NEW VW ID7 EV revealed – full details on 435-mile Tesla rival! | What Car?

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Video chapters:.
0:00 Intro.
0:32 Background.
1:14 What is the ?
1:32 Size.
1:47 Interior.
2:23 New infotainment and tech.
4:08 Battery and range.
5:06 Charging.
5:47 Efficiency.
6:31 GTX.
6:52 Prices.


28 responses to “NEW VW ID7 EV revealed – full details on 435-mile Tesla rival! | What Car?”

  1. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    VW ID.7 vs Tesla Model 3 – what’s your winner?? 👇

    1. Iain Lambert Avatar
      Iain Lambert

      @The Zanzibarbarian oh, I don’t know; they match Tesla’s dull and drab exteriors quite well. I can’t decide if the “computer says this is efficient, I guess” shape is better or worse than the “colours include Black, White, Red or Blue” paint.

    2. The Zanzibarbarian Avatar
      The Zanzibarbarian

      @Iain Lambert Black, white, red or blue? *I wanted grey.* ;-))…

    3. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Realistic competitor is the Model Y which completely blows it away, still nicest vw in years but they should start taking Evs seriously
      Aslo highland model 3 is close, design has been leaked

    4. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      ​​@The Zanzibarbarian They have better materials than the id series so far somehow, been in id4 and MY back to back, door pocket is soft touch in the Tesla, back upper portion of the rear door is hard scratchy plastic in the id4

    5. MOSS FEEN Avatar

      A Wheelbarrow

  2. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    The Tesla is about to be updated, so this will be interesting. The VW looks like a Mondeo!

    1. Benjamin Avatar

      Tesla also looks like a Mondeo😂

  3. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Impressive video.

  4. Jackson Nutt Avatar
    Jackson Nutt

    Too expensive to sell in numbers

  5. Michiel's Hub Avatar
    Michiel’s Hub

    Nice car and if they get rid of the capacitive steering wheel buttons we are getting somehwere.

  6. freeman Geiger Avatar
    freeman Geiger

    Sounds like it’s not a model 3 competitor. It’s is own niche for now. The LCD roof is awesome. I wonder why others are so slow to adopt it.

  7. onetwo three Avatar
    onetwo three

    Tesla is just waiting for everyone else to catch up and then change the game again

  8. Nick Fisher Avatar
    Nick Fisher

    I’d rather have my slightly smaller Genesis GV60 Sport and pocket the change!

  9. K B Avatar
    K B

    It’s difficult to compete against the Tesla. It has too many advantages.

    1. Alan Gordon Avatar
      Alan Gordon

      It’s far too expensive for what it is . Now there’s more choice it can’t command that price anymore .

    2. Simon says Avatar
      Simon says

      Legacy manufacturers are really in trouble. Too late to the game and it shows.

  10. Michael Avatar

    Rather see more of these than SUVs 👍

  11. stu m Avatar
    stu m

    I hope vw has got a far better infotainment system and physical buttons !!

  12. cabottaxi Avatar

    50 grand for an electric VW ? Think i’d rather keep the money in the bank earning interest than spending that amount.

  13. Carl Bull Avatar
    Carl Bull

    I don’t think it is the longest range as the lucid air is more

  14. Jon Tallon Avatar
    Jon Tallon

    Have VW actually driven an Id.3 since they have been on 3.2 software? Lots of the issues are long gone.

  15. Ivorvery Bigone Avatar
    Ivorvery Bigone

    Tesla reduced prices in France and Germany a couple of days ago so the Model 3 is soon likely to fall below £40,000 in the UK – I very much doubt the VW will get close enough in price to compete.

  16. Sam Janko Avatar
    Sam Janko

    I’ll take the ID2 instead, as soon as it comes out. Next Gen estate version of this, perhaps in a few years. In a meantime, remove a stupid central tablet and bring back buttons VW.

  17. Lando1876 Avatar

    this competes with the model S not 3. This thing is way larger than the model 3

  18. KevinN Avatar

    This car is 10 inches longer than a Model 3. I wonder how it will be priced relative to the Model 3. The int is a big jump forward from the cheap ID4 interior. They should update the main screen of the ID4 and the motors with these new motors.

  19. Nik H Avatar
    Nik H

    They finally fixed the lack of illumination for heating controls and now created a new nightmare by having air vents controlled only by touchscreen! Designers gone mad.

  20. william fitzpatrick Avatar
    william fitzpatrick

    Think I’ll stick to the good old combustion engine thanks

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