One to AVOID? 2023 Subaru Solterra review / Electrifying

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This is the – a brand-new mid-sized electric SUV that comes teeming with 's typical no-nonsense pledges. However you may have seen it prior to someplace else.Your mind isn't playing techniques on you. Yes, the Subaru Solterra lives a little bit of a double life. You see, it exists by method of a contract in between Toyota and Subaru to work together when it pertains to electrical vehicles. And as such, the Solterra has a really, really close relation indeed.

It's the outcome of what people in the market like to call 'badge engineering.' It's efficiently a Toyota bZ4X dressed up with some Subaru trappings, though the visual similarities in between the 2 are still rather stunning. As such, it's not just a direct competitor for its Toyota relation, but also something to think about as an option to the Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Nissan Ariya or the Tesla Model Y. And right now, it's the only electric Subaru you can purchase and will stay so for the foreseeable future, at least up until the next advancement of the brand's relationship with Toyota.

Is the Solterra worth considering? Sign up with Tom as he puts the brand-new Subaru through its rates. Would you put it on your shortlist? As constantly, we like to read your opinions, so please include your remarks below.

Subaru Solterra
₤ 49,995 (in Limited trim).
64.0 KWh (useable), 71.4 kWh (gross).
288 -miles vary WLTP (on 18-inch wheels).
7.0 kW air conditioning, 150kW DC, 10-180% in 28 minutes (20-156miles), 11hours 30 minutes on home wallbox.
Double motor – four-wheel drive.
0-62mph in 6.9 seconds, 99mph leading speed.
215bhp, 248lb feet of torque.
Boot: 441-litres, 748 litres seats down.
Tow: 750kg.
Weight: 2,110 kg.

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28 responses to “One to AVOID? 2023 Subaru Solterra review / Electrifying”

  1. Anthony Collingridge Avatar
    Anthony Collingridge

    Crikey starting at £49,995 in the UK. No thanks!

    1. FTB Avatar

      Another +40k one… I predict nobody’s going buy it.

    2. Moosey Avatar

      Bruh this should be 20k starting price. And those ugly plastic bits are just insulting

    3. Si H Avatar
      Si H

      Holy Moly that’s Fi ng expensive.. Its a joke.

  2. Tim Austin Avatar
    Tim Austin

    “Just not good enough”. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. SHROOMY Avatar

    I think the front end looks better than the bZ4x which is frankly hideous in person, *BUT* that being said, I would not touch either this or the ‘yota with a bargepole as they are in most ways some of the worst EVs available. They would’ve been great 6 years ago before we had the I-pace or anything else more competent since.

  4. Simon Avatar

    Great review. I didn’t see anything here that made me feel my Enyaq was the wrong choice. I agree that the efficiency is a problem. It wouldn’t be an everyday concern but people always worry about those longer journeys with a charging infrastructure that is currently a bit subpar. For the money, there are better EVs on the market. The bongs would either drive me crazy or I would learn to ignore them so even the important ones would be ignored which is a problem. The styling is fine, not amazing, but it wouldn’t put me off or make me want to buy it.

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      Other than it’s a crossover.

      But it’s not like there’s any real choice beyond SUVs and crossovers…

    2. Wilko One Avatar
      Wilko One

      I wouldn’t swap my Enyaq either, I have done a few long journeys in mine. Back in October I did a trip of 500+ miles and a week ago I drove 400 miles across Ireland and back pulling a box trailer on a very cold & wet day to make a delivery.

  5. aa aa Avatar
    aa aa

    I can look over the fact they released with an issue that the wheels could fall off. The thing that would stop me buying it is the fact the interior dash looks like it’s from 2006. The wheel arches taken from a Dacia, the charging flap cuts into the arch, the chargegate where it throttles repeated charges, the incredibly poor range and efficiency. The fact that it’s almost £50k is laughable.

  6. Paul Todd Avatar
    Paul Todd

    I’ve been put off buying a vehicle in the past as they had put tiny door mirrors on it (“because they look better”) creating blindspots (this from a company famous for their safety inventions), then tried to charge many thousands of pounds for their Blindspot elimination system!

