The Electrifying Podcast With No Name: a weekly round-up of all things electric | EPISODE 2

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Weekly, the fulfill online to discuss all the concerns at hand. Such as the weather, what we're all having for our tea and who disposed who in last night's Love Island. In between these heavyweight subjects, we likewise talk about electrical automobiles. A lot. Most likely an unhealthy amount to be truthful.

And when we do go over cars and trucks, we discover a lot. From market gossip to the more ordinary functionalities of and truck ownership, it's the place where we dish the dirt on the vehicles we have actually been driving and provide our own decisions on the most recent electric automobile . We likewise like to have a great laugh at the daftest bits of anti-electric that we have actually seen in the press.

We can't promise that you'll discover much. You probably will not. However if you fancy 30 minutes of idle chat and gossip about the world of electrical automobiles, we're here for you. If you like it/ hate it/ believe it's too long or too brief, let us understand. Oh, and if you can think about a great name for our pod, stick your recommendation in the remarks below.

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22 responses to “The Electrifying Podcast With No Name: a weekly round-up of all things electric | EPISODE 2”

  1. David Young Avatar
    David Young

    Worst names? I passed my test in a Wartburg.

  2. The Niki94 Avatar
    The Niki94

    5:23 so it’s like Clippy from microsoft?

  3. Musketeer009 Avatar

    I wouldn’t top up my electric car (if I had one) at a friend’s or relation’s place. I’d find the nearest public charging point and go there, if I needed to.

    1. William Millard Avatar
      William Millard

      Why get the cheaper electricity when you could get the expensive stuff? (typically it costs way less than half to top-up via a home-charger….so, there’s that..)

    2. Lee Oades Avatar
      Lee Oades

      Whereas I’m more than happy for any of my friends to charge at mine if they’re coming over.
      I’d also be more than happy to pay for electricity I’ve used at friends. No problem.

  4. Mark Milligan Avatar
    Mark Milligan

    Worst car name ? how about Renault Bipper 😁

  5. Jonty60 Avatar

    Smart used to mean small, compact. Mercedes have spoilt the whole concept. We will stick with our petrol four two for the time being (and ID3).

  6. Michael Fields Avatar
    Michael Fields

    Is it too late to suggest “Electripodding”?

  7. The Niki94 Avatar
    The Niki94

    i would top up at friends place only place only if i needed and would likely pay

  8. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    Even I, who the ideal bungalow belongs to, need to take a break!!

  9. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    It was obviously not one of the original Smart cars!!

  10. William Millard Avatar
    William Millard

    The smart is basically an EX30 underneath…same battery/powertrain/platform..(I have 3x smart for2s….a mk1.5, a mark2 and a mark3 EV)…..I want an EX30!..

  11. William Millard Avatar
    William Millard

    Don’t sell the i3…..ever since I sold mine i’ve regretted it..

  12. Andrew Pitts Avatar
    Andrew Pitts

    I couldn’t half kill a watt hour.

    You’re welcome 😂😂

  13. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Thank you.

  14. Rob Verleg Avatar
    Rob Verleg

    I love watching this podcast 👌

  15. Robert MacGregor Avatar
    Robert MacGregor

    How about the Electropod?

  16. The Laser Hive Avatar
    The Laser Hive

    That fox is the Microsoft Word 📎 “ you look like you want to drive a car…. Can I help?”

  17. chris kippax Avatar
    chris kippax

    In North America, the hashtag symbol means “number”- so I think you’re missing the point here…”#1” = “number one “😊

  18. Thijs Remie Avatar
    Thijs Remie

    KISS: The Electrifying Podcast

  19. Judith Kitchingman Avatar
    Judith Kitchingman

    Ginny, I’m older than you and I find the fox cute and entertaining in the hashtag1. Praps it’s just me. I’m sick of cars with a sea of black plastic or fifty shades of grey. The Smart is colourful and has design, along with the spec I’m sold. Xxx

  20. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    A great video Ginny and Mike. You now have a great name for the pod cast. As to the format and apologies in advance as I’m sure that your great collective clever brains have already considered it should consider. What we did over the last week or from the previous pod cast (I guess sometimes for reasons a week could be missed) followed by the ‘Electric News’ and is followed by next weeks planned activities. Of course the AOB banter at the end should time allow. Anyway I’m happy to be a subscriber although I’m yet to get or even drive an EV but that may change next weekend if I get a chance to try an EV maybe for consideration for a future purchase, we shall see. I’m gathering as much information from various channels to put together a short list that fit my requirements. Many thanks for sharing.

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