NEW VW ID5 review – best electric SUV? | What Car?

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In this new VW ID5 , we take a look at whether there's more to this electric SUV than just being an ID4 with a various roofing.

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Video chapters
00:00 Intro
00:26 What is the ID.5?
00:46 Differences vs ID.4.
01:30 Competitors.
01:56 Interior + tech.
04:07 Practicality.
06:50 6. Battery, range, charging.
07:56 Driving.
09:30 Rates.
10:10 Best + worst thing.
10:23 Decision.






22 responses to “NEW VW ID5 review – best electric SUV? | What Car?”

  1. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    Is this a joke will be surprised they sell any Tesla is selling two cars and beating everyone

  2. Jansen Wilder Avatar
    Jansen Wilder

    Sad that it’s interior is a let down for such a brand…
    I’ll take the Tavascan over this .

  3. dzb0123 Avatar

    What about the Ioniq 6?

  4. Fizzy Dizzy Avatar
    Fizzy Dizzy

    56 grand for this plastic interior vw must smoke something

  5. 80Y3R Avatar

    Would have expected you to test the boot being bigger, or at least say “that’s to the parcel shelf so you lose xx”

  6. Simon says Avatar
    Simon says

    So I’ve just been on VW configurator and it’s basically £5000 more for the most basic id5 with the smallest power option than a much better equipped Model Y .The basic model id5 doesn’t even have a heat pump as standard let alone all the added extras you get with a model Y . You’re talking a minimum £7000 more and even then it’s massively slower, less economical , less technology and doesn’t travel as far, and with a Tesla you have access to the only proper charging network world wide. Oh , and you don’t have to service a Tesla where VW want to sell you a service package on top!

    Ok where do I sign up😂

  7. Mano Z Avatar
    Mano Z

    No reason to buy this over an EV6 or Ioniq 5

  8. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    £50k and not much good, What’s the point VW?.glad to see no punches being pulled in this review.

  9. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    All VW are doing here is opening the door even wider for Chinese brand EVs to take European market share.

  10. Simon Hobbs Avatar
    Simon Hobbs

    Far too expensive.

  11. Ethan Dennis Avatar
    Ethan Dennis

    Anyone get confused by the rain for a sec? 😂

  12. Tim Oliver Avatar
    Tim Oliver

    Has anyone ever seen one on the roads?

    1. Chris Richmond Avatar
      Chris Richmond

      Yes ..
      Also i am test driving / doing a review of one for my local Vw Main Dealer on the Isle Of Man .

    2. Reece Collison Avatar
      Reece Collison

      Unfortunately yes I’ve seen about 2 or 3

  13. Richard Gilliard Avatar
    Richard Gilliard

    In the unlikely event that you do want one, the GTX is available for £44K as an ex-demo at VW dealers. I would still buy a model Y over one though, and I don’t like Tesla`s.

  14. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Fantastic video.

  15. russvhill2 Avatar

    I wonder if VW will still be around long enough to launch their id2, which may be the car which saves them?

    1. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      Um….. I think they will be fine. Plenty to fall back on even if the current ID range is rather meh at the very best

  16. Ragingsilver Avatar

    Still waiting for VW to release a small ID2

  17. Kyle Whipps Avatar
    Kyle Whipps

    This is a crossover.. not an suv

  18. stu m Avatar
    stu m

    I was going to watch but then i saw it was 50k,are those people getting figures out of fresh air !!!!! 😡

  19. Melvin Bartolome Avatar
    Melvin Bartolome

    You forgot to mention the Lexus RZ

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