NEW Vauxhall Astra Electric revealed! | What Car?

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The brand-new Vauxhall Astra Electric has actually been revealed. Will it be better than the Cupra Born and MG4? View to discover whatever you require to understand.

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Video chapters
00:00 Intro
00:30 What is the Vauxhall Astra Electric?
01:24 Style
02:23 Battery, variety + efficiency
03:39 Estate
04:51 Prices
05:28 Outro






28 responses to “NEW Vauxhall Astra Electric revealed! | What Car?”

  1. AoToGo Avatar

    From £40,000, way too expensive therefore not the slightest bit interested! Considering the battery technology used in this car will be obsolete within a year anyone buying this must be bonkers!

  2. Neuro Weaver Avatar
    Neuro Weaver

    Astras used to sell for 14,000-16,000, whereas Vectras went for 19,000-24,000. These over-inflated prices are nothing short of highway robery. Keep also in mind that the electric vehicles also come with a hidden cost of around 10,000 ever 7-10 years to replace the battery.

    1. TL Avatar

      The batteries last the lifetime of the car, around 10 to 20 years. I have a 7 year old Nissan Leaf, 24kWh battery. It still have the full 12 bars of SOH battery indicator. The key is to not charge to 100% unless you need to, and never run it down below 10%. This is because the individual cells do not like to be either 100% fully charged (reduces life) or risk them running down to 0% state of charge (SOC) which can cause a reversal of the cell polarity.

    2. david stuart Avatar
      david stuart

      @TL perhaps the manufs should set them up to run 10-90 and label it as 0-100 with a minimal creeper range beyond then and fit 10% bigger batteries

    3. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      @david stuart They do. It is referred to as “the buffer”.

    4. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      @david stuart Gross battery capacity vs Useable battery capacity.

    5. Leo Morgan Avatar
      Leo Morgan

      This is a common myth. Any EV produced in the last 5 years will have a battery that will likely out live the car. This all came from very early Nissan leafs from 2011-2012 era that had a different battery chemistry. Things have moved on. There are Tesla’s that have done more than 300k miles and still going with relatively minimal degradation.

  3. CPS Avatar

    A 51 KWh astra or a used 62Kwh Leaf for less than half the price… No brainer really… 🤣🤣

  4. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Brilliant video.

  5. Hani Al-G Avatar
    Hani Al-G

    Think you need to address front page Times newspaper Front Page News about Electric chargers ( yes unlike Guru cars etc You have addressed this subject but then what Times saying is Alarming ). You should tell your mates in the other publications and channels who you meet in the press pool Start talking Serious about this subject and more Importantly start asking Serious Hard questions to who ever .

  6. dan hug hes Avatar
    dan hug hes

    Only seen a couple of Astras on road. Which is mad. Im a motor trader. People aren’t buying Astra. So see 308

    1. TL Avatar

      True, a car design for the working class but priced at the luxury end. Teslas can be had for the same money.

    2. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      Plenty of Corsa and Mokka about in my are. Only seen two of the new Astra. Same with the sister Peugeot 308. The petrol and diesel Astra are reasonably priced though

  7. Norman Boyes Avatar
    Norman Boyes

    What we are seeing here is ‘ordinary folks’ being priced off the road. Not yet – but that is the direction of travel.

    1. Trackingcookie Avatar

      The penny is dropping

  8. WLTDO Avatar

    MG4 is a no brainier at that price, relatively speaking

  9. TL Avatar

    From £40,000 ??!!??

  10. Dany D Avatar
    Dany D

    £40K for a Vauxhall !!! no one in their right mind would spend that cash on this.

    1. Trackingcookie Avatar

      Thats the plan

  11. alan jenkins Avatar
    alan jenkins

    Vauxhall will destroy their own brand if they really want to be all electric in 5 years with cars of this expense. The price needs to drop at least 25% first.

  12. Trackingcookie Avatar

    Autocar have turned off tbe comments in their EV uploads i have noticed 😂 what this space for the same thing here ❤

  13. Per Eldh Avatar
    Per Eldh

    At least today you allow comments.. On yesterdays Ad for Kia, thats tho most horrendus looking car in decades. This Opel looks a lot better indeed

  14. Ib Erik Söderblom Avatar
    Ib Erik Söderblom

    Aaah, a PeugeOpel.

  15. Tony Beckett Avatar
    Tony Beckett

    40k. Wow….

  16. Michael Avatar

    £40,000, no thanks 😳

  17. Eamonn McDermott Avatar
    Eamonn McDermott

    No doubt there will be “eco clowns” who think this is a bargain just because it is electric!!

  18. Geronimo coleccionista bonet Avatar
    Geronimo coleccionista bonet

    New Chevrolet Astra the new generation

  19. Tiny Speedshop Avatar
    Tiny Speedshop

    Nice Skoda

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