The LOVE Bus. Why we still ADORE VW’s retro ID.Buzz |

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Complete Volkswagen ID. review:

The Volkswagen ID. . Depending upon your perspective, this is either an icon born-again for the electric era … or a rather pricey electrical with additional seats.

The reason that we're reviewing the Buzz a year on is because things have actually altered. Quite a bit. Not with the Buzz itself – that's basically the exact same. It's the bits you can't see that have actually changed. Unless you have actually been residing in a skip for the last 12 months, you'll know that the electrical automobile market has actually been turned on its head..

We've gone from there not being enough cars for purchasers … to there being inadequate purchasers for cars and trucks. Which for us is An EXCELLENT thing.

Let's start with schedule. When we initially went cope with our initial video, you couldn't get a Buzz for love nor cash. Think me, I tried both. If you desired a 2 tone cars and truck like this, Volkswagen was pricing quote a shipment time of … a year and a half. And if you did want to leap the queue and get one immediately, well … you 'd be looking at spending more than seventy 5 grand. Yep, Buzz fever was kinda nuts..

Today, that's all altered. According to Volkswagen, if you order a new one today, you'll get it in around 12 weeks. Not 12 months. 12 weeks..

And it's not just the preparations that have actually altered. The finance scenario is likewise quite various to what it was simply 12 months ago..

If you're a private purchaser and usage Volkswagen's own PCP plan, you'll get a ₤ 5,500 deposit contribution without even needing to bargain. Volkswagen like to dress this up as a 'dealership contribution', but let's be sincere here – it's a 5 and a half grand discount rate. Which you certainly wouldn't have got a year ago..

And if you're a company user and desire contract hire, you'll be looking at ₤ 399– plus VAT– a month for among these. That's respectable.

Sign up with Nicola as she takes a review at the Volkswagen ID.Buzz.

Battery: 77kWh.
WLTP range: 250 miles.
DC Quick charge: 175kW.
A/c charge: 11kW.
Boot: 1,121 litres/ 2,123 litres.
Towing: 1,000 kg.

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29 responses to “The LOVE Bus. Why we still ADORE VW’s retro ID.Buzz |”

  1. @ianrob4760 Avatar

    the availability is how a market should mature, as early adopters have their cars etc then the likes of myself, lets say second generation start to look to replace our cars and because of the lag there is a over supply. Prices will fall and then as I have the MG4 the Chinese come in and legacy have a clear choice.

  2. @stu81madwife Avatar

    Aerodynamics of a supermarket 😂

    1. @thezanzibarbarian5729 Avatar

      And the colour and styling of a Tupperware box ;-))…

  3. @edwardjones4550 Avatar

    “Look how big the back is in here”! Proceeds to put the only back row of seats down.

  4. @BrockMcLellan Avatar

    My wife has a Buzz. Tomorrow, I have been invited to go shopping with her, because Buzz will reach 10 000 km after 418 days of ownership, which is an average of almost 24 km a day. She might even be treated to a waffle and a cup of coffee in the village.

    Yes, we are happy with Buzz. Not ecstatic. Yes, the software could be better, and it could come equipped with more (lighted) buttons. Yes, the range could be better, but we have never charged away from home. No, we do not feel a need for a GTX version, 4WD, more power, more torque, more seats or a longer wheelbase. We like the white interior, especially. Because of our advanced age, this is the last vehicle we will own. It is two tone, yellow and white, for sentimental reasons. On our honeymoon we rented a yellow VW Rabbit. Yes, I would have preferred signal yellow to lime yellow.

    1. @carlishiggins Avatar

      youv been ripped off

    2. @user-vo7gw1vu4o Avatar


    3. @o0alias0o Avatar

      @@carlishiggins Or maybe he doesn’t care as much about getting the best of the best and he just wanted a vehicle that connected to him and his wifes past and that also works for their situation.

    4. @Mymindisablank Avatar

      @@carlishiggins I’m thinking of getting one for the sheer fact that the buzz can serve a purpose that most evs do not size, volume and flexibility. It might be expensive but it is not a rip off if it can do what it was designed to do for you.

  5. @ISuperTed Avatar

    04:46, that’s the Gesture control feature or when Nicola does it, the Waft.

