NEW VW ID3 revealed! – BIG changes in detail | What Car?

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The VW is a brilliant electric vehicle with 2 HUGE defects. Is that fixed now? Will this new model be a class-leading electric blockbuster? See to learn what's new.

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Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:31 Why the change?
03:05 New Outside
03:55 New Interior
04:28 New innovation
05:40 Other changes
07:40 Outro


30 responses to “NEW VW ID3 revealed! – BIG changes in detail | What Car?”

  1. Sarg Fowler Avatar
    Sarg Fowler

    Bit of a hit and miss then? Shame the stupid touch buttons didn’t get ditched.

    1. "The calling" Otis Avatar
      “The calling” Otis


    2. A O'Connor Avatar
      A O’Connor

      It has been mentioned elsewhere that the touch sensitive buttons will be replaced in 2024.

  2. Mark Scrivener Avatar
    Mark Scrivener

    It wasn’t good enough before and it won’t be until it has a proper and complete overhaul.

  3. Richard Jansen Avatar
    Richard Jansen

    Fix the software problems, ID 4 is an excuse, sold mine and was lucky to get a buyer

  4. Mike Avatar

    Can’t help but feel the original ID3 was essentially a beta test people spent tens of thousands to be part of.

    1. Malcolm Hedges Avatar
      Malcolm Hedges

      A bit like Tesla and FSD ! I’ve had an ID.3 for 26 months, before that we had an BMW i3 for 3 years and we’ve also got a model 3. The Tesla isn’t perfect (phantom braking anyone?) but it’s leagues ahead of the VW. Pity really because I love the form factor of the VW. Now if Tesla were to build a car of that size …. even announce it tonight …… still it will be 3 years away 🙂

  5. Andrew K. NI Avatar
    Andrew K. NI

    Nice improvements and looks great but are the heating slider controls back lit at night?

    1. Rob Lenane Avatar
      Rob Lenane

      Not until next year

    2. Scarbir Avatar


  6. Eric Wadge Avatar
    Eric Wadge

    Damn. I’m pleased about the update to the interior (I could now live with it whereas I just couldn’t with the previous model). I’m still not quite convinced that the software will be glitch free – I have a feeling that they have ironed the bugs out of the old software whereas really a ground up rewrite might be needed to make it excellent. But worst of all are the buttons or lack of physical buttons. Frustrating because the ID 3 is the car that makes the most sense for us.

  7. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    What would you change about the ID.3? 🤔

    1. C Avatar

      Physical climate control buttons and no touch sensitive buttons.

    2. alex meikle Avatar
      alex meikle

      A decent range for a change.

    3. richard howlett Avatar
      richard howlett

      A decent 1.4 litre engine ! Loose all touchscreens . Real dials , proper handbrake please .

    4. cabottaxi Avatar

      The price !

  8. jor10_13R Avatar

    Great improvements but they did not get rid of the touch sensitive buttons which creates haptic feedback. I thought VW will fix this issue because of so many documented complaints from Id3, id4…. owners. For me its a big disappointment, not enough to consider buying this updated version. Great review 👍

    1. A O'Connor Avatar
      A O’Connor

      It has been mentioned elsewhere that the touch sensitive buttons will be replaced in 2024.

  9. Tom S Avatar
    Tom S

    This was the car I’ve been looking to be my next car (granted, I haven’t followed much of the market/cars). One thing that to me is very important is the big touch screen display and its functionality. I have found in the past years that almost no matter the car or make – if the touch screen is not extremely intuitive it can be dangerous and one has to shift gaze to the screen when driving. I wonder why there’s not even more talk about the fact that many times physical button are superior to touch screen.

  10. alex meikle Avatar
    alex meikle

    when is VW going to get their act together and give EV cars a decent range.

  11. Scarbir Avatar

    Big changes… Except the ones most needed. Such incompetence.

  12. huss1205 Avatar

    Will continue driving my two reliable diesel powered family cars for many years to come…

  13. AKAFlash Avatar

    How could the first generation ID3 be described as an exceptional electric car with all of those significant issues? The ridiculous non-backlit sliding controls are remaining. Perhaps it’s a potentially exceptional electric car, should they actually resolve all of the issues.

  14. Res, Non Verba Avatar
    Res, Non Verba

    I’ve no interest whatsoever in electric cars but this was a well-presented introduction to the changes in the car. The Cupra still looked far better.

  15. Home Tech Avatar
    Home Tech

    Unfortunately as the steering wheel STILL has capacitive buttons (Allegedly changing to physical buttons but won’t believe until changed) & the UK not getting the 12″ screen till sometime 2024 it’s STILL a definite no.

  16. Ragingsilver Avatar

    Would rather get the Cupra born but then I’d rather wait for an ID2 which should be the Polo sized EV

  17. scooterboy Avatar

    Looks like the ID.3 falls short yet again listening to your update on the technology and steering wheel controls. How very disappointing.

  18. Matthew Nightingale Avatar
    Matthew Nightingale

    Great video. It looks marginally better but I still wouldn’t trust one. I would go for an MG4 over one of these as ever since dieselgate they’ve been on a downward turn and not one I want to be subjected to as an owner. I’d happily sacrifice some range and get the upcoming E-Astra.

  19. Sk2sk1 Avatar

    Good improvements. Interior and software is much better! MG 4 is cheaper but the assist system are not that sharp..

  20. Diego Mendi Avatar
    Diego Mendi

    Silly thing is the biggest battery option only comes with two rear seats 🤦🏻‍♂️

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