NEW Renault Megane E-Tech review – better than a Cupra Born? | What Car?

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In this brand- E-Tech evaluation, we take a look at whether this is a fantastic brand-new electrical car is the best in its class.

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Video chapters
00:00 Intro
00:23 Background
01:33 Rivals
01:49 Interior
04:23 Practicality
06:01 Battery + range
06:59 Charging
07:30 On the roadway
09:49 Rates
10:36 Finest thing
10:42 Worst thing
10:47 Outro


29 responses to “NEW Renault Megane E-Tech review – better than a Cupra Born? | What Car?”

  1. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    I love your videos, can I get a comment heart? ❤

  2. Alan Gordon Avatar
    Alan Gordon

    Did you makes this 6 months ago 🤷‍♂️

  3. DanRyzESPUK Avatar

    The only makor problem of this car is the price. If they managed to reduce it by 5k it would be pretty good.

  4. r adam Avatar
    r adam

    Nice car for daily commutes and travel around town but then the Zoe also does the job, is easier to park and comes much cheaper. Until the battery technology changes substantially, pure electrics will remain a niche market.

    1. Eric Wadge Avatar
      Eric Wadge

      In 2022, the Tesla Model Y was the 3rd best selling car in the UK. And 16% of all cars sold were battery electric. Hardly niche anymore. And it is only set to grow herein out.

    2. r adam Avatar
      r adam

      ​@Eric Wadgethat’s remarkable indeed and so much the better that things are moving fast in the all electric direction, but so far I remain a bit sceptic about using one on a long road trip with all the constraints and unforeseeables of the battery charging. Hopefully this is going to change radically in just a few years.

  5. Thomas Hillier Avatar
    Thomas Hillier

    Snow? In June? Where or when are you filming?
    More than a hint of Allegro Quartic in that steering wheel…

  6. edwin ng Avatar
    edwin ng

    Thank you for the presentation
    Renault 5 might be better😅, winter test 👍🏻

  7. Darius Andrei Avatar
    Darius Andrei

    if only it was cheaper, i really like this thing

  8. Geronimo coleccionista bonet Avatar
    Geronimo coleccionista bonet

    The Megane e-tech IS good this car IS electric

  9. Bman1878 Avatar

    I don’t _mind_ it, but the styling makes it look like less of a hatchback, and more of a crossover SUV thing, and I hate crossovers. There’s just waaaay too many of them

  10. Thomas Eriksson Avatar
    Thomas Eriksson

    Summer in UK…snow?…😅

  11. jason brody Avatar
    jason brody

    Why Renault Mégane E tech ev in UK doesnt get the big portrait touch screen

    1. Tin Avatar

      It does In more expensive trim

    2. jason brody Avatar
      jason brody

      @Tin in uk it isn’t available

  12. B Shah Avatar
    B Shah

    Two issues. Rear seats do not provide much leg thigh support. Only one battery option. Heat pump was not available initially.

  13. James Butler Avatar
    James Butler

    But that’s in Model 3 pricing territory?

  14. Billy Heywood Avatar
    Billy Heywood

    I really liked the Megane E-Tech, it’s beautiful inside and out. But it is just too narrow to be a practical family car. Try getting 3 adults to sit in the back, it’s not big back there. And the boot may be deep, but it is less than 1m across between the wheel arches, making it hard to fit larger items in there. So it would not suit my needs, and it’s at least £5k too expensive

  15. NorthernSoulieKTF Avatar

    I own a Techno E Tech and by far it has the best brakes of any EV I drove on tests. The regen paddles come into their own when driving twisty roads, almost like changing down. With current weather I am getting almost WLTP forecast although in winter when I picked it up, it did dip below 200 miles. The boot is a god send, it easily handled all our luggage for extended trip with a lot of room to spare. Finally, my 6’2” son sits comfortably behind me and I am same height. Build quality is excellent and to finally answer your question, head and shoulders above the Cupra Born in all respects. MG drivers today are Skoda drivers of 30 years ago. You get what you pay for, nowt in life is free.

    1. Rob Smith Avatar
      Rob Smith

      Is that real? The rear passenger space looks absolutely Terrible.

    2. NorthernSoulieKTF Avatar

      @Rob Smith Yes, my son sits behind me as I have child seat on other side for my grandson on the passenger side so I can keep an eye on him when I take him out alone. Grandson likes his Dad to sit near him. As my son doesn’t drive, I wouldn’t have considered buying if he couldn’t fit comfortably behind me. I expect like most car owners 95% of the time, you don’t have four adults in the car.

  16. TL Avatar

    I truly struggled to get my head wrapped around why I would buy a new EV now. They are so expensive, about £10k to £15k to an equivalent ICE car. They depreciate much faster than an ICE equivalent, so that within 5 years, there is virtually no premium between an ICE and EV car. It is also more expensive to run an EV against an ICE car if they are charged with rapid charging (which is necessary when on motorways), around 25p per mile vs 12 to 18p per mile for an ICE car. The only saving grace is the lower cost if charging at night and at home. Insurance is also higher, and soon vehicle excise duty will be applied to all EVs too, plus luxury tax if over £40k new.
    So given that the higher depreciation, insurance and financing costs (if purchased on hire purchase or PCP), partially offset by lower charging costs I estimate that an EV will cost me around £1,500 to £2,000 more annually.
    I’ve a 6 year old Nissan Leaf, so I don’t think I’ll replace it with an EV, but get a fuel efficient hybrid like a Toyota Prius or Hyundai Ioniq.

    1. Alan Gordon Avatar
      Alan Gordon

      Buy a secondhand one then 🤷‍♂️

  17. shamis shukoor Avatar
    shamis shukoor

    can you please talk about the cruise control features in the reviews ?

    1. Alan Gordon Avatar
      Alan Gordon

      Why it controls cruising 🤷‍♂️

    2. NorthernSoulieKTF Avatar

      Great adaptive cruise control, easy to set, keeps distance from car in front and keeps within lane, just need to the sensors know you got hands on steering wheel. Indicate to overtake, you control, sensors picks up lane markings by showing green lines in instrument cluster, back into adaptive cruise.
      Can also set to obey speed signs and can plus or minus your speed to the speed sign and away you go. Very useful on roadworks particularly those using average speed.
      Blind spot indicator in mirror also very good, ample warning and warns you if unsafe to pull out due to vehicles on inside or outside of you.
      Reporter really didn’t dwell too much on the safety tech in the car which is excellent. You may find cheaper cars but you need to do a comparison on ALL features not only the price.

  18. Daniil Rusanau Avatar
    Daniil Rusanau

    Great review. Although, if shot in snow why the video is released only now in June? 🤔

  19. Gary Bibby Avatar
    Gary Bibby

    No mention of the 22kw ac charging which makes empty to full in three hours possible so ideal for cinema/shopping trip and AC charging is often cheaper than Rapid DC.

  20. Gary Bibby Avatar
    Gary Bibby

    Also, try using the Google satnav before dismissing. It integrates with car better with range forecasts, automatic charge planning and auto battery pre heat. The system is amazingly quick and responsive. Make use of small screen by minimising the audio widgets on the side.

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