  6. @fredbloggs72 Avatar

    I have driven one, and as a ex T25 driver it attracts me, but please, vehicles with two pillars at the front generally have less visibility and the Buzz is one such, it was one of the things I specifically looked out for, as my present car has twin pillars and was described by testers as having good visibility, but in fact has pretty bad blind spots.

  7. @nabillarif Avatar

    Never seen you so excited about a car as much as this !

  8. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    The ID Buzz is one of the most brilliant and inspiring vehicles. The only problem is that Volkswagen don’t make a camper of this fabulous beast!! It looks a bit like a T1 or T2!!

    1. @hughM9 Avatar

      They have to make it a commercial success first. Campers are very niche, but it will happen. The majority of existing campers conversions are based on vans that have had a commercial life first.
      In 3 or 4 years time there’ll be plenty of campers

  9. @neoanderson7 Avatar

    They desperately need to increase the range on this thing. The seating as well. I was expecting to see the rear seats already.. Otherwise, it’s an interesting novelty vehicle. Honestly, I just saw this for Nicola.. 🙂

  10. @user-iz8hk1ww7i Avatar

    A great review. Very informative.
    I’ve seen a few ID.Buzzes on the road, and they are visually striking things. Definitely a head-turner. If Volkswagen can improve the range and reduce the price, they could have a winner here.

  11. @zuu1701 Avatar

    I actually really like that you start with the figures before showing the car. Often I can watch car reviews and think ‘this is amazing’ then you find out the price tag / PCP and realise I just window shopped and wasted 15 minutes of my time.

  12. @DMulabiTalejan Avatar

    Your conclusion is spot-on. I looooooove this car, including the colours (i hate those dreaful black or grey interiors!). But it seems to have slightly low ground clearance for off-road escapades. Why does no one ever talk about ground clearance?

  13. @chrispenn715 Avatar

    I do enjoy Nicola’s reviews – great fun

  14. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    Ahj, I can look for a month at the VW ID Buzz, but it still starts at 1.5 times my year salary, (before tax takes 35% of it.)
    So, with that €26k, after living, food, cloth etc. I can save around €2500 a year. Whow, just 25 years of savings. . . .guess that wont work.

  15. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    But the passenger windows still do not open…. Why is the LWB already on sale in America?

  16. @adlvilar Avatar

    Statistically and technically speaking, maybe a disaster and a big mistake. But it buzzes around. And moves someone by its looks and heritage.
    Heck, I also do love certain vehicles that are mistakes also. So everyone stays happy. Buzzing or not.😊

  17. @devanman7920 Avatar

    The price is just mental. Like back in the day for a relatively young person these vans were possible. Now not at all.

    1. @hughM9 Avatar

      £50k vans aren’t that unusual. A big standard diesel van of a similar size starts at £30k. Once it’s accessorised then it’ll be 40.

  18. @KristianKoivistoKokko Avatar

    In a big test of winter conditions of ev’s in finland, the Buzz inexplicably took 220m to stop from 60km/h on ice. where every other tested car stopped in under 100m. something not right with the car :/ also, if the range is bad in the UK climate, can’t imagine it being very good in proper -15c or -20c temperatures

    1. @hughM9 Avatar

      Wrong tyres?

  19. @simondehaas8784 Avatar

    Don’t really get the problems with range. It’s about the same as our 58kwh ID3, and we’ve taken that all over the place including France and Belgium. With two young kids, we never have to wait for the car, it’s always ready to go before them, and it has to stop less often than them. Sure, having to stop every 150-200 miles will slow down someone on a business trip or a long commute, but a young family? Not at all. And most of these will be used for family holidays.

    1. @Flyingtwiglet Avatar

      Same. We have an ID3 too and the range is about the same (not the efficiency though!) Agree that 200 miles is plenty. That’s at least 3-3.5 hours on the road and you need a comfort break, coffee and food. In the 30 mins it takes to do all that it’s got another 3 hours in. Like you said, I’ve never waited. The journey to my mums 250 miles away, takes the same time as it did in my ICE cars. And costs a fraction if you minimise public charging.

  20. @simonlocke3192 Avatar

    I have had a Buzz for the last year and love it. It is really practical for carrying lots of stuff, and enjoyable to drive especially for longer trips.
    The range I achieve is 200 winter to 240 miles summer. Whilst not amazing it is certainly fine and I’ve travelled up to the North of Scotland in it no problem.

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