NEW Lexus LBX review – why it’s a BRILLIANT hybrid car! | What Car?

In this new evaluation we inform you why this brilliant hybrid automobile is our 2024 .

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30 responses to “NEW Lexus LBX review – why it’s a BRILLIANT hybrid car! | What Car?”

  1. @Robin-ve7ck Avatar

    Seems odd to have the 2024 car of the year in the middle of January

    1. @bassicuk1986 Avatar

      It’s car of the year within the last year. So Jan 2023 – Jan 2024

    2. @Robin-ve7ck Avatar

      @@bassicuk1986 yeah I thought as much, but it implies it’d wholly include cars relating to 2024, which is why I find it odd

  2. @nicholasriley3569 Avatar

    Dimensions are in fact very similar to Audi Q2 except for wheelbase which is 20mm less. People buy Lexus for built quality, customer service and reliability. If you wish to own/lease a car that is likely to be unreliable in the long run then by all means get a VW/Audi/Evoque/Merc etc 🙂 If you appreciate peerless reliability, low depreciation and easy resale after 10 years then get a Lexus and purchase it with cash!

    1. @Lightw81 Avatar

      Or just get the Toyota and save money and gain space.

  3. @decker0373 Avatar

    I like it. I rarely have more than 2 in the car and rarely use the boot for more than groceries, so I’m less concerned by the practicality and ore about whether i like the look and feel, this looks nice (to my eyes).and the quality looks good. Also, when compared to an EV, the cost is good, you lose range amxiety too 😅

    1. @devonbikefilms Avatar

      Had an EV for two years. Range anxiety is not a thing if you own one, it’s fine. Kia eNiro as you asked.

    2. @decker0373 Avatar

      @devonbikefilms  I certainly don’t doubt you but, it’s still a thing in my mind, that I can’t shift. I imagine that in the relatively short future, range will improve massively and people like me will never have those thoughts.

    3. @Irvine88888888 Avatar

      @@decker0373 Toyota havre cracked solid state batteries and will have it in the market within a couple of years – 700 mile range 10 minutes to charge.

  4. @robertworth5328 Avatar

    its on my list of potentials… but would you suggest the Urban version of the LBX or the Excel version of the Yaris Cross (budget is ~£30k)… my short list is rather long and has all the usual suspects on it

  5. @darrenbodfish4591 Avatar

    Nice, vehicle 👌, does what it says on the tin & super reliable/economy.

  6. @gpltd0097 Avatar

    It’s very good looking inside and out.❤

  7. @bigdhav Avatar

    I want the Morizo edition with the 1.6L G16E engine.

    1. @simonfox6646 Avatar

      So do I, its the first time since I bought my MK5 GTI from new I wished to change it.

  8. @AWC13475 Avatar

    Awesome review mate perhaps the best I have seen 👍 Well done keep up the great work champion. Can’t wait for these little gems to arrive in Australia 🇦🇺❤️

    1. @whatcar Avatar

      Thanks 👍

  9. @brianallan9035 Avatar

    A nice detailed review as always. I like the vehicle a lot. Many buyers simply like a well finished, quality product so I don’t get the dressed up Toyota argument. Toyotas are mechanically sound, so no worries there.

  10. @betterthanisound Avatar

    Great car, fair review. Interesting it shares a lot and compares to Yaris Cross, based on quality and appeal I wonder if it is more competitive/comparable to the new Toyota C-HR?

  11. @annecy49 Avatar

    Excellent review and filming, as usual!

    1. @whatcar Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  12. @aye3678 Avatar

    I wonder if they do this car in that Lexus bronze colour… Hmm. Gonna have to check it out. Looks great.

  13. @SophiaVaughan19 Avatar

    That was something! What were your reactions? Let’s share impressions! 😊🗨️👍👍👍 ( 🚚

  14. @slavomt5832 Avatar

    BRILLIANT car! Smart looking and comfy. I will be buying one 😍

  15. @avdp9095 Avatar

    Very good first reviews in the Netherlands, build and fit and finish real Lexus.

  16. @shaywhelan1 Avatar

    A very welcome increase on the interior and boot space available in the UX. Not really a family car, but perfect for a couple

  17. @michaelfotoshop Avatar

    Too bad we don’t have this car in Canada 😢

  18. @paultasker7788 Avatar

    This is perhaps a marmite car as some reviews say it’s excellent 5/5 and others give it a mediocre 3/5 verdict. Complaints are no room in back and doesn’t feel special. Too expensive. But in another magazine it beat the Toyota CHR. I guess the best option is to try it out for yourself. If you’re mostly traveling with 2 people or 4 with kids who are not fully grown it’ll do fine. Reliability and after care should be strong

  19. @davidlancaster1974 Avatar

    Great review and quality car. Just don’t understand why every car has to be an SUV these days.

  20. @KeliK1 Avatar

    I agree with the verdict and I like it. Great review and awesome video editing!

    1. @whatcar Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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