Peugeot E-3008 DRIVEN! Is the French rangemaster a star of 2024? |

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Having released into the cars and truck market with a series of fine however barely exceptional electrical automobiles, Peugeot is finally entering gear. The brand will wheel out a new generation of cars that guarantee longer varieties, faster charging and more practicality. The very first model to arrive is the new , which will be the very first electric Peugeot to provide more than 300 miles of driving range.

This is the very first Peugeot 3008 to provide an all-electric powertrain and slots into the brand's range above the just recently updated E-208 and E-2008 designs. Unlike its siblings, nevertheless, it's based upon a new set of underpinnings that have actually been developed to increase the capacity of an electric drivetrain.

Where all previous Peugeot electric models have been limited to a 51kWh battery pack, the E-3008 can accommodate a much wider range of packs, with the launch 73kWh battery set to be signed up with by a larger 98kWh version with a possible driving range of more than 400 miles.

While this is the first battery-powered 3008, there have been two fuel and diesel powered designs before it. The first was an unusually egg-shaped thing, however the second one, presented in 2016, offered Peugeot huge incentive. Its handsome crossover looks and innovative high-quality interior helped net 1.3 million buyers.

The brand-new platform that sits underneath the new E-3008 will likewise go under a substantial variety of future automobiles from the Stellantis Group. Whatever from sporty Alfa Romeos through household Citroens, DSs and Lancias to hardcore off-road Jeeps will become based on the E-3008's foundations.

Sign up with Ginny as she puts the Peugeot E-3008 to evaluate for the very first time. Do you agree with her decision? Is the E-3008 on your shortlist? Let us understand in the remarks below.

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Take a look at our complete video library:. 00:00 Intro. 00:33 The Peugeot 3008. 00:54 Styling. 01:46 Boot Area and
Towing abilities. 02:36 Reas Seats.

04:15 Interior and Practicality.

07:41 Range and Battery options.
09:18 How it drives? 12:49 Price and competition.
13:36 Charging.
14:16 Does it come with a Heatpump? 14:45 Ginny's Verdict.


33 responses to “Peugeot E-3008 DRIVEN! Is the French rangemaster a star of 2024? |”

  1. @Marlene_Kastner77 Avatar

    Your videos are very useful, I’ve learned a lot. Thank you💪🏿

  2. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    Really like to see the Stellantis range updating their battery and range options. I currently have a Citroën E-C4 and I would love to have a little more range and a little more space. No real need for 400 miles, but my current 220 is just a bit small.

    1. @Lewis_Standing Avatar

      Really helps to drive to the shops and back 3 miles away doesn’t it? 😘

  3. @danielstefanovic2604 Avatar

    I think its gonna be a tough sell unless they cut the price, scenic offers more space and is cheaper.
    Theres a reason scenic won car of the year over the peugeot.

    1. @FGGiskard Avatar

      Maybe but I am a bit doubtful still about Scenic in terms of efficiency as Ariya was not particularly good in that aspect. Two great cars from the French really.

    2. @FGGiskard Avatar

      You all want bigger batteries and range than Tesla or BYD, better design and European make for less money? Why?

    3. @danielstefanovic2604 Avatar

      @@FGGiskard byd is crap besides the battery tech tbf, byd should be the cheapest since its made in china.

    4. @Vilmir Avatar

      The Y will do way more damage to the poor e-3008 than the Scenic… It is born in a tough world. And the EV5 is about to be announced in Europe.

    5. @FGGiskard Avatar

      @@Vilmir some good points. But tbh before the 3008 I would not have considered any other EV than the Model Y as a family car for my use… yeah the EV5 will come but lets see about prices, kia has placed themselves quite expensive in the past.

  4. @ren2704 Avatar

    To be honest Stellantis isn’t really firmly believing into the future of EV and for the new 3008, they will sell (and expect to sell) mostly the hybrid petrol engine version of this car that is way cheaper.

  5. @paso7943 Avatar

    When I first saw this Peugeot I was very excited, and looked forward to see more info and test drive on it.
    Then I saw Renault Scenic Electric….. And I must say the Renault is much better looking car, cheaper, more roomy and the most important one… it has google system.
    I think Renault has made a smart decision to use google in their cars. I think my next car and my first EV car will be a Renault.

    1. @Vilmir Avatar

      Be careful with efficiency and recharge, the Scenic is basically a bumped up Megane, and the latter is inefficient and has unrealiable charging, leading to long, uncomfortable trips. It usually arrives more than 1 hour later than competition in long trip tests done by French youtubers.
      If you don’t plan to travel with the car, then of course you don’t have to care.

