NEW Kia EV9 review – electric SUV that costs how much!? | What Car?

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Is this the very best worldwide? Enjoy our to find out what this massive seven-seater is really like.

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Video chapters:.
0:00 What is the EV9?
1:04 Distinctions from the prototype.
1:30 Range and charging.
2:42 The 6-seat ev9.
3:38 2nd row.
4:30 Third row.
5:35 Boot space.
6:26 Interior evaluation.
8:25 Tech in the EV9.
10:35 Storage.
11:08 Efficiency.
12:11 Driving impressions.
13:41 The BIG thing.
14:30 Decision.


33 responses to “NEW Kia EV9 review – electric SUV that costs how much!? | What Car?”

  1. NAVEEN V.MENON Avatar

    Lookin beautiful. Please do a review of the grand Cherokees trackhawk

    1. What Car? Avatar
      What Car?

      We don’t get the Trackhawk here in the UK, but we do have a video review of the Grand Cherokee!

    2. NAVEEN V.MENON Avatar

      @What Car? please do find a trackhawk or if you or your team, traveling to anywhere, please do a review. I’m waiting for your opinion on trackhawk.

    3. NAVEEN V.MENON Avatar

      @What Car? or please do a review of cadillac escalade v.

  2. MG4 Trophy ⚡️🟠 Avatar
    MG4 Trophy ⚡️🟠

    Damn. That’s huge in every aspect 😰

  3. bryan Avatar

    I think the id buzz will be more popular if they are at an even price point

  4. David Avatar

    more expensive than the equivalent Merc, BMW and Audi. It will also depreciate massively fast

    Good luck with that Kia

    1. David Lewis Avatar
      David Lewis

      Probably burn for 3 days as well if it has a issue.

    2. Moonwalker Avatar

      Your medicine wore off if you think this is more expensive than a merc or bmw

    3. David Avatar

      @Moonwalker did you watch the video?
      At the end they have prices for those cars and this, and the kia is significantly more expensive @14:04

    4. Peter Harrison Avatar
      Peter Harrison

      It’s £30k cheaper than the equivalent Mercedes, BMW and Audis, which are t even 3 row seaters

    5. David Avatar

      @Peter Harrison They arent 7 seaters no, but the price difference isnt true is it

  5. Sasha OK Avatar
    Sasha OK


  6. David Avatar

    There should be more trims for rwd
    Also trims without electric third row or heated/cooled seats. They r useless options in many cases

  7. Jason throwaway Avatar
    Jason throwaway

    9 seconds for 0-60, that’s slow for an EV. Especially for the price.

  8. Andrew K. NI Avatar
    Andrew K. NI

    With such driving characteristics, and enormous size, it seems the EV9 is more designed for American markets rather than the UK.

  9. Wallis Steiling Avatar
    Wallis Steiling

    You’ve made my day with this content.

  10. Justin Bennett Avatar
    Justin Bennett

    To compare the price of a fully loaded spec EV9, vs a base spec iX is not good. The iX to have range/performance needs to be an iX50, then it will want some options, and quickly reaches £100k. Whilst still having a small boot, and only 5 seats.

    1. Peter Harrison Avatar
      Peter Harrison

      ^ Exactly !
      I have an iX and this is much larger inside. Plus the EV9 is £30k cheaper.
      Some people are stuck in the 1990’s when it comes to car prices.

  11. Rasher basher Avatar
    Rasher basher

    Electric SUV💤💤💤

  12. James Smith Avatar
    James Smith

    If only there was some kind of liquid fuel source that could carried in a tank under the vehicle and topped up quickly when required. It could catch on. (instead of catching on fire)

    1. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
      Jonathan Taylor

      If you want to drive a combustion vehicle with a proven 20x more risk of bursting in to flames, then be my guest, dude…! 🤣

  13. video watcher Avatar
    video watcher

    the main point I think is missed; if you want an adult sized third row outside of countries which sell the American 4x4s and you don’t want a van you are limited to the Merc GLS. The X7 is almost there but not quite and similarly the Nissan Patrol. Not sure about the Palisade. There is also the Grand Cherokee L (I don’t believe the bigger models are done in RHD) but, the seats are rock hard.

  14. chris bartley Avatar
    chris bartley

    When will this fad of black headlinings pass – If I wanted to feel like I was a passenger in a tank, I’d by a tank

  15. Horus Avatar

    Aggressive forward set headrests seem to be the bane of modern cars. Is there some legislation that is driving this?

  16. MrKlaw Avatar

    6 seater is more expensive than the 7 seater??

  17. MrKlaw Avatar

    is it odd that the seven seat has a bench in the middle? Can’t you put three across the back for short trips and two in the middle? with the gap bteween the seats that seems a more practical way to get in too

  18. Steve Lovac Avatar
    Steve Lovac

    So with all this weight is it running on lorry tyres?

    1. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
      Jonathan Taylor

      Out of interest, have you ever asked that question of a Range Rover, which tops out at 2.7 tonnes…? 🤔

    2. steven ham Avatar
      steven ham

      @Jonathan Taylor the rangey can carry about 7-800kg though. This one has a max load weight of 520kg for a 7 seater. A Kia ceed can carry 490!

  19. ForestKnight Avatar

    Waiting for the five seater version

  20. Messier Avatar

    Finally a really large SUV EV. There’s been such a scarcity. Large, heavy, shaped like a shed, fat wheels. Perfect for EV.

    1. MR G - GHX Avatar
      MR G – GHX

      There will be many more 😒

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