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When Hyundai introduced the Kona 2018, it went relatively undetected. cars and trucks were still thought about to be eccentric options and accounted for a tiny fraction of brand-new car sales. But together with its sibling cars and truck, the Kia eNiro, the Kona Electric soon developed a loyal fan base. Here was a vehicle that might provide 280 miles of driving variety, amazing efficiency and a loaded specification sheet. For a very long time, it stood head and shoulders above all its competitors for value.

And better than that, when the UK Federal government was actually pressing electrical in 2018, it was used with a ₤ 4,500 federal government plug-in vehicle grant – so that was money directly back into your pocket – for a cars and truck with the most range that gotten approved for the grant at the time. Suddenly, charging infrastructure wasn't a lot of a problem, and longer commutes and trips became easy. Well, easi … er..

Which was mainly down to the 201bhp motor up front and 64kWh battery that the longer-range Kona was packing under the flooring. There was also a smaller sized, more urban-biased 39kWh variation with a still-pretty-good 194miles of range – though that also has less power at 134bhp. It was likewise less popular with purchasers, so you won't see so many of them for resale.

So considered that there's a couple of cars and trucks out and about on the pre-loved circuit, what type of cash are we discussing for a 2nd hand Kona? Well, with electric car supply starting to get arranged, and more cars coming onto the marketplace, rates have actually begun to remedy to the a little more economical..

With great deals of cars and trucks coming off their lease arrangements, you can find some charming stuff. So for the cars and truck you actually want – the longer-range 64kWh battery – ₤ 16k to ₤ 17k will see a Premium with around 60k miles. There are vehicles for less than ₤ 14k, however they have much greater mileages – a conceit of being able to do longer ranges with decent range. People actually have utilized these cars much like they would any other. And they've been fine..

Another point is that Konas were initially made in a location called Ulsan in South Korea, with just a few coming over to the UK. But from 2020 they started being made in Czech Republic in Europe, so there's lots more from that type of age. So don't be surprised that a great deal of the vehicles are a little bit younger.

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29 responses to “Used Hyundai Kona Electric Buying Guide: an electric car bargain? | Electrifying”

  1. Ricco123tube Avatar

    I have a Kona 64Kwh and it is very good, so good that I’ll hand it over to my better half when I purchase a new EV next year.

    1. Ian Taylor Avatar
      Ian Taylor

      I’m getting a used Kona tommorow. Good to hear people are liking them

  2. Craig Brown Avatar
    Craig Brown

    Just bought a 2021 64kWh Kona. Great car with great range. You forgot to mention the recall for a coolant change. Hyundai are using a new coolant as the old one was crystallising a little.

  3. Martin Wray Avatar
    Martin Wray

    Im pretty sure that all the Konas are capable of up to 77kW charging on DC.
    They did upgrade the onboard charger from 7kW to 11kW on 3 phase though. Not sure exactly when.
    Plus, all the 18 and 19 cars benefit from a heat pump. Check for that, if the lack of it might bother you.

    1. ronexus Avatar

      My e-Niro yesterday showed 81kW on a 150kW Tesla Supercharger for quite some time. It can not be 4kW for cooling?! Forgot to check in the Energy menu…

  4. Daniel Hockin Avatar
    Daniel Hockin

    Had mine for nearly 2yrs. Love it. Super efficient.
    Adelaide – Melbourne and back in 2 days no issues.
    Cheap to run and super reliable.
    Only thing showing it’s age with slightly slower charging that new EVs.

  5. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    I came so close to getting into one BUT the dealer was so hopeless that I ended up just walking out of the dealership.

    Shame really.

  6. Garry Hendy Avatar
    Garry Hendy

    Great pice. More like this please. Perhaps a used ev £20k test.. have a fab weekend 👍

  7. wendy hopkins Avatar
    wendy hopkins

    I have the mild hybrid Kona I love it drives amazing around town , and the boot isn’t an issue for me. I will be disappointed when I change cars next month

  8. Sam Bomorse Avatar
    Sam Bomorse

    I have a 2021 Kona Ultimate and it’s absolutely superb. Very fast, very efficient and great tech.
    Shame the new one is exorbitantly priced. I won’t be getting the new one out of principle – many thousands more than my top spec Kona and even the top spec Ultimate doesn’t get all the kit unless you spend thousands onoption packs!
    I’m most likely going for the new Smart #1 instead.

    1. Mac Avatar

      Completely agree I own a 64kw primer se with all the tech including heat pump, why would I change for the new model not enough upgrades for me the buy the new one.

    2. Sam Bomorse Avatar
      Sam Bomorse

      What’s the best mileage you’ve had from yours? My best was 314 miles to a full charge but I’ve also had just over 300 miles several times as well.

    3. Mac Avatar

      I have never taken my Kona to zero battery but managed 305 miles with 5 percent left in the battery after a long drive back from Cornwall.

  9. BrackenDog10 Avatar

    Before buying, check whether the battery is subject to recall, and if so, whether it has been replaced. Some original LG Chem batteries were faulty.

  10. Mac Avatar

    I’ve owned a 2020 64kw primer se with all the tech brilliantly efficient 300 miles all day long. The 77kw limit charging is not a problem as most chargers I have come across are only 50kw maximum , I agree maybe not as big inside for a large family but I have driven the Kona from Birmingham to Isle of Wight with four adults and a full boot never even a requirement to stop for a charge such a great car well ahead for it’s time and still better than what’s on the current market.