    2. @FGGiskard Avatar

      @@Vilmir Megane is inefficient? I will have to go back to Bjorn Nyland to check but I don’t think this is the case. Anyhow, I might agree about the efficiency concerns because the Nissan Ariya is not very efficient and that is the same platform. We’ll see. I like the design of the 3008 better and in theory range will be better but the French are fighting back with good products it seems

    3. @Richard-io9xe Avatar

      Agree @paso7943 – I prefer the Scenic. Bigger battery for less money, looks better, heat pump as standard, and the integrated Google Automotive system is a winner. The idea that you don’t even get heated wheel and seats on the lower spec E3008 at 46k pounds is a joke.

    4. @Vilmir Avatar

      @@FGGiskard Just saw a review where the Megane consumed 25/26kw per 100km on the French highway. The reviewer could not believe it was consuming so much. It also is constantly pinned for very unreliable charging curves.
      Bjorn is great, but his results are not always consistent with other reviewers.

  6. @mdesmet9111 Avatar

    I really liked the previous 3008 and 5008, but I feel like this is a huge step back design wise. The ‘radiator grill’ is too big, the headlights too small, the nose is too long for an SUV, the sloping roofline makes it look really small and the wheel design is simply rediculous (just my personal opinion of course).

  7. @nssimpson Avatar

    It’s about time they offered a bigger battery although now they’ve gone to the extreme. 🤣

  8. @thezanzibarbarian5729 Avatar

    It’s different. And different can, sometimes, be good. Not so in this case. Because from the side, this Pug looks… _Hunched._
    As for interior quality. When Ginny was playing about with the cable for her ‘phone, it sounded like cheap plastic. I’ve got storage boxes in the kitchen that sound less plasticy than this Pug did ;-))…
    So the best deal would be to wait till someone else has had this £46,000 Pug and get it second hand after just 3 years and with 15,000 on the clock for £20,000 8-))…

  9. @tochukwuezinwa2122 Avatar

    Sometimes I don’t understand cars reviews

    I thought driving a comfortable car is all I need

    1. @Harrythehun Avatar

      The best cars has fewer downsides than this car.

  10. @barrymurton8988 Avatar

    Looks great, could be an upgrade for my e2008.

  11. @visionsofhere3745 Avatar

    Yet another massive SUV… Wretched things.

  12. @R1987R Avatar

    Would love for your camera man to show the actual leg room in your videos. Would help me out so much with my 6.1f

  13. @adamsgarfy25 Avatar

    I am a Peugeot fan but this is way too expensive. The 73Kwh Allure is more expensive than the Model Y RWD or Enyaq 85. It should by competing with the Renault Scenic. No heated seats or heat pump is poor at this price.

    1. @vincentohanlon Avatar

      Model Y RWD only has a 50 odd kwh battery though right?

    2. @adamsgarfy25 Avatar

      @vincentohanlon  You are correct, 58kwh useable. It is likely the Tesla will be more efficient and can charge more quickly so the gap won’t be so big. Having access to superchargers is a plus and the Y is a good deal more powerful. The Peugeot has plus points but it gas to be cheaper than the likes of the Y

  14. @The_Observer72 Avatar

    No frunk and sloper back is a bummer to me. Fossil conversion feels outdated 2024.

  15. @Pottery4Life Avatar

    The display screen(s) seem a bit small and the info-screen “seems” exclusive to the driver. Perhaps it was just the camera angle. Some infotainment screens on EV’s are easily accessible by the front passenger.

  16. @kennydouglas9459 Avatar

    Apart from all that absolutely terrible piano black in and outside the car, it actually looks great.
    But as Peugeot seems to be doing in general these days, it’s priced way too high.
    Peugeot needs to start looking into the reason why they don’t sell any higher numbers of electric cars than they do.
    They overcharge for cars that has less function than the rest of the markets, in terms of charge speed and horse powers.
    I’m way more interested in a Renault Scenic than this.
    Peugeot was on a wave of success a few years back, but the competition seems to have caught up with them.

  17. @mahargrekab Avatar

    Nice looking car 👍🏼

  18. @lm3718 Avatar

    Great video. Any chance of upgrading video to 4K (and HDR!) resolution? – would love to see these pretty cars in their full glory.

  19. @starfreef3262 Avatar

    I have watched a lot of your videos and just realized that it would be appreciated if you also stated the range in kilometers. Thank you 🙂

  20. @davidvestey6014 Avatar

    How can it be handy to put cables under all our stuff in the boot?

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