REVEALED: the UK’s BEST small electric cars

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are set to be huge in 2023 as more vehicle drivers make the switch to electric. If you do not require the area of an SUV and just want something that is easy to park and inexpensive to run, a small electric makes best sense.

But which one should you pick? Is it better to go with a recognized name like MINI or Fiat, or should you take a punt on one of the sector's newcomers such as the clever # 1 or the Ora Funky Feline?

Join Nicki and Tom as they assemble the very best little electrical cars and trucks on the market or about to strike display rooms. Do you concur with their favourites? Are there any on your list that didn't make our choice? As constantly, let us know in the comments listed below.

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29 responses to “REVEALED: the UK’s BEST small electric cars”

  1. Tom Winter Avatar
    Tom Winter

    A quick point on the Zoe, I believe they removed the side and rear curtain airbags from the Zoe. That got the score reduced in the latest tests.

    1. Brian Griffiths Avatar
      Brian Griffiths

      That is what made it a deal breaker for me after buying new Renaults for 30 consecutive years, so I now drive a Fiat 500e.

  2. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    I have an e208 and love it. Looks and drives great, plenty of power and big enough. Only 2 negatives – range does drop a lot in winter and motorway driving and the price is a bit much nowadays – £35K for the GT! That’s close to Megane E-tech territory and £9K more than a base MG4.

    Hopefully next gen EV’s will be cheaper!

    1. Michael Headley Avatar
      Michael Headley

      Fellow e208 driver here, I agree with winter range, only getting 120-140 at the moment prepared to getting near 200 miles in the summer

  3. FFVoyager Avatar

    If I wanted a ‘small’ EV I’d buy a used i3 which was a truly ground-breaking design as the choice in your list is astonishingly dire. Mind you I can’t find a suitable car to replace my nearly 6 year old Ioniq either.

  4. Damo Avatar

    So in summary. They’re all great!! 😂

  5. Alexander Tarver Avatar
    Alexander Tarver

    Still waiting for the E-up, Citygo E, MII E equivalent. That’s all I really need. A country station car. Basic, good value / less than £20k, good to lend to young adult daughters.

    1. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      They did make all of them in electric , stopped production though

    2. Alexander Tarver Avatar
      Alexander Tarver

      @Lewis Standing that’s right Lewis, just before I needed them. 2nd hand are rarer than unicorns’ teeth, and not super cheap either.

    3. MrKlaw Avatar

      been seeing e-up lease deals all over facebook – don’t know if they’re available or not though? Its a shame some of the smaller battery cars aren’t available – £30k for a fiat is not great and we wouldn’t need that range for a second car

    4. Alexander Tarver Avatar
      Alexander Tarver

      @MrKlaw I really agree! Makes me smile when £30k is seen as cheap. Thanks for the tip! Will look. But signs of possible cheaper straightforward no-nonsense everyday cars with low to ok mileage may yet come.

  6. j letts Avatar
    j letts

    Mg4 good value. drives well, great all round car

    1. squawkparrot spitting feathers Avatar
      squawkparrot spitting feathers

      Buying a Chinese car is effectively financing the totalitarian regime and the potential invasion of Taiwan, a democratic country. Therefore, financing a possible world war.

  7. Garry Croft Avatar
    Garry Croft

    I’m ordering the Smart # 1 Brabus as soon as the UK order book opens.

  8. Jess Demant Aggeboe Avatar
    Jess Demant Aggeboe

    Good video and a like, but just a small remark about the MG4, because the MG4’s assistant system is far too intrusive and you have to go into the menu all the time to turn it off, and that’s not the point of a safety system, is it?

  9. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    Hyundai Ioniq gen 2. Always overlooked, always underestimated.

    1. Moggy Avatar

      I nearly ordered 1 to replace my Ioniq hybrid but went with the Kona electric 64 instead.

