NEW Mercedes EQB review – the best seven-seat EV | What Car?

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The new Mercedes EQB is the best seven-seat electric car you can purchase. Watch to discover why!

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21 responses to “NEW Mercedes EQB review – the best seven-seat EV | What Car?”

  1. Ytt Avatar

    Not a good looking vehicle. I’d wait for the Kia EV9.

  2. Boxing Fan Avatar
    Boxing Fan

    So it’s the exact same car as its fossil fuel equivalent only it’s more expensive and its range and charging speed is about 3 years behind the competitors. Something tells me Mercedes is relying on its past and brand loyalty.

  3. Fazirul Ismail Avatar
    Fazirul Ismail

    you look like Chris Martin in Yellow music video.

  4. cabottaxi Avatar

    63k for the average man in the street is just way too expensive. I think manufacturers have lost the plot when it comes to new cars. What happened when everyone used to buy a supermini as a family car.
    Anyone wanting a 7 seater would be better buying a 7 seater VW TOURAN.

    1. CMCNestT Avatar

      Mercedes has never made vehicles for the average man. They make vehicles for the very successful man.

    2. Deadly Dizzle Avatar
      Deadly Dizzle

      ​@CMCNestT no, they make vehicles for the average man that wants to look like a very successful man

    3. Allama Sadi Avatar
      Allama Sadi

      ​@Deadly Dizzle exactly mercedes are not luxury anymore

    4. TL Avatar

      There will no longer be super minis. The shift to full EV means the death of small cars

  5. Alan Gordon Avatar
    Alan Gordon

    Nope. Not for the average person or non FOMO persons.

  6. J J Avatar
    J J

    Just what the world needs, another 2000kg plus, £50K+, 250-300ish miles SUV….Good informed review however.

  7. Turtle ninja Avatar
    Turtle ninja

    That’s a brown car.

  8. Ash Avatar

    We had to go for this as needed 7 seats with 3 kids. Great car but one key point missing in the review is drive quality in a passive suspension… not great and feels like a boat going around corners. Point about the brakes is very valid as well… way too much dead press at the top, which then makes you hit the brake harder than you need to! With 7 seats open you will need a roof box, which will then have an impact on your range.

    Otherwise a typically pleasant Mercedes!

  9. RiverGlades Garden Railroad Avatar
    RiverGlades Garden Railroad

    not for me….old looking car.

  10. Irek M Avatar
    Irek M

    Overpriced ,not quick , slow charging , no dedicated ev platform , not aerodynamic,not officiant , not even looking good just looking old and tired 👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮

  11. Tiago Avatar

    This is not the way to keep up Mercedes…!

  12. N Avatar

    Kia EV9 is more than needed in the market!

  13. ViewBothSides Avatar

    nice car, but what’s with the compulsory suede-effect seats???

  14. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    Not today Satan.

  15. Peter Fessier Avatar
    Peter Fessier

    I really like the looks of this EV inside and out but it’s mediocre specs make it overpriced. I think this could be a nice car to pick up used at a drastically reduced price if you just need a second are and you have another one for long trips. If you need 7 seats a Model Y can be configured that way but at this point, if I wanted 7 seats I’d probably just get a plugin hybrid if I wanted to drive electric or wait for the Kia EV 7. I’m guessing the ID Buzz is going to be pretty unobtainable for a while after it gets here.

  16. Jacobs fun time! Avatar
    Jacobs fun time!

    Mercedes have lost the plot, their prices for cars have gone ridiculous, can buy a Kia for a lot less and the quality will be on par with Mercedes…good luck shifting any cars Mercedes 😅😅

  17. Johann Zahra Avatar
    Johann Zahra

    What about the Kia EV9

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