New MINI Cooper electric DRIVEN. Is THIS the perfect small electric car? | Electrifying

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We enjoyed the last Electric. It was adorable, good worth and, many of all, it was enjoyable to drive just like a ought to be. But it had a huge problem: the little battery. It's an automobile we enjoyed driving. However you can't drive it for long as the range was … well, it didn't get you very far.

Now– at last– we get to try the brand new fifth generation MINI. It's an automobile which still has those recognisably retro looks, however is bang up to date. You now get the option of a 36.6 kWh usable battery capability (41kWh total) in the MINI E, or the more powerful Mini SE gets a 49.2 kWh battery (54kWh overall). That's good for a WLTP official range of between 190- and 249 miles. Even much better news is that pricing is anticipated to remain at below β‚€ 30,000, so the brand-new, fifth-generation electrical Mini absolutely appears to be providing more for less, and is well set for taking on the similarity the Peugeot e-208, Fiat 500e, Volvo EX30 and upcoming Renault 5.

It likewise still looks very cool. A bit different– smoother, more contemporary, and perhaps those side mirrors appearance comically huge, but what is great is that the MINI has really stayed small. Many cars nowadays grow with a new generation, however this new, electrical MINI hatchback is a bit much shorter than previously, if a touch broader. It's getting squarer, is what it is …

As we've said, the electrical MINI now has a larger battery, so the Cooper E gets up to 190 miles of electric variety according to main WLTP figures, while the larger battery in the MINI Cooper SE gives it a variety of up to 250 miles. Our test drive out in Barcelona, in torrential rain, wasn't terribly representative of common driving conditions however it's safe to expect a real-world range of around 130- to 170 miles in the Cooper E, and 190- to 249 miles in the Cooper SE.

Quick charging tops out at 75kW for the MINI Cooper E, and 95kW for the Cooper SE, so you'll handle a 10-80% top-up in around 30 minutes on either of the new electrical MINI designs. Plug into a 7kW home charger, and a complete charge will take 7 hours for the smaller battery in the E, and eight hours in the SE.

Join Nicola in a (extremely) rainy Barcelona as she takes the brand-new MINI electric out on the roadway for the very first time. Are you a fan? Will it be on your shortlist this year? Let us understand in the comments below.

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    Yellow is the faster color. Love your work. I popped over to London for a Board of Directors meeting at Wembley Stadium and one of my Tesla Ubers was an e-Minni. Loved it. We owned a Cooper S here in the Colonies. Loved it.

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