Nissan Ariya Six months report – A genuine Tesla rival ? | Electrifying

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Nissan Ariya :

After 6 months of driving our Nissan Ariya, it's time for us to hand the secrets back and bid farewell. Would we select one over a Tesla Design Y?

Tom has been mesmerised by the constantly same-shifting Aurora Green paint, however there are lots of other factors the Ariya is appealing.

It's likewise the e4ORCE design, which implies more power and 4 wheel , which we put to the test on an indoor ski slope.

Our car is the Evolve, which after the current cost cut of ₤ 3,750 expenses ₤ 54,840. The Aurora Green paint we love a lot is the only 'complimentary' paint colour– all the others are a cost option. It likewise has the Sport Pack, which includes 20-inch alloys and a blue leather. In hindsight, the blue doesn't actually choose the exterior colour and the black or grey would have worked better.

Our Ariya has the larger 87kWh battery, which suggests an authentic 300 miles of variety on a lot of days. The downside is that it takes a lot longer to top up. Doing all the home charging at the low-cost rate overnight on Octopus Go suggests it takes 3 nights to get near full again.

We 'd likewise state the Ariya has one of the very best interiors of any automobile, with exceptional quality and some charming touches. It makes the efforts of Volkswagen, Tesla and even Audi look a bit downmarket. Even the carpets seem like a Bentley's.

Do you have an Ariya? Do you like it as much as we do? Let us understand in the comments below.

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18 responses to “Nissan Ariya Six months report – A genuine Tesla rival ? | Electrifying”

  1. @MariaDaugherty18 Avatar

    Keep up the good work! Your ideas are always fresh and that makes your channel unique.😜🤝🚤

  2. @DianaBuchanan1 Avatar

    Continue to delight your viewers with interesting stories. Your videos always arouse interest and admiration.🦏🎖🍒

  3. @cedarcanoe Avatar

    The interior / dashboard area reminds me of my bmw i3

  4. @LillianWilkerson-kl3gy Avatar

    With each video, you manage to surprise me. Thanks for the constant flow of creativity and pleasure.😉😉😉 * 🐰!

  5. @GloriyaGamble Avatar

    Another masterpiece on this channel! It’s incredible how the creators manage to surprise every time. What’s your favorite moment from this video? 💬🎨🐯 @ 😎*

  6. @addsfour3499 Avatar

    This is the car i wanted 2 years ago when i decided i was going electric. It is still to come to Australia, so i bought a gv60 instead. Sorry Nissan, love you but you dont love australia

  7. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    It’s still to bloody pricey

    1. @Lewis_Standing Avatar

      What do you think they’ll try to sell the EV juke or qashqai for?
      Starting to make them in Sunderland soon

  8. @addsfour3499 Avatar

    Finally, a positive feature for the flat grille lol

    1. @yingmustang67 Avatar

      And it’s quality building, otherwise it’s need a paint job! 👌

  9. @yingmustang67 Avatar

    Wich EV is better?

    Team: Ioniq 5


    Team: Ariya

    1. @yingmustang67 Avatar

      My personal choice: Ioniq 5!

  10. @RedBatteryHead Avatar

    Inside isn’t bad. Still is an overpriced Blob design to me, sorry.
    It’s not attractive in any way.

  11. @davidtolson7680 Avatar

    Certainly better than a Mode Y, I prefer the capacitive steering wheel to the Tesla system. ePedal doesn’t bring you to a complete stop. Matrix headlights are useful abroad.

  12. @chupamelamas Avatar

    @Nissan is not playing smart as #Hyundai and #Kia, in fact, they lost momentum of being ahead of the bunch to almost last ones like #Toyota.
    Great quality is not an excuse to be so darn slow in progress.
    And Nissan biggest fail at the moment, is not launching their Sakura EV to Europe to making the sub 15.000 euro EV as in Japan.
    In Europe the #NissanSakura EV would sell like ice-cream in the dessert!

  13. @paulharvey439 Avatar

    Another Tesla beater 😂

  14. @markturner7748 Avatar

    I’ve had my 87kWh Evolve since just after they came out and still think it’s great. Mine isn’t fussy about where I touch the wheel while on ProPilot though… just resting one finger at the bottom of the wheel keeps it happy.

  15. @markymarkreviews Avatar

    Still too expensive. Battery massive and the range is poor overall. And when I have seen one on the road I always think “Why the long face?!”😂.

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