REVIEW: 2023 Kia Soul EV. Has Kia ruined our boxy favourite? | Electrifying

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Check out the evaluation:

We have actually always enjoyed the Kia Soul EV here at .com, however to be sincere, it is among those automobiles that's a little tough to pigeonhole. Is it a hatchback? Is it an SUV? Is it simply a stylised box with wheels?

Well, whatever it is, it's always been striking and really effective – sharing the brilliant hardware from the Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona EV was never a bad concept. It's enjoyable, and a little bit different. And now it looks set to be various again – with the intro of a new 2023 design.

However, you'll require to be something of a Soul expert to find any of the distinctions on the outside. Apart from a few small trim changes and a brand-new location for the boot badge, the brand-new Soul looks very much like the old Soul. However that's no bad thing.

As far as the inside goes, the cabin gets a 10.25-inch touchscreen as standard in all however the base grade and a through re-model, consisting of a better dash and shiny brand-new body-colour inserts on the within the doors, as well as a lot more thorough package of motorist aids.

There will be two variations readily available in the UK, one called the 'Urban' with a 39.2 kWh battery and 171 miles of WLTP range that comes in at simply under ₤ 33,000. That's the one Kia thinks will fit individuals in cities, and offers the Soul variety a much lower starting rate.

The 'Explore', which is the one we filmed, gets extra bodystyling, a 64kWh battery and a far more beneficial 280 miles of WLTP variety, and that starts at ₤ 39,045. That sounds a bit punchy when you realise that you can have something like a Kia Niro EV in '3' grade for simply ₤ 500 more. And that has a slightly larger battery at 64.8 kWh and 285 miles of WLTP variety.

Sign up with Nicola as she puts the brand-new Kia Soul through its speeds. Is the Soul still an .com favourite, or have more recent designs made it an also-ran? As constantly, we like to read your views, so get hectic typing in the remarks below.

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21 responses to “REVIEW: 2023 Kia Soul EV. Has Kia ruined our boxy favourite? | Electrifying”

  1. Jessica 🔥 Avatar
    Jessica 🔥

    The best🌸.

  2. Lynda Hill Avatar
    Lynda Hill

    No way is it a pootling car. I have really good fun with mine – all types of road.

  3. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Actually very disappointed with the Kua Soul at £39,000…!! I would definitely be choosing a newer Kia (as the warranty is megga) or a Citroën E-C4, at £32,000

  4. Peter Urquhart Avatar
    Peter Urquhart

    I will have the Niro ! That is crazy price !

  5. Lewis Standing Avatar
    Lewis Standing

    DC charging speeds are of overplayed significance. Can only have used DC charging a dozen times in 2.5 years.

    Was thinking of upgrading my Kona to an ioniq 6, but actually since I never need to DC rapid charge, that’s taking on loads of debt for what reason? So I can rush a motorway stop 6x a year, leg it back from the bog or canteen to move it before getting overstay fees? Pointless.

  6. MrKlaw Avatar

    Its always a bit odd when we get a new Doctor Who but I think we’ll get used to her pretty quickly

  7. Mike Kyffin Avatar
    Mike Kyffin

    Compliments to the video presenter and production. Another quality insight into whether it’s still holds up to the market. Looking at used prices today I would recommend a used one with less that 15k miles, all for around 23kGBP. Still have the warranty and the practicality. Have Kia put back some of the options they removed from the first edition? (i.e. Heat Pump).

  8. A R Avatar
    A R

    These look fantastic. If it had the interior from the Niro I’d have this over that

  9. Stephen clay Avatar
    Stephen clay

    The soul Ev is a good car but it is just a fill in car until the Ev4 arrives. Kia had pulled it last year but brought it back because of the difficulty in getting the New Niro ev. I was told this by my Kia dealer.

  10. Ricco123tube Avatar

    The Niro is a better choice IMO, however the slow charging is a deal breaker.

  11. Bryan davies Avatar
    Bryan davies

    The dashboard still looks like it was designed by 3 different people who weren’t on speaking terms. The slow charging and poor value are going to put people off. Comparing this, its warranty, price and features to an MG 4 Trophy, I know where my money would go. Good review, again, thanks.

  12. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great video love

    Tesla expands its Aussie virtual power plant; helps poor families pay power bills

    The Electric Viking

    Its all going fast

  13. neill gatley Avatar
    neill gatley

    At the right price, this is a brilliant car. The list price is a bet strong and makes an atto 3 or something from MG look more attractive.

  14. Darrell Ames Avatar
    Darrell Ames

    Have they addressed their brake light issue on this vehicle or is it just another Kia? On another channel I learned that Kia decided they don’t need brake lights when their cars are decelerating hard in one pedal driving mode cuz nobody needs to know you’re slowing down right? Also seems to be an issue with some other brands. But I really got to say calling a car Not terrible. Doesn’t seem like a great review in any way. Since you obviously didn’t like the car cuz it’s a ice conversion you should just say so out loud and be proud of it.

    1. Mancozeb100 Avatar

      Think that problem is only on the eGMP platform – so , the EV6 and Ioniq 5 … certainly in the US – not sure if it’s a thing in Europe. The Soul should be OK – have put a camera on my Soul to check brake lights, and no problem. They work when you would expect them to work. On Regen Level 2 and 3. Don’t operate on Level 1 as it’s just like normal coasting. They work on Adaptive Cruise as you would expect.

  15. e k Avatar
    e k

    great video! Nicola is really funny.

  16. Nicholas Rigg Avatar
    Nicholas Rigg

    Battery prices are falling. £39000 is just ridiculous for this.

  17. 112deeps Avatar

    Does anyone think the one in white looks like Range Rover MINI !? from the front its looks like Land Rover Product Design ?

  18. Craig Perlmutter Avatar
    Craig Perlmutter

    It’s great to see Nicola on here. One of my favourite presenters on one of my favourite car channels = winner 🎉

  19. Victor Lopes Avatar
    Victor Lopes

    Love Nicole videos!

  20. Richard Avatar

    I used to have a Soul EV which I bought in 2020 for 32k. What is essentially the same car is now 39k. I used to really like the Soul but I’m sorry, its not a 39k car with that dated interior. Kia have lost the plot a bit with the pricing of this.

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