      My Financial adviser is
      “Samuel Peter Descovich” he’s highly qualified and experienced in the financial market. He has extensive knowledge of portfolio diversity and is considered an expert in the field. I recommend researching his credentials further. He has many years of experience and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the financial market

    5. Jumanne Ramadhani Avatar
      Jumanne Ramadhani

      He appears to be well-educated and well-read. I ran a Google search on his name and came across his website and messaged him directly; thank you for sharing.

  8. Captive S Avatar
    Captive S

    Range of 206 miles. LOL.

  9. Nicholas Rigg Avatar
    Nicholas Rigg

    £220 per tyre? They saw you coming.

    1. James Avatar

      I was quoted £197 for one Michelin tyre for a petrol 208 last week. But you don’t go to main dealers for tyres

  10. russvhill2 Avatar

    I was instantly put off the car when you mentioned the price of tyres. Mention of the insurance group would also be handy when doing these second hand car reviews. Thanks.

  11. Steven Jones Avatar
    Steven Jones

    Another STELLANTIS video ? C’mon this is getting silly. Are you on their payroll or something ?

  12. Don Dixit Avatar
    Don Dixit

    Sweetheart, the UPgraded MarkII 2024 Peu 2008 is – rangewise/specwise/exteriorwise – a mighty fine improvement over the one you’ve tested. Can’t wait to see you drive that one too.

  13. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    I think Stellantis have done a fairly good job in recent years. The new price is atill too high and leasing costs are way toouch for a low mileage private buyer. Used pricea definitely on the verge of tempting but in order for tgem to be a no compromise option in my use case Id need 250 miles real world winter range. That means I can go somewhere 100 miles away without faffing around charging (not all places I visit have charging facilities)

    1. James Avatar

      250 miles real world winter range is more or less DOUBLE what this car achieves with a healthy battery!

    2. Robert Smith Avatar
      Robert Smith

      @James I used to have a Zoe ZE40. 140 miles was the winter range with that. I didn’t drive it at all fast though. I rarely charged away from home but long trips took some planning. Home charging is super convenient most of the time it has to be said.

    3. James Avatar

      @Robert Smith as far as I know, Zoe’s have a better real world range than the 2008 (and Renault are more honest about it)

  14. James Avatar

    Myself I’d be pretty put out if my battery turned out to be 70% effective and so just ineligible for replacement. Especially considering that this Stellantis drivetrain is well known for getting nowhere near its Wltp range (lots of comments on this for the 208 and Mokka). Shouldn’t this channel offer more advice on how to assess secondhand battery health? Is looking at the range readout sufficient? Perhaps the channel has advice elsewhere, in which case why not link to it? That’s what is putting secondhand buyers off, if you hadn’t realised

  15. Richard Hinton Avatar
    Richard Hinton

    Ugly looking thing . As a private purchase new EVs can lose a packet it seems. Way too early to risk you money and suffer the recent charging point punch ups .

  16. James Avatar

    You have to wonder what will happen to these 2021-2 BEVs in 10 years’ time or so. Their owners, if any, will be struggling around on 80-90 miles’ range and with the constant threat of having to replace the battery. It’s quite different from the old ICE cars on the road today, which can usually be repaired incrementally – think how many battered old 206s you see driving around. With a traction battery failure, a relatively poor motorist will be …stuffed. So old BEVs will be scapped early (also if their battery is crash-damaged). Just how good will this earlier scrappage be for the environment?

  17. Barry Murton Avatar
    Barry Murton

    Love my e2008 70/71. No probs with my varifocals.

  18. Barry Murton Avatar
    Barry Murton

    Who needs sport mod?

  19. Decimal Avatar

    “the cheapest was under 17 grand”.. not very cheap then. 🙂

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