NEW Suzuki Swift review – the BEST cheap small car? | What Car?

We've driven the Swift (aka ) for the really very first time. Watch our evaluation to find out if it's the very best inexpensive small cars and truck you can purchase.

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40 responses to “NEW Suzuki Swift review – the BEST cheap small car? | What Car?”

  1. @joe80ss Avatar

    Was waiting for this. Looks nice, cheap, and reliable.

  2. @Jmcg1959 Avatar

    No mention that they have changed the entry handles to the back doors and not built into the rear door pillar ? Easier for little one’s to get into the car.

  3. @killianlpc Avatar

    I have the current model SZ5 Mild Hybrid with 1.0L 3 cyl Boosterjet Engine which has 109bhp. Got to say very underwhelmed by the new model, it just looks lie a facelift of my car. Slightly different at the front, and the tail lamps slightly different as well. Interior is almost identical apart from the larger infotainment screen. Overall the car is not that much different. The main disappointment is the engine only delivering about 90bhp, don’t get me wrong I love my Swift, but to release a new model almost identical with a lesser powered engine is a backwards step by Suzuki.

    1. @ReallyVirtual Avatar

      It’s actually worse. The new Suzuki Swift has 80hp. I’m in the same boat. My car is a 2019 SZ5 model and switching to the new Swift will almost certainly be a downgrade due to losing around 30 hp (a little under a 30% drop in power which is significant). This is also reflected in the 0-60 times where the newer model is around 2 seconds longer. I like some of the new tech, but I think my current Suzuki has everything I need, is faster and looks a lot better.

    2. @xeniosaias Avatar

      you dont buy such car for speed

    3. @killianlpc Avatar

      Am just trying to point out that is a downgrade from the old model. @@xeniosaias

    4. @ReallyVirtual Avatar

      @@xeniosaias I agree with @killianplc – why would an existing owner downgrade their current model? Great for people that don’t own a swift, but terrible for existing SZ5 owners.

  4. @kelvpoon Avatar

    Where’s the swift sport

  5. @TL-xw6fh Avatar

    Ford killed off the Fiesta way too early. That’s one of the best cars on the road and they should have invested in an upgrade instead of blindly going all EV SUV. Just see how many of their loyal customers are now deserting them in droves. Not everyone wants an SUV or EV, and certainly less who want an EV SUV!

    1. @DarrylRadcliffe Avatar

      I wonder sometimes what goes these manufacturers heads when they make these decisions. Trying to be like Apple and tell people what they should be buying? Hahaha mistake #1.
      SUVs are overrated. I’d take a good hatchback or estate/stationwagon anyday.

    2. @michaelkilbride2927 Avatar

      They killed the fiesta by fitting a eco boost engine now known as the ecoboom as it go’s bang and then shafted there customers with big bills for a crap engine that Ford should have paid for

    3. @TL-xw6fh Avatar

      @@DarrylRadcliffe Absolutely. I just don’t need an SUV but just a small runabout. I’m 70+ and there is absolutely no need for such cars, especially when I am trying to do my environmental bit but buying less, smaller and cars with better efficiency. SUV simply do not fit my requirements. I worked in Ford’s Product Development department for some years, so I am most disappointed by their strategic mistake. I no longer drive Ford cars because they just do not make the products that fit my needs. So sad.

    4. @TL-xw6fh Avatar

      @@michaelkilbride2927 That was because the gave they the design responsibility to PSA. It was PSA who developed the stupid wet belt system, which also afflicts PSA engines, just that they kept quiet about it. I would have used chain ilo belt, just like the Japanese.

