Pass or FAIL? Electric cars and the MoT: everything you need to know / Electrifying

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The annual test is a chore for every single cars and truck owner. However the bright side is that the test is less complicated for an electric vehicle compared to a petrol or diesel and you are most likely to pass too, according to the official information.

Nicki took our reliable Nissan to Ancaster Heathrow Nissan, Nissan's latest website in West London, for its yearly check up to make sure it gets that all-important certificate and stays safe and legal.

There's not a substantial distinction in the test of an electric vehicle and any other . When you arrive the tester will go into the chassis number of your automobile into a computer system, and it will trigger the professional regarding which tests need to be carried out according to the age and fuel type of the cars and truck. If your vehicle satisfies all the requirements, you can repel with the critical pass certificate.

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23 responses to “Pass or FAIL? Electric cars and the MoT: everything you need to know / Electrifying”

  1. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Lots less can go wrong with EVs

  2. Jon Evans Avatar
    Jon Evans

    The thing about the tyres wearing out faster on EVs doesn’t appear to be correct. The RAC and Kwik-Fit and tyre manufacturers do not seem to agree. Different tires for starters, regen braking changes tire wear too.

    1. Electrifying Avatar

      Our experience on the Leaf would suggest the tyres wear very quickly on the front.

  3. nuno neves Avatar
    nuno neves

    Didnt know the inspection site could do repairs in the UK. In Portugal they only inspect the car. If it needs something else, you go to a mechanic. I think it is more impartial and less prone to fake problems

    1. Michael Goode Avatar
      Michael Goode

      There are also MOT testing centres like this in the UK run by the Department of Transport. We have one locally but we do not have an approved HEVRA garage locally so it would be more convenient and sensible for us to take the car once a year less than 20 miles up the road for it’s annual service and MOT. And if we need to leave it we can actually get home by public transport so it’s not such a hardship.

    2. bryan Avatar

      There are also plenty of ‘ we just mot’ private mot test places in the uk, which in theory give you peace of mind from ‘ made up’ problems.

  4. Mr SWR Avatar
    Mr SWR

    Without Emission tests they may spend more time actually checking the Cars more. Garages will have a specialist in electric Cars. To wash the car before next time ? Every service or MOT at a dealership has always involved

    “ You need new wipers”
    “is that right I changed them two weeks ago”
    “ oh they are ok then”
    The favourite Covid one was your Car ( Fossil)has been sitting and it needs a new battery when there as nothing wrong.

  5. ExaminerIan - Hints, Tips and a few Trips Avatar
    ExaminerIan – Hints, Tips and a few Trips

    When did mfrs stop fitting full check control systems? My 16yr-old Vauxhall has this (I’ve had it from new), so physically checking the lights isn’t needed – as soon as one drops below spec I get a warning on the centre screen, with image of where it is on the car. I also do a walk-around to make sure, but the amount of much newer cars I see with one or more light out is ridiculous, along with drivers who see their front DRLs reflected from the car in front at night, but don’t realise they haven’t actually turned anything on so the back lights are unlit…

  6. lordpitnolen Avatar

    At local, country garage. Combined MOT and service for Nissan LEAF for half the price of a simple service at Nissan dealer.

  7. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Your inspections are more thorough than on our side of the pond. Here they don’t check the frame, just brakes, lights, windshield, tires, emissions (which is a zero for EVs, of course).

    1. Adam.Piper62 Avatar

      UK suffers with A: a lot of rain and B: we salt our roads (because people cannot drive it seems) so cars here rust much faster than in dryer climates – it is very important to test for that, otherwise some right death traps would be on the roads.

  8. H4M24UK Avatar

    45min? should be no longer than 15min.

    1. David's World Avatar
      David’s World

      if they can charge more and say they have done some thing they have not done. Since the emission check is not done it should take half the time as setting up and running the car for awhile takes up a lot of time.

    2. chrispop99 Avatar

      The time taken is controlled by the computer system. For an ICE, it cannot be less than 45 minutes.

    3. Michael Saunders Avatar
      Michael Saunders

      If my MOT is more than 15 mins that’s when I worry, lol.

  9. D Casteaux Avatar
    D Casteaux

    Jump to 1:30 to get to the actual MOT information.

  10. Mark Sear Avatar
    Mark Sear

    As a Brit who has been living in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 for 10 years I find MOTs laughable now. Here in Ontario, there is no MOT, no road tax and no smog test for personal vehicles. It is your legal responsibility to keep your vehicle in good working condition. Simple. MOTs – what a money grab!

  11. george walker Avatar
    george walker

    An explanation on minor or major fails would be good. And a major fail is a fail. As to the the repairs and retests. That is relevant. A service gets done, then maybe a MOT gets done. 2 actions, not a MOT at a service obviously.. but then this video is a very simple set of statements liable to confuse as much as educate.

  12. EEZAWYRDO Avatar

    Not really surprising that there is little difference to MOT electric and ice cars. I’d be much more interested in Service costs as I heard garages were charging similar prices despite having much less to do. Also you have a really good table in your barn, give it some linseed oil.

    1. Remo Barcellone Avatar
      Remo Barcellone

      I haven’t seen that to be the case at all 😂 services cost less because well… There’s only like 4 things to do, and then visual inspection lol. It costs less, unless your mechanic is a knob. Or you agreed to some prepaid service plan.

  13. Keith Livingstone Avatar
    Keith Livingstone

    …..unless you live in Northern Ireland.

  14. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Seems like a lot of room for abuse from the dealership/repair shop side.

  15. Mix Bags Avatar
    Mix Bags

    Great video as always x

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