  10. Stephan Giger Avatar
    Stephan Giger

    Yeah great selection! Just got a Zoe second hand in Europe for 9000US. I’d choose this car over any ICE for the city and surroundings. EV’s are simply in their own league. Snappy, fast , silent, relaxing and poche.
    Also excited to see the BYD Dolphin come to Europe, maybe 2024?

  11. Graham Castle Avatar
    Graham Castle

    We are delighted with our Zoe and would buy again without hesitation however why pay more for less? Looking like the Zoe will be replaced in a couple of years by an MG4.

  12. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    Eye watering list price for all these cars but the good news is used prices seem to be falling fast for most of these. Used E-208s now start at £20k

  13. Colin Goode Avatar
    Colin Goode

    The Zoe is a none starter for me. It has a Zero NCAP score because Renault (in their wisdom) deleted the side air bags when they facelifted the model in 2019. The earlier Zoe’s do have the side air bags but they have leased batteries so they are a no no for me as well. You did not mention the Zoe’s forthcoming replacement which looks like a retro Ren 5 & reported to be cheaper at £20k-ish. Personally I’ll believe it when I see it because I just don’t believe any legacy car manufacturer is going to voluntarily drop their prices until they are forced to by cheaper Chinese imports & / or they start loosing market share.
    The mass market is crying out for small affordable EV’s under £20k but all we keep getting is over sized & over priced SUV’s, crossovers & large saloons. Even the 5 door hatch EV’s that are available are too expensive.
    There’s a facelift Corsa coming with a new Visor front end & more range, which I assume will also be added to the other Stellantis group cars that share the same drive train. The problem is the asking price will still probably be £30k+ which is just too much for a super mini / small hatch.
    Funky Cat. What were they smoking in the marketing dept when the came up with that name? Tiny boot for the size of car, £6k more expensive than it should be & they only have 4 dealers in the whole of the UK.
    500-e looks good but again it’s way too expensive for a 2-door city car – ditto Mini.
    Honda-e is another good looking high tech car but is flawed with a tiny boot, no range & again way too expensive.
    The only car on your list that comes anywhere close is the MG4. However, it’s not perfect & they’ve just had a price increase. MG need to make a slightly smaller 4 door hatch on the same platform for £20k or less.
    I’m gonna wait a while longer before getting our 1st EV which will probably be a used model. I just can’t bring myself to pay the silly prices they want for these new cars.

    1. benrgrogan Avatar

      MG have basically said they can’t currently do an EV car much cheaper than the MG4 so the £20k is probably quite a way off.

  14. Dreador Avatar

    I think Small is like a fiesta and not many on the list are that small a few are even bigger than a focus which is medium in my book.

    I think it’s lack of models mean so many are clumped together, and that clumping is detrimental as negative viewpoints stick where the viewpoint has no real merit.

    aka pointing out a city car should have a range of 200+ miles why it’s a city car

    Again mini with a big battery isn’t going be be that chuckable car especially if the Rita is anything to go by as it’s 38 cm bigger – Mini it’s in the name

  15. Mike Avatar

    After wanting to go electric for a while, I’m now weeks away from getting my MG4 Trophy. It must be doing something right to make me make the plunge!

  16. Lynda Hill Avatar
    Lynda Hill

    I wish you had put the wltp on screen with the price. I know it’s not real world, but it’s useful for comparisons. Can’t decide otherwise.

  17. Hamilcar Stronginthearm Avatar
    Hamilcar Stronginthearm

    Thanks for this. As a city mouse who places a great deal of value on having a _NARROW_ car that can squeeze through gaps, around turning vehicles, and past similar obstructions, I feel largely ignored by automakers.

  18. Joseph Avatar

    Nice review guys and a good list of cars

  19. David Lewis Avatar
    David Lewis

    31K for a E Corsa OMG so over 11K more than the ICE version plus 700 quid for a charger that will take a long time to save the running costs.

  20. Richard Melling Avatar
    Richard Melling

    Still waiting for the UK release of the Dacia Spring, 150ish mile range for £12-15k, perfect basic type of car suitable for the majority of day to day trips!

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