NEW Kia Picanto revealed! – BIG makeover for small car | What Car?

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The brand-new Kia Picanto has been revealed and we have actually got full information on a huge remodeling for the little city vehicle. What's new? What huge error has Kia made? Will there be a completely electrical variation? Watch to discover.

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23 responses to “NEW Kia Picanto revealed! – BIG makeover for small car | What Car?”

  1. Barry Rathbone-Ledsom Avatar
    Barry Rathbone-Ledsom

    I may be odd but I like that as it now looks like Kia family of cars

  2. Charlie Avatar

    I’m glad to see Kia is still committed to the Picanto, but I think I prefer the current one to this new updated version.

  3. Wayne Heyes Avatar
    Wayne Heyes

    XLine being axed huge mistake, and this is the last bow out for the picanto now

  4. Ambienfinity Avatar

    It’s a good little car, but (1) £14,000 isn’t that cheap, and (2) I’m not sure all the creases and squared off features suit it quite as much as their larger models (Niro, Sportage). It looks a bit like a chihuahua in a stormtrooper uniform.

    1. hueything228 Avatar

      😂 apt description

    2. BikingChap Avatar

      They pushing the prices up to make the EV look less expensive. I’d get a current model for under £12k personally, prettier and better value.

  5. DC Various Vids Avatar
    DC Various Vids

    I can see that front bumper being damaged, encountering the first urban speed ramp.

  6. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    Well done, Kia, for sticking with this class of car. Although the detailing is fussy, the facelift works with this size of car. Should do well.

  7. 1969MadMatt Avatar

    A real GTI version – let’s say: a 1.4 litre with 140 BHP – would be really nice…

    1. Rasher basher Avatar
      Rasher basher

      Or 1.6 turbo limited edition. Sell like hot cakes..

  8. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    The front end is so busy and over styled, I think we now know where the designer of ‘that’ Honda Civic has gone to work. Kia/Hyundai are generally doing great cars these days, effectively taking the space in the mass market that Ford used to own.

  9. K B Avatar
    K B

    Very nice car. It will look amazing in black.

  10. Rob Small Avatar
    Rob Small

    Glad to see a new version of the Picanto. Rather than expensive EV’s this is what Britain needs. Small and easy to manoeuvre and park

  11. Anakinskywalker Avatar

    What a shame there is no turbo option, That is a big mistake by Kia in my view.

  12. A Z Avatar
    A Z

    Looks great imo

  13. richard howlett Avatar
    richard howlett

    Not convinced about its looks , but pleased they’re still going to make this car .

  14. Tristan Pettigrew Avatar
    Tristan Pettigrew

    Looks brilliant!!! I see disk brakes at the back. Nice to see a fresh face in the small segment.

  15. CPT_ROB Avatar

    My wife has the 2018 and although it is a bit small for longer trips (2hr+), it is our go to car for around town. It’s geared for town so its zippy and nimble. Parking is a breeze as it can fit anywhere. It is also incredibly cheap to run and built solid. Glad to see it still around.

  16. Dreador Avatar

    What is being ignored in this move away from small cheap cars is the new driver market, who are now propping up the used not so cheap small car market.

  17. Marcus H Avatar
    Marcus H

    Waow, this is looking good. Nice work Kia

  18. McWabbit Avatar

    I still miss a newer model Skoda Citigo. The discontinued one is such a great little car I would like to see a newer version of it on the market. The last update even had a (short-lived) electric or hybrid option? But as said, it is hard to make a profit from small cheap city cars.

  19. Jim Hughes Avatar
    Jim Hughes

    I like the look of this new model but think the lack of a turbo engine is a step backwards but maybe the 1.2 moi version will be ok

  20. jm40 Avatar

    The X-Line S models came with a sunroof 👍

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