  7. Bobby Simonsson Avatar
    Bobby Simonsson

    For that price you can get a Volvo XC 40 twin motor. There would be no comparison in almost every aspect apart from a slightly bigger boot.

  8. Luke Dogwalker Avatar
    Luke Dogwalker

    Other than the price (!) the occluded driver’s console would put me off, followed by the beeps. There might be a way to disable them, but these things have a way of re-enabling themselves. And unless you live in a city, that battery performance is a concern.

  9. Wilko One Avatar
    Wilko One

    I owned 3 Subaru Foresters in succession, I’m willing to bet that my favorite feature on them is not on this car. That is the radio which had the ability to pause the play when a phone call came in & resume where it stopped when the call was finished. I have never come across this feature on any other car.

  10. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great review mate

  11. One Sky Avatar
    One Sky

    Seems to me both Subaru and Toyota (and Mazda, and Honda and so forth) fell asleep at the wheel and just woke up to the realization that they now have several years of catching up to do compared to the competition. That said, I hope they are good students and copy the homework of their better peers. 🙂

    1. Joe Avatar

      Nope, they still have not come to that realisation, the Toyota President (previous CEO) only said last week that hydrogen is the future.And also they dont like their current platform and will replace it, so theyve Osborned the BZ (and this by definition) with new platform cars not available til 2026 earliest.

    2. One Sky Avatar
      One Sky

      @Joe I don’t know what they are smoking in Japan, but it must be some potent stuff.

  12. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    These two particular EVs are to be avoided.

    Toyota didn’t want to make them in the first place. It would be competitive for 2013, not today.

  13. Joe Avatar

    To answer your Q the thing that would put me off is a split rear screen, as in a Prius for example. I had a Civic and after 18 months couldnt take it any more. Hence me ruling out the Genesis GV60.

  14. Harrison Ganner Avatar
    Harrison Ganner

    That reversing beep is an immediate no. I’m conditioned to that being parking sensors now

  15. Anthony Worley Avatar
    Anthony Worley

    You summed it well an ok car but with the new cars that are on the horizon not good enough. Along with the Toyota it will quietly disappear from the price list I expect. By the way your presentation was up their with the best. All the facts in a way that kept our attention.

  16. Frame Forward Avatar
    Frame Forward

    Getting some real BRZ/FRS/FT86 energy again

  17. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Oh… we’ve owned two Subarus, and really loved them. It thus hurts me to say that… we wouldn’t opt for a Solterra. Over a decade ago, I had hoped and even expected Subaru to start selling its R1e and Stella EVs, but it never happened —which really disappointed me. The Solterra’s range is too limited, the energy efficiency too low, the regen needs work, and I don’t get the impression that it has one-pedal driving. I dunno… it seems to me that this Toyota/Subaru EV is simply to have some “skin in the game,” but they’re not serious about producing a true contender.

    1. Londonyes Avatar

      Aye like the Mazda mx30. Some great features but falls way short of it’s competitors.

  18. Jude Brown Avatar
    Jude Brown

    Is there something that would instantly put you off buying a car? Yes anything to do with Toyota after their shenanigans trying to slow the uptake of electric vehicles!

    Oh and those blinking bongs, both those you mentioned especially. Who wants something shouting at you when you’re reversing and who wants to be bing bonging for your neighbours when you come in late at night?!

    Useful review, cheers Wooky. 👍😁

  19. Daniel Peixoto Martins Avatar
    Daniel Peixoto Martins

    For me, I like how the interior is designed but not how it looks. For me, the problem is the colour scheme: to grey, a bit early 80’s looking and maybe because of all the grey, the plastics look far less quality than they probably are.
    I need to see it in real life.

  20. Chris Carson (Old And In The Way) Avatar
    Chris Carson (Old And In The Way)

    I sure love mine. I traded my BRZ, another Toyota/Subaru collaboration, for my Solterra. The Solterra has Rack and Pinion steering, unlike the Toyota. Just the best car I have ever owned and I’m 76 and have owned a lot of cars. The comfort of my Mark VIII and the ability of my Suzuki Samurai, is not something you will find in any other car I know about.

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