NEW MG3 review – the CHEAPEST and BEST hybrid? | What Car?

The new 3 is the most affordable hybrid vehicle on sale– however is it the very best? View our thorough review to learn how it compares to other little automobiles, including the and Toyota Yaris.

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43 responses to “NEW MG3 review – the CHEAPEST and BEST hybrid? | What Car?”

  1. @myromkahaner7336 Avatar

    thank you !

    1. @whatcar Avatar

      You’re welcome!

  2. @666JGNotts Avatar

    What are the buttons on the steering wheel like? Are they decent proper buttons or are they those crappy ones that most manufacturers seem to be fobbing people off with these days?

  3. @David-kl4kn Avatar

    Pls review the Honda eny1 and Corolla 1.8lit hybrid as well

    1. @bikeman123 Avatar

      Corolla is not a new car

    2. @shroomyesc Avatar

      The e:ny1 review would be very short, one sentence in fact; Stay very far away

  4. @michaelwilkinson5097 Avatar

    Toyota have been building hybrids for years and they have a reputation for reliability, longevity… This also ensures good residuals..They have ironed out any issues years ago… So i will let someone else be MG’s guinea pig…

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      Toyota’s reputation is also one squandering decades that squats on an IP for the eCVT and $hit talking EVs

    2. @MrSensible2 Avatar

      I used to buy Toyotas back in the ’90s when they were sold on exactly the same basis as this MG. They were relatively cheap, practical & decently kitted out. I stopped buying them when they started getting expensive & stopped offering much in the way of value-for-money.

    3. @martynmorris8160 Avatar

      SAIC MG’s parent company have been building hybrid cars for around two decades in China

    4. @gavjlewis Avatar

      The hybrid system has already been on sale in the MG VS in Thailand for the last couple of years (although with a slightly different battery).

  5. @bikeman123 Avatar

    3 speed automatic! 😂

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      That would make sense for low voltage/kW EVs like the Dacia Spring, or Citroën Ami…

    2. @MrSensible2 Avatar

      With a conventional ICE, you need lots of gears to evenly distribute torque across the car’s duty envelope. With a hybrid, the battery & electric motor can be employed to ‘fill the gaps’ in the torque delivery curve so you need less gears. In my book, that’s good engineering practice & not something to be sneered at!

  6. @kinocchio Avatar

    Looks like Hyundai

  7. @aye3678 Avatar

    Exterior wise, it is a very good looking car imo.

  8. @chrislockey7706 Avatar

    Economy not as good as I was expecting between 40 and 50mpg!!
    I get 47mpg from my Duster tce
    Was keen to see the new MG3 but I’m disappointed after watching that review

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      They were flooring it. It does do 0-60 in 8 seconds, maybe that’s why 🤷

    2. @MrSensible2 Avatar

      I regularly get 70 mpg from my Suzuki Celerio automatic. It’s by far & away the most economical car I’ve ever driven. But, like me, it’s getting old & at some stage will need replacing. I’d happily buy another but I can’t so I’m looking at what to get next. The choice is between the MG3, the new Swift & the BYD Seagull EV which should be coming to these shores in Q4 2025. I expect none will be as good as what I have now but there you go…

    3. @michaelkilbride2927 Avatar

      ​@MrSensible2 buy the new swift it will be still driving when the byd has burst into flames and being scraped

    4. @CaiSpidox Avatar

      I wouldn’t take a reviewers word on mpg unless it’s a long test and engine is run in a little.

    5. @bugsymalone5744 Avatar

      They got between 40 and 50 so what are you on about?

  9. @harivinayak03 Avatar

    192bhp? Typo at 5:40 🙂

    1. @whatcar Avatar

      Not a typo! The combined power output is officially 143kW (or 192bhp).

  10. @Namburiadityasairam2605 Avatar

    The car is literally a copy of a Hyundai i20/accent from all directions… Who would have thought one day Hyundai (notorious for copying back in the day) would be the victim!

    1. @123silentassassin Avatar

      Idk what Hyundai i20s Hyundai sell where you live, but they most certainly do not look like the MG3 where I live…

    2. @reececollison5101 Avatar

      @@123silentassassinI’d say this looks more like the previous generation Seat Leon, from the side profile anyway

  11. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

    MG2, MG1, MG MIDGET NOW ❤!

  12. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

    I would absolutely not call 40/60 split seats a “Luxury” FFS.

    Rather the split seats with rear wind up windows.

    1. @gavjlewis Avatar

      MG are aware of this issue. The Italian press moaned about it last week. One said it appears the internal seat frame is actually a 60/40 split that has been made into a single bench. You will see @5:03 the single seat support. This would need modifying so it has two supports (one for each seat). It’s not yet clear if that can be a dealer retrofit or it will be a factory fit only.

      So if looking to buy them I would suggest hanging fire to see what happens if a split seat is important to you.

  13. @michaelbooth6007 Avatar

    Chinese cars face import duties to protect the UK market. If they were allowed in without duty they would be very much cheaper. A Tesla Model 3 starts at around £27k in China.

    1. @peakproofuk Avatar

      I thought our Model 3 cars came from the German factory?

    2. @lloydh.3771 Avatar

      The import duties are because the Chinese car companies are subsidised by the Chinese Government which the EU felt gave them an unfair advantage, so applied the tariffs.

  14. @tonale Avatar

    Feels more like a Renault Clio review.

  15. @peakproofuk Avatar

    I wish MG would stop under-wheeling their cars. Even if they want small wheels, they should widen the stance a couple cm.

    1. @gavjlewis Avatar

      If the roads were silky smooth then maybe 17″ would be better, but as many are now no better than the surface of Mars then 16″ with more tyre is a good choice in my opinion.

      It’s a B segment car after all and I think 16″ is quite common for the non sports models in most lineups.

    2. @peakproofuk Avatar

      @@gavjlewisyep. I think I agree. This does look a bit shopping trolley though.

  16. @MihailoJokic Avatar

    Clio hybrid has 4 speeds transmission. So it is not strange that this one has 3 speeds.

  17. @matthewcollins1067 Avatar

    I have a 10 year old Polo BlueGT it’s just as quick as this and returns 45-55 mpg depending on city or motorway. I imagine it drives much better than this. How are these complicated hybrids progress?

    1. @gavjlewis Avatar

      The Polo Blue GT was one of very few small cars that mixed efficiency with good performance. Obviously now there is no replacement. But your car as a 5dr DSG car would have cost over £19k back then and just with inflation would cost £25.5k today so for MG to offer something like this in 2024 for only £18.5k is quite good. Back in 2014 pricing that’s less than £14k.

  18. @jge123 Avatar

    It’s not a renault clio or peugeot 208 in terms of edgy design but it’s ok.

  19. @MarthaMansbridge Avatar

    Not having a split rear seat is ludicrous – an innovation introduced by the modest Austin Metro 42 years ago!

  20. @kjh789az Avatar

    Thanks for an articulate review. The MG3 display is a straight borrowing from the more expensive MG 4 and 5 models, so a good deal if you are lucky with the Russian roulette process of left-hand touch screen operation. More switches, please! I wonder how boxey it sounds, especially at 60-70 on the motorway. Three speed gearing seems a major cost reducing measure. I have a second generation MG5 which has had major component failure and the driver’s door rubber seal is disintegrating after 15 months. So, build quality with tge MG3 will be a concern.

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