NEW Skoda Fabia review – do you REALLY need an electric car? | What Car?

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In this Fabia evaluation we describe why this -powered small cars and truck is still an absolutely wonderful option, even compared to rival totally automobiles. Watch to learn the 10 things you require to understand about the Fabia.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:30 1. Background
1:45 2. Rivals
2:06 3. Interior
4:10 4. Practicality
5:28 5. Engine line-up
6:12 6. On the road
7:10 7. Rates
7:49 8. Best thing
8:09 9. Worst thing
8:16 10. Verdict


32 responses to “NEW Skoda Fabia review – do you REALLY need an electric car? | What Car?”

  1. Jai Sabai Avatar
    Jai Sabai

    Nice review of an adequate little car Doug. You spoke a fair bit about the boot space but didn’t reveal whether or not this car comes with a spare tyre. I guess not.

    1. Des Holman Avatar
      Des Holman

      Spare tyre is available at extra cost.

  2. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    Would you rather have this Skoda Fabia (£18,500) or an MG4 (£26,995)? 🤔

    1. Malph Avatar

      Fabia all day long.

    2. Alexander Stefanov Avatar
      Alexander Stefanov

      Your comparing a c segment EV with 170bhp to a basic version of a b segment supermini with 95hp and a manual gearbox. Compare the MG4 to a DSG golf with at least 150hp.

    3. Ben Cole Avatar
      Ben Cole

      Have recently moved from a ’15 Fabia to a MG4. So that’s my answer! The Fabia is a great car. If anything, it’s losing it’s USP by going too up market. It’s very reliable, low cost maintenance, reasonable if a bit boring to drive, comfortable and provided good mpg. Mine was also only £20 a year tax. My first new car, 15 years ago, was a Seat Ibiza and that was similarly great.
      But the EV is fantastic to drive, more spacious, better fitted out and, in the long run, will provide better economy – even with the price rises in electric. I would say, the Corsa-e is a fairer comparison and the discounts available make it a very competitive price.

    4. MOSS FEEN Avatar

      Neither a Second hand Octavia would do me instead

    5. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
      Jonathan Taylor

      As with Alexander Stefanov’s comment earlier – you’re simply not comparing like-for-like cars with that question…!
      To match anything even close to the performance of the MG4, with an auto gearbox, you’d have to be looking at the 150PS Monte Carlo DSG – even then, it’s 0.5 seconds slower.
      But, then add on the options of sat nav and adaptive cruise which come as standard on the MG4 and you’re talking of the Fabia costing around £25,300…! 😵

  3. CyberAeon Avatar

    Yess that’s the perfect city car which has great fuel usage and big trunk space

  4. Chris Lockey Avatar
    Chris Lockey

    Nice car but I’d buy a Jazz

  5. roconnor01 Avatar

    Cheap !

  6. zuti071 Avatar

    Fabia will always be decent car but throwing away that kind of money for any car in this class is insane. Prices of new cars are 30-50% more than they used to be 1 or 2 years ago, but our salaries are almost the same or maybe 5% higher than they used to be.
    Something is shady in car industry and that has nothing to do with war in Ukraine or chip shortages!

    1. Kinocchio Avatar

      yup just brutal business.

    2. Alexander Stefanov Avatar
      Alexander Stefanov

      Buying any new car is insane. The TSI 110 with high spec goes for about 16k EUR preregistered in Germany

  7. Alexander Stefanov Avatar
    Alexander Stefanov

    The problem with the TSI 95 is the 5sp gearbox. Come on VaG, it’s not 1995. I’d definitely ignore this advice and go for the 110.

    1. Peter Durnell Avatar
      Peter Durnell

      Nothing wrong with the 5sp in this. Ratios are long so revs are low at motorway speeds.

    2. ApurtureSci Avatar

      @Peter Durnell long ratios cause issues at lower speeds though

    3. Blanco Avatar

      It’s great if you dont care, you can just drive 110kmh accelerate calmly and it does an immaculate job with room to spare for aggression when needed. But all in all if you’re a car person, the Tsi 95 is too weak. The 5th gear works fine but after 130kmh the rpm get annoying.

  8. natsopa6034 Avatar

    great presenter to the point without silly jokes

  9. Reddylion Avatar

    Nice I want ev only .

  10. cabottaxi Avatar

    Why did they get rid of the estate version ?

    1. Des Holman Avatar
      Des Holman

      Skoda couldn’t manufacture the estate and get the emissions levels down to meet the tough euro regulations.

  11. Dean Hamer Avatar
    Dean Hamer

    Do I need an electric car? Yes. Yes I do.

  12. Blark Dexture Avatar
    Blark Dexture


  13. Piner5074 Avatar

    Lol… I’ve got both. I love my Fabia just as much. 1.0L petrol 110bhp, 350 miles and I’ve still over a third of a tank

  14. David Avatar

    Pls review the rivals like the Ibiza and i20 too! Actually while u’r at it, the likes of the i10 and picanto etc need to be reviewed as well!

  15. steve guest Avatar
    steve guest

    Very interesting I wouldn’t describe the gearbox as slick and smooth it feels a bit notchy and the 110 is so much better if you live in a hilly area you are not up and down the gearbox as much and and it has more pull basically feels more fun to drive, same goes for the Polo.

  16. James Mccormack Avatar
    James Mccormack

    Really like the Skoda brand, however a couple of years back who would have thought we would be saying 17K for a cheap car?

  17. steve cross Avatar
    steve cross

    Absolutely, nothing wrong with small and basic. I would however go for the 110 and not the 95. I am sure the 95 hp version would be okay around town. But it is a family car which means it will be loaded. It needs the extra grunt for for distance travelling as well.

  18. Dean Hamer Avatar
    Dean Hamer

    What’s the next video?

    Would you rather a £41,000 Tesla Model 3 or a £26,000 Renault Arkana 😂

  19. gib321 Avatar

    Great review.

  20. MOSS FEEN Avatar

    I like how he says CHEAP at £18000

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