    5. @Lando-kx6so Avatar

      The Fiesta was also the UK’s best selling vehicle & stayed in the top 10 months after they cancelled it! Friggin stupid move they made

  6. @Darx97 Avatar

    This looks weird compared to the old one, idk something is off, looks like a knock off

    1. @Bambotb Avatar

      woud you pick old wift or i20 2023 ? and why thanks

    2. @Darx97 Avatar

      @@Bambotb to be honest I’m not entirely familiar with either when it comes to technical stuff like how reliable they are and so on but from a first glance I like the Hyundai more, looks more modern inside and out even compared to the new swift, I’d take the Hyundai, also seeing how Hyundai been doing pretty well on the market lately, I like most of their latest models like the elantra or the kona

    3. @Bambotb Avatar

      @@Darx97 i agree with tou looks much better and more versatile

  7. @nickwills6042 Avatar

    I quite like this, but it needs more power…
    Looking forward to the Sport

  8. @timbounds7190 Avatar

    I love Suzuki Swifts, but only 81bhp???? That isn’t going to be enough. The old 3 cylinder turbo was quite nice, but even the old 1.3 4cylinder didn’t have enough guts.

    1. @Bambotb Avatar

      woud you pick old wift or i20 2023 ? and why thanks

    2. @timbounds7190 Avatar

      @@BambotbNot much experience of Hyundais. I do like the Swift – very sweet to drive, not perfect – interior looks a bit plasticy compared to old models, not huge amounts of luggage space, but remarkably reliable (even those made in Hungary, whilst 3rd gen made in Japan!).

    3. @Bambotb Avatar

      @@timbounds7190 all 3rd gen made in japan ? This is 4th gen right ? Also just on top of your head would you be more interested in i20 ? Seems like a better value only 1,5k more but not sure

    4. @timbounds7190 Avatar

      @@Bambotb If this is 4th generation, then 3rd generation made in Japan, but 1st and 2nd made in Hungary. I like Swifts but the engines have become rather gutless – the 1200 was a bit weedy, and this new one looks far worse! So, on paper i20 might be a better bet. But I guess it’s in the driving experience….

  9. @gavjlewis Avatar

    Realistically the only reason to buy it is you need the all grip 4WD but still need a small car.
    I certainly wouldnt be buying any car in this price range until i had test drove the new MG3 Hybrid+.

  10. @leccybadger Avatar

    Our lass has a 70 plate Swift, 1.2 hybrid, cost a pound under 10k (pre owned at a stealership). Been ultimately reliable, sips fuel through a straw & on the twisty country roads around us, a hoot to drive IF you use the box and change up and down regularly. I have been known to take the Swift over my M240i X drive for some shorter journeys and it always makes me smile. 😊

    1. @xeniosaias Avatar


    2. @wizzyno1566 Avatar


    3. @Bambotb Avatar

      woud you pick old wift or i20 2023 ? and why thanks

  11. @tug1345 Avatar

    Bit of Proton Savvy about that bonnet line

  12. @tobyhall7617 Avatar

    They should stop calling it a hybrid when its not at all it’s just a glorified start stop system

    1. @stephandolby Avatar

      This sort of setup used to just be called a micro hybrid around a decade back, but still, the term is misleading especially given you can disable such features.

  13. @tug1345 Avatar

    Many car manufacturers can learn a lot from this in terms of efficiency, most of today’s trendy electric SUV’S are 3 times this cars weight, the gas guzzler of electric cars

  14. @gradientO Avatar

    Definitely inspired by mini cooper

  15. @GbMuthu Avatar

    I was hoping so much that this Z12 mild hybrid engine would adopt 48V architecture. That way the CVT option could have been a Direct Drive like in their R06A engines. What a missed chance.

  16. @alfredneuman Avatar

    I drive the Suzuki Swift Sport sourced from India. Absolutely love my car, but the new design doesn’t do anything for me.

  17. @taomahNEGEV Avatar

    It’s still the Yaris for me.

  18. @cabottaxi Avatar

    I’ll bet Suzuki were pleased when the barrel was put in the boot. 
    Not the sort of thing you would put in a brand new car unless you wanted to damage the interior and scuff the rear bumper.

  19. @togzinnhla6747 Avatar

    I miss the rear door panels on how it used to open from the top

  20. @Bambotb Avatar

    would you pick a swift or i20 please ?

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