NEW Volvo EX30 walkaround – best electric SUV of 2023? | What Car?

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In this new Volvo EX30 walkaround we look at this brand-new electrical SUV in detail and explain why it could be one of the most substantial brand-new EVs to introduce this year.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Volvo's next electrical cars and truck
1:03 What is the EX30?
2:17 Outside styling
3:02 Interior styling
3:27 Opening the EX30
4:13 Interior evaluation
6:14 Functionality
7:25 Trims and rates
7:57 Variety and efficiency
8:48 Charging
9:23 EX30 Cross Country
9:48 Verdict






29 responses to “NEW Volvo EX30 walkaround – best electric SUV of 2023? | What Car?”

  1. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Awesome video.

  2. Willie Nelson Gonzalez Avatar
    Willie Nelson Gonzalez

    Why and how on earth can car manufacturers justify a starting price of £34-35,000 for EVs?

    1. Dreador Avatar

      It’s not just EV’s – base x3 was 37k in 2018 now it’s 47k

    2. marksapollo Avatar

      @Dreador Ah that’s true, like the new Civic Type R has a 10 grand premium over the previous model, but the engine is nearly identical?

    3. Willie Nelson Gonzalez Avatar
      Willie Nelson Gonzalez

      @Dreador Jesus! Somehow I don’t think the cost of living really justifies these price hikes!

  3. Sean Chenery Avatar
    Sean Chenery

    X Country looks great. What are le odds of it coming to le UK?

  4. Daniel Orsos Avatar
    Daniel Orsos

    Great video! But what type of batteries is there with the EX30? Are they LFP type?

    1. Trevor Heley Avatar
      Trevor Heley

      LFP on entry model and NMC on the others

    2. Daniel Orsos Avatar
      Daniel Orsos

      @Trevor Heley OK. Thanks alot 👍

  5. Andi mit E Avatar
    Andi mit E

    Thanks! The core version is already selectable in the German configurator.

  6. inn0x Avatar

    Cross country EX30 sounds interesting indeed!

  7. Danny Cliff Avatar
    Danny Cliff

    Cross country model looks so good!

  8. In R Time Avatar
    In R Time

    Good informative review. Thank you. The non keyless entry/exit on the cheaper versions seem a bit of a faff. Whilst it may I guess be more secure, even cars that are locked/unlocked with a remote, you don’t need to physically touch the car with it and can operate from inside your pocket. With hands full, keys hiding in the bottom of your pockets etc. seems a backward step? Otherwise looking forward to the reviews and ownership experience of this car as it seems on paper and in this latest review a good car for the money.

  9. Richard Warner Avatar
    Richard Warner

    Good to see electric cars becoming more affordable ! That off road model should come to the Uk !

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      They’re not affordable.
      That’s what China has on offer in spades

  10. Callum P Avatar
    Callum P

    Even with the bigger battery, it certainly makes the likes of the newly refreshed Corsa look severely overpriced.

  11. Brian Allan Avatar
    Brian Allan

    Very informative. Great presenter.

  12. Timothy Nichols III Avatar
    Timothy Nichols III

    Love this car!

  13. Marquis Daily Avatar
    Marquis Daily

    Who will call the Smart #1, “Smart hashtag 1” instead of “Smart 1” ?

  14. David Shimwell Avatar
    David Shimwell

    That front is going to be stone chip heaven, the less paint you have on the front the better. Looks great in the showroom, less so in a few months, especially if it’s accelerating at 3.5 secs to 60

  15. Ian Rodden Avatar
    Ian Rodden

    Definitely like to see the cross country model in the UK!

  16. MaxtonArchitecture Avatar

    Spoke to my local volvo dealer about the lack of a head-up display. According to him, looking down and to the left is safer than looking directly ahead?! So every other volvo isn’t safe then? Would respect him more if he said it was a cost cutting exercise. Like it, but won’t be buying one until a head-up display is an option.

  17. ian palin Avatar
    ian palin

    As with every other EV the range is just not good enough.

    1. drxym Avatar

      I have an MG4 and I go 7-10 days between charges for what I use it for. If I *had* to drive long range, then fast chargers exist for that purpose and it might slightly perturb me to think about where to charge on a 300 mile journey but I could still do it. But the reality is that day to day I’m only doing maybe 30-50km so it’s no concern at all.

  18. Supersonic79 Avatar

    Looks really good!… and actually sensibly priced. 👍🏻

  19. protagonist Avatar

    This Chinese car is amazing along with MG4!

    1. alyssa vasquez Avatar
      alyssa vasquez

      Chinese junk

    2. protagonist Avatar

      @alyssa vasquez

      2nd best seller in UK. Junk in your British land sells

  20. Joram O Avatar
    Joram O

    Gorgeous car, and pricewise definitely one of the first Volvos that would be interesting to me. Unfortunately not the short-range one as a real-world usable EV (for me at least) needs +250 miles (+400km) of WLTP range. So the longer range single motor version would be a neccesity… but at (in the Netherlands) €45.000 it would cost a chunk more as well.

    That makes the BYD Atto 3 a lot more interesting. The Atto 3 is bigger, has a roughly equal range but with an LFP battery, has a standard panoramic roof, and is actually a little cheaper as well. Granted, the EX30 looks a heck of a lot better, even objectively speaking. 🙂

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