  11. Megapangolin Avatar

    Brilliant idea to put the charge point on the front, it is one of the least likely places to be damaged in case of an accident, isn’t it? Someone is going to make lots of money on repairs. Brilliant. Good video. We need more discussions on buying second hand with all the problems/benefits examined. That should give you a lot of new subscribers.

    1. Andy Taylor Avatar
      Andy Taylor

      Once you’ve used a few awkward public chargers with a rear mounted port, you’ll realise that the front is the best place for it. Nissan got it right with the Leaf.

    2. kenzohkw Avatar

      If you have a front end smash I think the charger port would be the least of your issues lol but I bet that charging port comes with a cable that bolts on somewhere in the engine/motor bay and would be cheap to replace. The Koreans aren’t stupid.

    3. Megapangolin Avatar

      They certainly aren’t.@kenzohkw

  12. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Ah, Nikki… yes, “child free” is a thing of the past. You might need a third-row EV before long…!?! It is good to see more EVs in the used market, for lower-income classes also need to help eliminate tail pipes if we’re going to get a handle on this climate crisis.

  13. Kőrösi Krisztián Avatar
    Kőrösi Krisztián

    “…this ain’t a spaceship.” – this exactly has sold the car to me. It looks way better in life, especially in more exciting colours. I have a facelift 64 Kona in Dark Knight (dark grey), with style specs (ultimate in UK I think, pretty much all extras). I love this car and not looking into changing in foreseeable future, especially as all the “spaceships” keep coming instead of “cars”. This one is a good old fashioned hot hatch with all modern extras if you know what I mean. 😉

  14. Neo Anderson Avatar
    Neo Anderson

    As an enthusiast, I wasn’t going to move into an electric vehicle unless it was rwd or awd with its architecture rwd. As you can see, that limits you to basically 1 brand. Let me tell you, I’m super happy I waited. Nothing against the Kona, but when you have a dedicated supercharger system at your disposal, there really isn’t a choice. I think later on when Tesla does open it up for other manufacturers, then you can look elsewhere. However, with the massive jump it has on all the other manufacturers, do yourself a favor and wait till you can get a Tesla.
    16000-17000 pounds equivalent to my currency is about 30g’s. You can definitely find teslas for that amount. 👍🏻

  15. Greg Cooper Avatar
    Greg Cooper

    I had use of a 2021 Kona Electric for a month last year when I swapped company cars with a colleague so he and his family could holiday in the south of France. I fell in love. The boot and rear seats were too small for my family, but the rest of the car was just incredible. I am due to order an EV in September and unfortunately I think I’m going to be too early for the new Kona, which I have drooled over in a showroom. New Kona boot is a great size and rear passenger space is great. I know the Niro is the same platform but it just doesn’t excite me as much as the Kona. If I can stretch to an Ioniq 5 I will go for that, or see if I can extend my current company car lease and order the new Kona…

  16. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    @Electrifying – When shopping for a used car, how does one tell or find out how the previous owner(s) treated the battery? Did they properly charge the battery pack according to the manufacturer’s directions? Did they discharge the battery pack within prescribed limits? I am always concerned (not when looking at a car like the Kona) that perhaps the pervious owner was fond of showing all their friends just how quick electric cars are. Are there unbiased, third party diagnostics systems for battery packs to let the prospective buyer understand the health of a car’s battery pack? Thank you.

  17. Alain O'Dea Avatar
    Alain O’Dea

    I have a 2022 Kona Electric Ultimate (bought second hand, 6,000kms on it) and a 2023 Kona Electric Ultimate (bought brand new). Almost identical. Not sure how they compare to UK models, but 64kWh pack and 417km range noted.

    I hope these keep their value as I’d like to defray some of the cost of financing the one we bought new (which we bought first). Alternative is driving them until they fail, which seems like it might be a very long time by some estimates.

  18. David Burns Avatar
    David Burns

    Happy to see reviews like this, because of retirement I will be replacing my company ID.3 and with a budget of £25000, this review opened my eyes to 2nd hand prices of this car. Now I would like you to do a reviews asking the question, 2nd hand EV, like the Kona or new EV like the MG4.

    1. Mark Mills Avatar
      Mark Mills

      If you have a had a ID3 don’t get a Kona the front grip is dreadful and it’s so dated inside , it feels so much older car than an id3. At £25k I’d probably look at the MG4 it drives so much better than the Kona

  19. Jude Brown Avatar
    Jude Brown

    Had one as a courtesy car while our Ioniq 38 kWh was having it’s warranty bits done along with the big service. Couldn’t get my walking aid in the boot without putting down the single rear seat, then only one bag for life fit in with it so I couldn’t do a week’s shop.
    It’s a no from me, I can get my walker and five bags in the boot of the Ioniq, it’s a TARDIS, and still room for the lurcher on the back seat!
    Great review Nikki, reckon your little one should be arriving soon if they’re not here already. Hope you have a safe delivery and congratulations to you and yours.👍🤗

  20. Lee Smart Avatar
    Lee Smart

    I’ve had my 2019 Kona Premium SE from new and the only warranty fixes were the washer jets!! Battery management software was updated in 2020 after stories of Kona battery fires surfaced.
    My range is probably down 6-8% after 49,000 miles which were mostly powered from my home 7kW wallbox. I don’t tend to rapid charge over 80% although it can indeed charge at 77kW and has a decent charge curve.
    Last week, we did 900 miles over 6 days and it was very comfortable, especially on motorways with the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist functions.
    I have removed the fake engine cover from under the bonnet and fitted a plastic storage box to act as a frunk (or froot) for the charge cable plus I added gas struts to the bonnet for added convenience.
    The only negative over 4 years is the lack of room in the back when carrying passengers

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