New Volkswagen ID.7: the 400 mile electric car is here! | Electrifying

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After what appears like months of being teased which cars covered in camouflage, we finally get to see Volkswagen's flagship electrical . And considering that we've made the trip all in this manner, they let us take a crack at behind the wheel too.

The ID.7 might not look especially exciting, however it might be very good news for fans of electrical VWs. Why? Due to the fact that along with not being yet another electric SUV, it has a big battery, big variety and the next-generation of infotainment in there – which is most likely the biggest weak spot of any VW ID .

The ID.7 is something of a traditionalist – it's what we utilized to employ the old days 'a saloon vehicle'– although, like the Polestar 2 and BMW i4, it in fact has a hatchback.

But a lower vehicle with a long wheelbase makes sense for and trucks. The big space between the wheels suggests more traveler leg area, and a lower roofline and smaller frontal area makes it more aerodynamic. That slipperiness indicates more performance.

VW is stating that the ID.7 with the most significant 86kWh battery need to manage 435 miles of WLTP range. So quickly 300-plus of real-world capability. At nearly 5-metres long, it's the very same size as a Mercedes EQE or Nio ET7, however with a fundamental rate of around ₤ 55,000 will be significantly cheaper. Its size raises it above competitors such as the Tesla Design 3 too
Join Tom as he takes a close look around Volkswagen's latest ID model. Are you a fan? Would you have an ID.7 over a Tesla Design 3?

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21 responses to “New Volkswagen ID.7: the 400 mile electric car is here! | Electrifying”

  1. Simon Burleigh Avatar
    Simon Burleigh

    The estate one looks great, that is a car that I would like to have.

    1. Mihnea Lazăr Avatar
      Mihnea Lazăr

      Next year

  2. first name last name Avatar
    first name last name

    Just on looks -pretty as it is, is a car my father would like to drive (and I am 60).

  3. Michael Dixie Avatar
    Michael Dixie

    I quite liked the looks of the estate version. It’s just a pity most of the traditional car companies are not producing affordable electric cars. £60000 is just ridiculous for a middle of the road saloon car.

  4. Douglas Kinloch Avatar
    Douglas Kinloch

    I want to see Audi’s take on the Estate….

  5. Patrick W Avatar
    Patrick W

    I wish we’d legislate to keep indicators well away from headlamps and with orange lenses. In headlamp flashers often become virtually invisible with the sun directly on them.

  6. VDubya Avatar

    In that deep blue it makes me think of a 90s Vectra .
    So much better than the ID4 in terms of blobbyness although the rear quarter looks like it’s had a few too many pies

  7. Krzysztof Ćwik Avatar
    Krzysztof Ćwik

    When this gets real buttons with facelitf, and upcoming estate version is also pumped into sharan:) I want one:)

  8. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    An ID.3 Variant (estate in VW lingo) would be awesome.

  9. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    I’m curious to know how AWD would affect the range. I like it… except for the front-to-back cupholders… one of my pet peeves in cars.

  10. di we Avatar
    di we

    I like the iD.7 precisely because it doesn’t shout out to the world “I’m an EV and I’m doing great things!” Its rather reserved look and elegant appearance works for me – I’m very excited when the configurator goes online and then the pricing will create facts for me!

  11. Rich B Avatar
    Rich B

    Lead time will likely be horrific like all other VW’s at the moment

  12. pauleyc Avatar

    Something about the ID.7 reminds me of the Citroen C5 (Mark III specifically). Maybe the roofline or the back? Anyway, I like that it looks this normal.

  13. Adam Avatar

    You are right about the ride height, it needs to drop a good 25mm. The styling is safe and inoffensive which I think is a conscious decision based on the potential buyers.

  14. bodrulm1 Avatar

    Proper 5 seater, enormous practical hatchback boot, long range, high quality interior, non shouty design, and rear wheel only option. VW are on to a winner here!

  15. Niklas Wejedal Avatar
    Niklas Wejedal

    Well, it may not be amazing to look at, but it looks way more interesting then the dull-as-dishwater Passat, and that thing is everywhere. So, basically this is a Passat, just better in every possible way – Can’t see why this will not be a huge hit. Completely agrres on your take on SUVs – I don’t understand why you would want one. Either buy an ID 7 if you want more efficiency or an ID Buzz if you want more space… Me, I don’t need anything bigger than an ID 3, but will go for a second hand Zoe, because I am a Renault-nerd…

  16. TeeFunkable Avatar

    I can’t help but to wonder why they started with the saloon? Enter the estate market and you are definately not in a crowded market and those things just make much more sense.

  17. Hisham G Avatar
    Hisham G

    I like the range and the fact it’s a hatchback (much more practical) shame about the price and the buttons on the steering wheel. Sadly yet another EV that I will never be able to afford.

  18. Ray Emre TUFEKCI Avatar
    Ray Emre TUFEKCI

    I don’t think a VW of this specs will be 55 k. Maybe starts just below 60 and will go up to 75 with all bells and whistles.

  19. Tim Scott Avatar
    Tim Scott

    There’s something that looks wrong with this design, I can’t quite put my finger on it, I think he noticed it too when he said the stance was awkward. For me the id3 is a much better looking car. The 4 and 5 are blobby and the id2 is the best so far.

  20. Rob Smith Avatar
    Rob Smith

    Yay! The EV6 is described as a SALOON! HAlleluja!, Not A supercilious unnecessary van. Next: I’m reminded of the Skoda Superb when looking at the boot, then the interior has a similar taste. Also, have they designed in a USABLE regen function?

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