NEW VOLKSWAGEN ID.3: Has VW finally fixed EVERYTHING? /Electrifying

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When the got here in 2021, we rather liked it. Well, most of it. While we thought that Volkswagen had actually done a decent job with the driving experience and the style, the interior quality wasn't approximately the brand name's typical standards while the woeful infotainment system seemed like something in the early stages of development instead of the finished thing.

Today, a year previously that planned (generally since of all those teething concerns) Volkswagen is back to have another go. The 2023 ID.3 includes a raft of improvements that intend to assure buyers that quality and reliability are still things that Volkswagen appreciates. From an improved infotainment system to much better seats, Volkswagen has actually done its best to improve the ID.3's image.

But it's not all excellent news – especially for UK buyers. The new broader infotainment screen will not be coming for another year while the infuriating wipers that have been created for left-hand drive automobiles stay the same (if you're questioning what Tom is talking about, have a look at our Long Term upgrade of our Cupra Born: )

Join Tom as he takes a close look around the brand-new . Do you believe the new version is an enhancement? Would you now put one on your shortlist? As always, we love to read you remarks, so let us understand what you believe listed below.

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24 responses to “NEW VOLKSWAGEN ID.3: Has VW finally fixed EVERYTHING? /Electrifying”

  1. Ianmundo Avatar

    bad wipers, slow infotainment, hidden touchscreen climate controls etc. These are not acceptable in this era and yet, automakers keep trying to reinvent the wheel and ruin the Driver Experience in the process

    1. Adrian Nelson Avatar
      Adrian Nelson

      Yup, this would have been an acceptable 1st gen .. with everything ironed out by this release.

    2. Adrian Nelson Avatar
      Adrian Nelson

      (and they blame supply issues for not sorting capacitive touch steering wheel .. I call bs, they can’t even get hold of that one!)

  2. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Glad that they have tried to increase the supply and sort the infotainment system. Bidirectional charging is a must on all new BEV’s. A few steps in the right direction.

  3. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    Looks like an improvement. I find the waiting list slightly mystifying considering how fast used prices of EVs are falling at present.

    1. disarchitected Avatar

      Isn’t that more about increased supply to the used market, lots of 3 yr leases and PCP’s ending now, at least in the UK. Personally, I wouldn’t want to get into early versions of any of these cars second hand because of all their reported issues.

    2. Brian Avatar

      VW are hardly making any EVs, which I guess is a strategy to limit demand to help prices higher to give the customer the impression of demand. Still glad I bought an MG4 and saved nearly £10k.
      Having pretty lights on subscription is having a laugh. Paying for access to something you already bought.

  4. Groaznic Avatar

    Plug+charge and V2G and V2L are absolute must have features for cars that cost so mother flipping much. Finally more cars are stepping through the stargate.

  5. Steven Swann Avatar
    Steven Swann

    100% with you on the LHD wipers. Lazy engineering and/or cost cutting. Not good enough VW. In fact, the whole facelift seems a bit “too little too late”. Fix the RHD’s wipers and bring back some dials for HVAC, then I’ll consider one.

  6. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Looks good! Too bad we can’t get them on this side of the pond. Make me wonder if VW intends to also refresh the ID.4 in the near future…?

  7. The Green Texan Avatar
    The Green Texan

    Looks like some good improvements. We’ve had our ID4 for a year and been a great vehicle for us. The touch buttons haven’t really bothered us

  8. Richard Toulson Avatar
    Richard Toulson

    Price is everything. I have been waiting well over a year for my Max. VW will have to up their game on meeting orders in a more timely fashion – and communicating that to its valued customers.

  9. Ian Langfield Avatar
    Ian Langfield

    Excellent review by Tom, more please!!

  10. Abdullah Aslam Avatar
    Abdullah Aslam

    ID3 driver here. Never had an issue with wipers so don’t know what everyone is talking about – I’ll pay more attention next time it rains. I’m glad there’s more paint options and that they’ve addressed the quality and seats. I always find the headrest a bit too far back, can’t angle it forward or adjust it like on the passat. But it looks like they haven’t changed the shortcut buttons on the dash. Honestly never use them apart from the climate button. Would have preferred some more useful shortcuts like vehicle/charge info.

    We also have the new shape Kia Niro EV. Honestly much better car overall (for the same money now). Delivers much better efficiency and range compared to the VW. I always pick the Kia when going for a motorway trip because the range is far more reliable (within 10-15%). Whereas in the id3 I find it delivers 30% less range than quoted, especially when using Aircon. Will definitely option the heat pump in my next EV as the heating has been an issue (how much it affects range) with both cars during this winter.

  11. Hisham G Avatar
    Hisham G

    I would consider it… if it was affordable! I guess I will be sticking with my old Ioniq for quite a while longer.

  12. chris penn Avatar
    chris penn

    Good to see VW working to fix their mistakes wuth the original ID3 and V2H is goid news. Prices and delivery times are still a major issue though – which is why i bought the MG4.

  13. BobanHTP Avatar

    The excellent overview of new ID3! Well I expected much more from VW in the facelift 🙂 But I am glad even rear doors got alcantara and the sliders of air condition and volume have lights 🙂 Pity ID3 still can’t pull the cart – why Megane or Niro II can?

  14. Patrick Flanagan Avatar
    Patrick Flanagan

    I think it looks great, and the changes from the Mk1 are a definite improvement. Great colour too.

  15. David Jebson Avatar
    David Jebson

    An excellent video by an excellent presenter – and the mobility solution sounds to be improved in some significant ways as well !

  16. Chris Wallace Avatar
    Chris Wallace

    Vehicle to home would definitely make me consider this over other ev’s.

  17. Denis Avatar

    I think I would buy it just for the colour, it looks incredible and fresh!

  18. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    I’ve seen that colour on various cars over the decades and it looks good on almost any make or model. But as I prefer small, or even micro-EVs, I’ll stick with my Fiat 500e.

  19. John Doyle Avatar
    John Doyle

    Looks much better, and improved tech. The old ones may take a hit on the used market.
    I would actually have this new model, but avoided the early one, early adopters, thank you for testing for VW.

  20. Kevin Slegg Avatar
    Kevin Slegg

    I think they’ve certainly made worth while improvements. Shame about the UK spec being lower though – but unfortunately that’s quite common nowadays ☹️

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